Woman has 18 salads in seven days and never expected THIS to happen!

Meet Maria. She is in the real estate industry and lives in Los Angeles California.

Maria heard about the Salad Challenge in 2015. She could keep eating all of the food she normally eats, BUT she had to also eat a salad BEFORE every meal of the day. Her job was to see how quickly she could get to 21 salads.

Here is what she had to say on day SEVEN, before she was even done with all 21 salads..

“Day 7 of the 21 Salads Challenge and I have 3 salads to go. The best part is I have already shed 8 lbs and over 13 inches of body fat just this week.

I’m continuing the Water Challenge and I will be continuing to eat salads before meals to continue keeping my system on RESET =] Thanks Terry!”

Now that you know the results, if Maria had come to you beforehand and asked you if she should try this – What would you tell her?

Have you every tried to eat more raw vegetables and fruits each day?
What counts as a salad?
What’s the science behind it?

Try the 21 Salads Challenge. Click to see all the rules and benefits and tips!

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