My 10 Winter time cold and FLU busters!


It’s that time of year. The sound of deep thick coughing. The hacking (yummy). Colds and 24 hour FLUs. Bugs. All of that. It seems inescapable with all the cold weather and everyone bundling together, right? I don’t think so.

I have a few suggestions that might help you escape this flu/cold season all together (one of which is PLEASE don’t get a flu shot and no medicine!) and first I will offer an explanation of WHY people get colds and FLUs. (No applause please!)


You only get a cold/FLU if you NEED to:


A cold/FLU is actually the body’s way of healing itself. It’s trying to get something out. High temperature. Sneezing. Stuffy nose. Mucus build up. That tasty, rough cough. It’s all designed to remove foreign material from within the body. When I first heard the word toxins, I thought it referred to some conspiracy theory government created poisons designed by the government to keep the population down! (too much sci fi!)

What toxins really are is anything that is foreign to the human body: dust, dirt, chemicals, indigestible items, germs, bacteria…you name it. If the body doesn’t like it, that makes it a toxin.

The symptoms of cold/FLU is the body trying to remove these toxins. So when you have a cold, you actually want to encourage the process not suppress it. I know no one has time to sit around miserable all day and cough and sneeze and have a fever so we have to be smart about it. Because the fact of the matter is if you don’t get it out of you the problem will seem to temporarily go away but it will set itself deeper and deeper into more vital organs and crop it’s ugly heard up later and believe you me my friend, it will do more and more damage over the long run.


10 quick and easy prevention tips:


Water pour 21) Drink tons more water – Water is the body’s way of moving material around the body and cleaning itself. It will keep toxins in solution long enough to get them out. By the way fruit juices are not treated the same as water in the body. You will need a lot more juice to equal the same effect of water. (1/2 oz of water per lb of your weight daily) – NOTE: NONE OF THE REST OF THIS TIPS WILL WORK WITHOUT CONSUMING ENOUGH WATER TO WASH AWAY TOXINS/GERMS









reset soup2) Reset Soup, at 1st sign of sickness – This magical super soup has tons of natural bacteria fighting foods and making them into a soup makes them taste SPECTACULAR! Get the Recipe here










toxin3) HIGHER DOSE Vitamin C! – Everyone talks about vitamin c when they get sick but a) they don’t use a large enough dose and b) some types are better than others. Do these as soon as you feel a hint of a cold/FLU…

Liposomal Vitamin C
Dose: 5,000-10,000 MG daily
Why: Liposomal is a technology that increases the potency of the vitamin C 5-10x AND eliminates the bowel tolerance issue (that means you won’t poop at a dose that high). You’ll probably need to order online.

-Next best-
Vitamin C powder
Dose: 2,000-4,000MG twice daily (based on your weight. I’m 195lbs and I can handle 4,000MG)
Why: POWDER instead of a capsule – so you don’t hit bowel tolerance (scale down the dose if you poop).




oils4) Breathe in vaporized essential oils – If you have a nasty cough the problem is in your lungs. It’s super tricky to get healing agents into those puppies! (In the past, pneumonia was pretty much a death sentence for people!). Click here to read my post on how to knock lung sickness out almost overnight




Summer Harvest5) Eat tons more uncooked (raw) vegetables and fruits – It takes a lot of work and energy on your body’s part to break down and digest heavy foods (meats, breads, pastas, baked goods, etc) In an ideal world, your diet will be 70% veggies and fruits and 30% everything else. This keeps your body with tons of live enzymes to digest food and fiber to keep it all moving! (ESPECIALLY if you’re already sick – cut out MEAT and BREADS, etc for the rest of the day!)





garlic6) Garlic – HECK YEAH! Garlic is a natural antibiotic and antiviral. Garlic seems to scare people because of it’s strong odor and goose bump causing effect when you eat up a clove (OUCH!). But if it has that effect on us big huge humans imagine what it’s doing to little tiny bacterias and viruses, huh. Chop up a clove once or twice daily and swallow with water (or if you’re like me just take a whole clove and chew it up a bit then swallow it – I AM A MAN!)





Onions at the Market7) Include onions in your diet – Red onions, especially, have the highest concentration of natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral compounds of the onion family. (add it to salads, eggs, wraps, etc…)








Sauna8) Get hot and sweaty – On a daily basis our bodies are trying to eliminate toxins that we purposefully and inadvertently get inside. Sweating will help in that process. Sure, a little misting sweat is ok, but a dripping pouring session is even better right? 20 minutes in a dry sauna will remove as many toxins as a health pair of kidneys can remove in 24 hours. I go twice a week to the dry sauna at the gym. Hot tub, Steam room, Hot bath. Major cardio workout. WHATEVER IT TAKES. (hink hink!)




Walking9) Move baby! – Take the time to move daily. Not the walk from the house to the car then from the car to the office then reverse it. And I don’t mean running 5 miles. How about just taking a 20 minute walk 😉
The human body is designed to walk for long, long distances. That walking has a therapeutic effect on the body and helps in the toxin eliminating process. Walk during your break at work. Skip the elevator and use the stairs. Park further away. Find a treadmill. Or even better get a rebounder like me (it’s a mini trampoline)




Walking10) The Salt Water Flush – You’ve tried EVERYTHING above. You’re still not getting better fast enough. Time to drop the H-Bomb on this problem. The salt flush is a salt solution that you drink (the emptier your stomach the better). It’s like power washing your GI tract all the way from your mouth to your derriere! It’s important to use a high quality, natural sea salt or high quality Himalayan salt from your local health food store. Typical table salt is so over processed, it should never be used as it can be damaging to the body. (The salt solution has the same specific gravity as your blood, so your kidneys don’t need to process it, and it’s not absorbed into your blood.)

RECIPE: 1 QUART of water + 1 TABLESPOON of sea salt of Himalayan salt (No table salt!)
The solution simply moves through your GI tract causing a “tidal wave” effect, pushing everything along until it comes out the other end. NO, it doesn’t hurt. IMPORTANT: Stay home, by the bathroom for the next 1-2 hours…the bad guys will be forced out and you’ll feel better by the end of the day…PERIOD.




Health is a day to day thing.

Health is not a pill that you take when you have a problem. Make the slight edge practice of being good to your body every single day. That is unless you have a back up spare body laying around that you can use after you’ve sufficiently damaged this one.

And if you’re lazy or your really need to attack a cold/FLU that you’ve been fighting for some time search my BLOG for “MMS”. That will fix you up in 1 day flat!


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    Thank you for all of the awesome tips!

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