Why would someone do a cleanse??

First let me be clear. All detoxes are NOT the same. There are many different types of detoxes that have many different purposes. Some you only eat/drink a certain thing. Some you exclude a certain thing. There are some that you do partial fasting. And then there are few were you fast 100% (no food). This particular blog is speaking specifically about a fasting detox…yup…no food

I remember years ago when my buddy approached me about doing the Master detox. “No food for 10 days!” I yelled. I eat a full meal like every 3 hours. I’m from Ohio. Meat, potatoes. “No thanks bro. I’ll pass”

Then he convinced me to read the 50 page book on WHY someone would do such a fool thing…and it made sense. Now I do a Master Cleanse every year and various other simple 1 day detoxes through out the year.

(you consume enough calories in the drink that you are NOT tired or staving to death)

It’s not a diet for losing weight. You will temporarily lose weight during the detox but afterwards when your body puts the weight back on it will be better leaner cleaner weight. Interestingly enough our bodies are filled with toxins just from everyday living (food preservatives, indigestible things, chemicals…stuff!). All these things and many more are still in you. Slowing your body’s processes down.

Changing your oil

It’s very similar to changing your car’s oil. I can tell my car needs an oil change. It’s a bit slower to get going at a stop light. I can feel a pause as it goes from gear to gear…etc. After an oil change all that goes away! The car is more nimble and responsive. Have you ever noticed that? And have you ever seen the beautiful golden oil that goes into cars compared to the black gunk that comes out from an oil change? YOUR BODY IS NO DIFFERENT. Don’t be fooled 😉

Have you ever changed the lint filter in your dryer? It’s amazing how much hotter it becomes and how much dryer your clothes become when that debris is removed and the machine works more efficiently….just like your body 😉

Your body will work more efficiently. It will process foods better and need less for it to run optimally. And you will lose a ton of nasty left over junk from your intestines (read: flatter belly and smelling better!)

It’s a chance to reset your body. You never know what old festering remnant of something has been in you that is causing some sort of unwanted effect that you have slowly come to take for granted. (allergies, skin conditions, joint pain)


Many people have had allergies go away after a detox. I have friends whose lifelong snoring stopped. Joint pain has ended. I personally used to sweat a lot. After my 1st detox…no more sweating! And some have not noticed any outward improvement at all (but who’s to say that their heart wasn’t 1 french fry away from an attack – I’m just saying)

And this is important…the benefits will come AFTER you complete the detox and you are back to eating normally. Don’t expect to notice improvements in yourself DURING the cleansing process. That is the clean up phase. Inherently during the clean up phase of anything things will be in disarray and in transition. Be patient. Once you resume feeding your body and it starts taking advantage of the better operating equipment THAT is when you will start noticing things!

Once toxins and waste are removed or at least reduced your body can function so much more powerfully and efficiently with much more energy. There are many types of detoxes. Full body detoxes. Fasts. Partial fasts. Specific organ detoxes. Stay open minded and try a few. Try to understand what the fast is accomplishing. That will help you adapt during the detox. Everyone’s body reacts differently.

A question I get a lot is “Why is this detox for 5-10 days? Can I just do a couple of days”. Well here’s a little bit of the science behind fasting. After 24-36 of not eating your body switches to endogenous (internal) food. Your body basically scavenges itself! What does it eat first? Fat, crystal deposits, toxins, cysts, lumps, garbage. The stuff you don’t want. So the key is to make it past day 3 (the hardest day typically) and then every day after that your detox is having the maximum benefit to your body! (1st timer – I recommend 5 days. Then add an additional day every year you do it!)

Final Note…

Here is the best tip I can give you brave souls that are considering trying a detox…THERE IS NEVER A GOOD TIME TO TAKE 5-10 DAYS TO DETOX! Unless you live under a rock you will never have 10 days that you have no event or party or work thing or SOMETHING coming up. You have to just pick 10 days and do it guys! There are millions of people out there that have been literally waiting years for the perfect opportunity to come along for them to make a change. Then there are the few you just say “Today is the future” and they MAKE that opportunity. Start on the next coming Monday and begin your RESET!


Do what I did – download and read the book and see WHY. It might make sense…it might be dumb. But at least you decide for YOURSELF. What if 5-10 days of commitment could change the rest of your life? You’re not getting any younger…but you can FEEL younger.

Which cleanse is right for you? Start here –>Cleanse comparison chart


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6 Responses to Why would someone do a cleanse??

  1. Maribeth September 17, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    Thanks for shianrg. Always good to find a real expert.

  2. Liz January 18, 2012 at 3:36 pm

    Thanks so much Terry, I,ve read everything and I,m really looking forward to do giving my body a tune up. It needs it I,m sure.

    • Sedef March 20, 2012 at 4:25 am

      Review by W. T. Seale for Rating: I have been eating the wrong foods far too much for a few years. I watned to get a fresh start and get down to my ideal weight.I have done one 3-day fast (lost 12 Lbs.) thus far, and it was amazing. No weakness like you would expect from a regular fast. My energy level stayed high the whole time. As far as food cravings, the Simplifast really helps stop them and after the first day, they were gone! I am getting ready to do another fast in a week and I expect to lose another 12-15 Lbs. After the first 3-Day fast, I kept eating healthy and now I find I have no desire for fast food or any junk-food. I have always loved vegatables so that helps, and now I don’t want anything that isn’t healthy. And the best part is, I am eating smaller portions because I feel full faster now.I am also exercising again which feels much better with less weight! It’s a very tasty drink. I want some now just thinking about it!You sip it don’t guzzle it! It has nutrients like potassium electrolytes so you stay healthy during your fast. Try it, do it right, and you will be very happy with the results!

      • admin March 21, 2012 at 8:18 am

        That’s great brother! Thanks for sharing. Spread the word!

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