Veggie Cleanse! [#6]

Afterwards you will feel younger, unclog years of waste, have better skin, and have less junk food cravings!


Why am I doing this?

Five to ten days of cutting out meats and breads coupled with a digestive tract clean out will change your life! Afterwards you will feel younger, unclog years of waste, have better skin, and have less junk food cravings. Many have reported less body odor, less joint pain, and that this is the gateway that started them on a healthy lifestyle!

This Challenge is really a gateway cleanse to warm up a newbie to the amazing power of detoxing.
The trickiest part about cleansing is finding the time to do it.

How does it work? Summary of a day

Cleanse to REMOVE 'RATS'!

Cleanse to REMOVE ‘RATS’!

Salt flush to clean out slow moving or stalled food in the 30ft of intestines
Chug water like mad all day to flush out toxins and boost energy
Eat lots of vegetables and fruits and salads
No meat or breads or pastas all day
No Soda or energy drinks or alcohol
Laxative Tea before bed
AFTER: Replenish any lost beneficial bacteria
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Laxative Tea
The laxative tea helps to accelerate the removal of old fecal matter from your body. You take the tea at night, and it’s job is to loosen up years of impacted food – like Drano down a clogged sink (some of that food has been in there so long, and it’s so dried out, it is literally has hard as a rock, and it will take continuous attempts to loosen it up and break it free (be patient!). Then in the mornings you do the salt flush and it pushes out anything that was loosened up. And you repeat the cycle each day during the cleanse. Depending on how much you had in you, you’ll notice some pretty darn significant slimming of your waist.

Salt flush to clean out slow moving or stalled food in the 30ft of intestines
The salt solution has the same specific gravity as your blood, so your kidneys don’t need to process it, and it’s not absorbed into your blood. The solution simply moves through your GI tract causing a “tidal wave” effect, pushing everything along until it comes out the other end.
What you can expect: several bowel movements within 1-2 hours – STAY AT HOME!

Replenish any lost beneficial gut bacteria
One side effect of the salt flush (power washing your insides) is not only does it flush out old food, toxins, wastes – but it also washes out billions of the good bacteria too. A healthy person has billions of bacteria in their intestines that aid in digestion and break down and assimilation of foods and nutrients. If we aren’t careful, after a few salt flushes, once we go back to eating, you can have digestive issues for a while: stomach pains after eating, diarrhea, general stomach discomfort.
The way around that is to accelerate the replacement of the good guys.
1) Eating fermented and cultured foods (yogurts, sauerkraut, pickles, kefir, etc)
2) Taking powerful probiotic supplements (1 billion plus live organisms – I know it sounds like your putting a gaggle of alien monsters in your mouth, don’t freak out!)
You want to be sure to focus on increasing these in your diet for 1-2 days right at the completion of your 1 Day Reset.

What should I expect?

Healing Crisis
Prepare yourself for how your body will react as it starts flushing out and eliminating years of built up toxins. Some of you will do this Veggie Cleanse and it won’t phase you one bit. Maybe you’ve been eating clean for years or you have cleansed most of your toxins out already, so these days will fly by and you won’t even notice much. Then there are the other 95% of you out there…

Herxheimer Image

You folks who, by no fault of your own, have been eating a normal Standard American Diet. Why wouldn’t you? So are 95% of everyone else, Americans eat American food obviously. As you progress through this simple cleanse of eating live vegetables and triggering your body’s natural internal clean up mechanism , you may feel some unpleasantness as your body finally gets an opportunity to get the garbage out!

Signs that you are detoxifying:
– Sluggishness
– Hunger and cravings
– Sensitive skin
– Cold and flu like symptoms
– Temporary skin rashes or discolorations
– Slight fever

“What the hell?!” you say? Why on God’s green Earth would someone put up with all that, on purpose?!?! I’ll tell you why – because you’re full of 20, 30, 40, 50+ years of every chemical used to grow and preserve food you’ve eaten; you have impacted fecal matter in your intestines that have been cooking at 98 degrees for years, you have drugs and medication that are literally part of you at a cellular level (what goes into your mouth is used as the building blocks to create your body, every day)

It doesn’t mean that you’re dying, or that you’re making yourself sick if you feel these symptoms during a cleanse. Think about it, all you’re doing is removing meats and breads and pasta, etc from your diet and eat lots more vegetables and fruits. Why on Earth would that simple, natural change make you sick? It’s just food, right? It’s not like you injected yourself with a poison or a strain of germ. That’s the kind of thing that will make you sick…or the act of purging your body of poisons and germs will too.

Here’s what will NOT happen:

You’ll wake up one day and be inspired to start your 5-10 day cleanse, TODAY. It will just so happen to you have ZERO social events for the week and you have no travel and no obligations. If that happens, play the lotto that day, champ! Unless you live under a rock, or you’re a hermit, or you’re doing time in the pen, you will NEVER have 5-10 days that happen to be perfect for doing a cleanse. There are people that have been waiting, literally, for years for the perfect time to do a cleanse. How long have you been talking about trying a cleanse? So you, my friend, will need to MAKE the time. Break out your calendar (if this is your 1st cleanse, plan on cleansing for 5 days, and then every time you Veggie Cleanse after, you add 1 more day until you max out at 10 days) For example: 1st Veggie Cleanse is 5 days, the next time you do it for 6 days, and so on, until you hit 10 days.


In general, the ONLY event that should prevent you from cleansing is if you are traveling or out of town (salt flushes on the road are tricky, as well as being familiar enough with whatever area you are in to find the right type of foods)

“But I have a party to attend!” – This ain’t your 1st party and it won’t be your last. A) skip the damn party or b) show up and don’t drink or eat anything other than veggies and fruits. You’ll get some peer pressure from your friends to eat and drink. Here’s my suggestion: Look at them closely and ask yourself “Do I want to trust healthy advise from this person?”. Stick to your guns and you’ll be fine with your extremely temporary sacrifice.

downloadbuttonWant to make it even better? Recruit some others to cleanse with you!
– The accountability will be priceless – the times when you are weak, they will help you out, and you’ll help them when they slip too.
– You’ll have someone to complain to
– You’ll have more fun
– You can even have everyone in your office at work participate!
– Join my Reset Cleanse Support Group Online for tons of support.


***Remember to download the step by step instructions. As a group, we start this cleanse EVERY JULY. Join in!***
This is #6 of the 8 Challenges to Reset Your Body. There is nothing to fear with this task – you are in control of your life.

And remember, after you complete this Challenge, wait a month, then start Challenge #7…keep your momentum. BE WELL…


“I just recently finished the veggie cleanse. It just had my second baby 7 months ago and am a long distant runner, but just couldn’t shake the last couple pounds. it started off a little difficult, and the salt flush was utterly disgusting. After a few days, it was def better and a lot more manageable. I ended up losing more than just the last few pounds and have actually continued eating a very similar diet on a regular basis. (minus the smooth move tea and salt flush) never have I ever felt better or seen better results than I have with this cleanse. I am truly a believer.”

“So I’m on day 10, I feel GREAT! Less bloated, clear skin, sparkle in my eyes, I’m down 5lbs (prob mostly water?). I haven’t stopped exercising (playing hours of beach volleyball, tennis, 6 mile hike yesterday, etc).”

“Finished the veggie cleanse yesterday. lost 8lbs and feel great. More importantly than the weight loss is that I realized that eating a piece of fruit, almond or veggie was not as bad as I thought. I also realized that when I think I am “starving” just grab a glass of water and it will pass” – M.S.


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