What if…

What if whenever you put something in your body anything the body can’t consume needs to eventually come out?

What if you eat foods/animals with a lot of chemicals that the body can’t consume? (preservatives, additives, pesticides, hormones, steroids, antibiotics – anything man made..)

What if you don’t drink 12 glasses a water a day and didn’t have clear urine and didn’t have 3 bowel movements a day so your body could properly get rid of the inconsumable stuff? (a.k.a. toxins)

What if you don’t move enough (not just weightlifting) – run, bounce, bike, walk… enough EVERYDAY to help your body properly move the toxins from your cells into the outgoing waste system? (lymph system)

What if as those toxins build up your body tries to get rid of them (sneezing, mucus, sweating, fever, diarrhea) so you get a cold or the flu?

What if you take drugs to make yourself stop sneezing, draining, sweating, leaking? And the drug lowers your fever?

What if you don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables to make your body’s pH too high for viruses, bacteria, germs to survive?

What if Americans were the richest, largest, best fed humans on earth with the highest cancer rate, the most disease and sickness of a developed country?

What if after years of fighting the toxins that are still stuck in your body the cells didn’t just die they mutated to try to stay alive? (cancer)

What if sweating is a great way to get rid of toxins but you wear antiperspirant so the body can’t efficiently get rid of toxins in that part of the body so they build up faster than usual?

Just what if…

What if you ate more organic food?

What if you drank 12 glasses of filtered water per day?

What if you eat fruit with breakfast and salad with lunch and dinner?

What if you jumped rope, ran, walked, biked, and bounced everyday?

What if you stopped treating the symptoms with drugs and started treating the cause of the sickness/disease? (stress, diet, environment, toxins…)

I started doing that last year. RESULTS…
(After 3 months) I used to sweat…A LOT! I was prescribed antiperspirant (since I was in high school) Not anymore.

(After 8 months) My doctor checked the record of my blood pressure from a year before. It has dropped like crazy! (it’s as slow as a professional athlete he said!)

Just what if…

The good news is it’s THAT easy to change…FAST! – Happy reading =)








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  1. Marlee September 18, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    None can doubt the vreactiy of this article.

  2. Waltraud Paquin April 19, 2012 at 10:16 am

    Outstanding guidebook! We appreciate you this, was a unique go through, motivating keep it down 🙂

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