I could go outside today! The weather is breathtaking. The skies are clear. I see a gentle breeze in the trees. But this nagging pain in my knee. Ugh. I don’t want to aggravate it today. What if it throws off my getting to and from work. No outside today.

I could hit the gym today! Bang out a few sets on the rack machine. Get the old blood flowing! Knock off the cobwebs and get back into my old routine of 3-4 days a week working out. It’s sometimes a drudgery to get there, but the rush I feel afterwards – the surge of power I feel afterwards – the feeling of accomplishment afterwards: that makes it all worth it! But I have ZERO energy and even less time. Ugh. I’m doing enough just to make it through these long days at work lately. And when would I even be able to go? If only I had more hours in my day. No gym today. Maybe next week.

I could lay out in the sun today! It’s so rare for the stars to align and the best weather falls on my day off. I feel like this is a day that songs are written about. Not too hot, not too cold. I have nothing else going on. I’m looking a bit pale, and I’m not part –vampire. That vitamin D would be just what I need. But I’m not feeling looking like the high school prom queen I used to be. Ugh. I know there is more to me than how I think I look and I couldn’t care less what other people may or may not think about how I look in a bathing suit but why even waste the time? My bikini is out of date. I’m not in the mood to go try on new ones and spend money. And everyone is lying around judging one another when you walk by: “Her boobs are too this,” “Her butt is too that,” “That bathing suit is too much/ too little.”‘ I’m not a piece of meat. No lying out today.

I could go play some ball today! Sitting here at this traffic light watching these guys go at it. Ahhww. I had my signature move that nobody could stop. I’d get the call from the boys and skip work or show up late to my next obligation. I just lost track of time out there. Game after game. Then I’d come back the next day and do it all over again. I should have been discovered! But the last few times I kept throwing my back out. And all the other minor injuries here and there just kept taking longer and longer to heal. Messed up my work schedule too. Nah, no ball today.

I could take an exciting vacation to a foreign country and walk around the endless historical sites of ages ago! Many of the cities and sites of those lands were built long before cars and freeways. I can truly take in the culture and my ancestry, and be hands on. Treading the cobblestone roads, climbing to the summit of the royal monuments, following in the footsteps of the explorers that blazed trails in this wilderness. My own adventure! But my daily medication needs and the fact that I’m out of breath simply hiking these damn stairs and walking down my long driveway to check mail make that sound less like a vacation and more like servitude. No hiking vacations today.

Just because you can’t do it today, doesn’t mean that that you can’t do it tomorrow.

Start Resetting your body. (Reset Challenge #1)
Grow younger as you age.
You owe it to yourself…BE WELL

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