Warning! Hold strong to your health beliefs

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Everyday your health beliefs will be challenged! Everyday you will read a study or article or blog that will tell you, out-right, that drinking more water is bad for you, or that there is no benefit to eating raw vegetables vs processed, or that some illness is incurable, or that cleansing is useless and even dangerous! They will sight statistics (the most manipulable numbers there are). They will even have doctors making testimonies!

Are they part of a master conspiracy to keep Americans unhealthy and dependent on medication? I personally don’t think that’s 100% true. I think most of these experts are people, like me and you, and they have families and they want to help people. They just use more science and theory than common sense and historical precedent.

You need to filter what you will give your attention and time to. You need to remember that others will have different beliefs than you: but you have common sense, instincts, AND you have heard of others that had success. Follow the bright lights. Mimic those that have what you want.

Who’s to say that your believe is wrong and theirs is right? You are allowed to believe anything that you want…ANYTHING! Why not believe in something gives you control…versus something that makes you a helpless victim?

You HAVE to draw your line in the sand. You HAVE to be stubborn. You CAN’T be swayed by every opinion. Walk YOUR path! BE WELL MY FRIENDS…

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