Employee Wellness Consulting


Reset Your Company's Health and Energy!

Typical Wellness programs require too much HR time commitment and are cost prohibitive for a 500 employee or less company. Not my program! And unlike other Employee Wellness programs I do not focus on fitness and athletics activities. Increase engagement. Have fun. Keep it simple!

How much would a 1% increase in productivity mean to your bottom line?


We will contact you to discuss a custom Wellness Program


Benefits reported by my clients

Explosion of energy
Better sleeping pattern
Awaking more refreshed
Lowered cholesterol
Improved blood pressure
More regular bowel functions
Less joint pain
Improved asthma systems
Alleviated Chrohns symptoms
Eliminated chronic migraines
Chronic sweating ended
Flatter belly
Less body odor
Less gas
Accelerates injury healing
Improved digestion
Surgeries avoided
Clearer skin
Better mental clarity
Increased libido
Taste buds reset


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