These 20(ish) assumptions are LITERALLY killing you and making you fatter…


Are you making some of these assumptions?…

Gastric Bypass Surgeryassume2#1. You need to have gastric surgery to lose 100, 200, 300 lbs or more

 Gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeves: have people lost weight with those procedures? YES.
They are NOT the only way that people have been able to lose hundreds of pounds of weight. Does it take longer? YES. It can happen over a year or two or ten. But it will STAY OFF (as long as you keep doing those things).

THINK ABOUT THIS: Re-routing or restricting your stomach does not address the original reason that you gained the weight in the first place. After the surgery, if you keep doing the things that caused the problem in the first place, you will gain the weight back, or the imbalance will manifest somewhere else in your body…TRUST ME!


fast food and unhealthy eating concept - close up of fast food s#2. Healthy means you can’t eat sweet foods, or foods you like (dessert, potatoes chips, pizza, hamburgers, ice cream, chocolate, etc…)

 My Reset guidelines recommend 1 – 2 cheat meals per week. What’s a cheat meal? ANYTHING YOU WANT. If a person eats clean, cleansing foods 90% of the time, 2 meals per week will NOT throw them off their game. And there is no GUILT to feel when you are indulging yourself. You earned it and it’s good for your body to have a curve ball like that!

THINK ABOUT THIS: If 1 meal with throw off your entire health…you’re not as healthy as you think you are 😉



#3 You need to join a gym or work out ALL THE TIME to get started losing SIGNIFICANT weight

Most of the people I work with, at the beginning of their Reset, are carrying too much weight to work out, or they have injuries that prevent them from running around, playing a sport, or being too aggressively active. But with the proper diet changes and detoxing, they have been able to lose 50, 100, 150 lbs and more so that they feel confident to get back to an active lifestyle with less weight and injuries slowing them down!

THINK ABOUT THIS: MANY Resetters have lose more weight in 10 days with a proper, effective, safe cleanse, then they possibly could by working out alone! 20, 30, 40lbs in 10 days!


#4 You NEED your prescribed medication for the rest of your life

Your doctor prescribed you medication, basically to offset the things that you were inadvertently eating/drinking/or genetically predisposed to suffer from. Resetting ,LITERALLY, removes years of damage and aging from your body, at the cellular level. And it floods your body with nutrients that are used to build NEW cells. Your doctor will be able to track as you need less and less of the medications…until one day, YOU WON’T NEED THEM ANY MORE!

THINK ABOUT THIS: There are millions of people, the same age as you, in the same environment as you, and they don’t have to take the medications that you do. You are surrounded by proof that you can eventually live without the meds!



#5 Juicing is the only way to loss weight and become healthier

Juicing (drinking fresh made juice from vegetables and fruits) is great for your health! But thousands of Resetters have TOTALLY changed their lives and their health and have NEVER sipped a drop of veggie juice.

THINK ABOUT THIS: I’ve been Resetting my body since 2007 and, on average, I drink a veggie juice once every month or two.






fitness, sport, training, gym and lifestyle concept - group of p#6 You have to do what your friend did to lose weight

You probably have a friend that went cray cray and lost a ton of weight and got in crazy shape and they won’t leave you alone about it. That is fantastic for them!…but not for you. What you need is a) a system that you can follow that works, b) some proof that it has worked for others, and c) that you actually want to do …or you’ll never lift a finger.

THINK ABOUT THIS: Think of it like driving from your house to your job. There are multiple ways to get there – freeway, back roads, etc. Just remember, you can still arrive at the same destination but you might enjoy your route more!


Heatlhy breakfast with calories count labels#7 You’ll need to calorie count and portion control to lose weight

I tell Resetters to NOT count calories and to eat as much clean, healthy food as they like. I believe the proper food will constantly cleanse your body, not clog it. So no need in limiting that, right?

THINK ABOUT THIS: A calorie of a Twinkie doesn’t have the same effect as a calorie of an apple. It’s about WHAT you eat, not how much you eat!



Fat Man Drinking Beer  And Sitting On Sofa To Watch Tv#8 You can’t drink beer or alcohol and stay healthy

Now that’s just crazy! The average American eats about 4 lbs of food daily…do you really think a few ounces of alcohol (or a few cups for you beer lovers) will offset 4 lbs of nourishing, cleansing foods?

THINK ABOUT THIS: If your diet is all processed foods and you’re dehydrated from poor water consumption, yes, those few ounces of alcohol (and ESPECIALLY those few cups of beer) WILL take you down. It all adds up…



Vector Illustration Of Engraving Cow Retro#9 One type of meat (chicken) is better than another type of meat (beef)

Humans have been eating animals for 200,000 years. Our obesity and cancer rates have only taken a spike in the past century. Turkeys, don’t beat chickens, don’t beat cows! Industrial farming is the reason cows are being feed the wrong types of foods and confining them so they are sick, then pumping them full of antibiotics to keep them alive. Find a clean source of meat!

THINK ABOUT THIS: God didn’t put any animals on Earth to trick us. Sick animal food, makes sick people. Healthy animal food, makes healthy people.




Doctor Doing Physical Therapy For Patient With A Knee Injury#10 Your current injury is incurable

NEWSFLASH – Your body is always doing two things, GROWING & HEALING. Unfortunately, right now, it may be spending all of it’s healing energy battling an endless barrage of toxic foods, processed sugars, and chemical overload. Once we stop that, the magic starts to happen!

THINK ABOUT THIS: ` When you cut your finger, you don’t need to tell your body how to heal it, right? Once you set up the right conditions in your body, that injury will be next up on the TO-DO list!



#11 Low-fat, low sodium, and diet products are good for you

HINT – whenever food is “processed” that means something was removed from the natural plant/animal used to create that food. E.G. Removing fat from milk (low fat), or removing sugar from foods (diet) that changes the natural ratio of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc that your human body has evolved over the past billion years to recognize as food. Eating those WILL make you fat.

THINK ABOUT THIS: What is in Intravenous (IV) Saline fluid used to hydrate athletes and used my hospitals around the world? Salt…

Boy Eating Vegetablesassume2#12 You can’t eat meat and be healthy

Americans are terrified of meat now-a-days. “I thought you were healthy?? Why are you eating meat?” Meat is NOT bad. Bad meat is BAD! Our over industrialized mega farming industry in America is making bad meat by confining animals (makes them sick), feeding them the wrong foods (makes them fat and weak), pumping them full of growth hormones (makes them bigger), and keeping them alive with drugs and antibiotics.

THINK ABOUT THIS: Humans have been eating meat since the beginning of time. And all meat isn’t bad. Eat meat! (Unless you are already a vegetarian. In that case, keep doing what you’re doing!) TIP: Focus on Organic or free range meats.



Overweight man with naked torso#13 You are just getting fat because you are getting older

 That is not how nature works. Don’t use that cop out of an excuse and blame it, and inevitability for your extra body fat. Your body is constantly trying to heal and grow. Even when you get old (albeit it slows down – but it’s still hard at work!)

THINK ABOUT THIS: Is EVERY person your age fat? Then why are you? YOU DESERVE BETTER!






Three-generation family portrait#14 It runs in your family so it will happen to you too

“My granddad had a bad heart, my dad had a bad heart, my turn is coming up”. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t give yourself that death sentence. It’s been proven over and over again – Genetics vs Lifestyle, genetic factors are 20% vs lifestyle factors being 80% of determining whether you will manifest that disease.

THINK ABOUT THIS: We inherit more that just genes. We inherit lifestyle, traditions, habits, snack ideas, favorite foods, etc from our parents. You can break that cycle whenever you like, my friend…



Medical Doctor With Clipboard#15 Medical “facts” are actually FACTS

Medical “facts” are an opinion based on information that is available at the current time. It changes! Remember these: “Margarine was considered healthier than butter”, “Bloodletting was used to cure illnesses”, “Baby formula was said to be better than mother’s milk”, and on and on and on.

THINK ABOUT THIS: There are no new truths. I believe that replicating the lifestyle and habits that worked for the past 200,000 yrs of human evolution are safer than trusting the past 100 years of medical, technological, and convenience innovations that haven’t been working out too well.



Broke young man showing his empty pockets.#16 You can’t AFFORD to eat healthy


Is it true that chemical free, nutritious foods tend to cost more than conventional processed foods? YES. A Dollar menu at McDonald’s or $1 at convenience stores will buy you more calories than that $1 will buy you at Whole Foods. But you don’t NEED to be that drastic to be healthier. You can learn how to buy foods with less chemicals in them that are reasonably priced. You can switch from buying boxed and canned foods, to more fresh produce and meats. Baby steps…

THINK ABOUT THIS: It’s about progress, not perfection. AND you’re investing in your quality of life…DON’T BE CHEAP!



Willpower#17 You’ll need to use will power all of your life to eat healthy

Let me ask you this: do you need to use will power to MAKE yourself eat candies and pastries now? NO. That’s silly. But as a child, before you ever had these items (I know we’re talking about a LONG time ago!) you had no craving for them. As you start to clean your body from the inside out, as you detoxify the very chemicals and additives that are MAKING you crave those foods, your taste buds, LITERALLY, will reset themselves. Along with making new habits, once you are past the transition period, your subconscious will screen out the very foods that you think you can’t live without today.

THINK ABOUT THIS: After 30 + years of eating fast food 2-3 times DAILY, since Resetting My Body, I can drive down a street LINED with my previous favorite fast food stops…and in my head I’ll be saying “I am STARVING! Why can’t I find something I want to eat??”


Asian Business Woman Looking The City On The Desert#18 There is no healthy food near you

Once properly trained and educated, you will be able to find and CREATE healthier food wherever you are. Food doesn’t have to be Certified Organic to be healthy. You can find ways to eat out and spot the items you need on a menu, order “off menu” (I’m famous for this!) and create a healthier option than the restaurants and grocers had in mind.

THINK ABOUT THIS: GET USED TO ORDERING “OFF MENU”. Be proud of it. If you want to have the same health as everyone around you, keep doing what they are doing. You’ll learn be ways…



busy businessman stuck at work#19 You’re too stuck in your ways to change


It depends on how badly you want it. People stop smoking OVERNIGHT all the time. The successful cancer survivors stop doing the things that brought their cancer on and adopt new habits. It’s all a choice, you just decide how “hard” you will tell yourself it is.

THINK ABOUT THIS: I hope that it doesn’t take a heart attack, or cancer, or a near death experience for you to draw your line in the sand.



Old Sad Woman Eating At Home#20 Losing weight or eating cleaner won’t affect my illness or disease

Diseases are just a manifestation of imbalance in the body. What does that mean in English? When Bob is dehydrated, his body pulls water from his joints to use for his brain. Over the years, Bob has major joint pain or arthritis. Mary is overweight and carrying around a lot of old impacted crap (literally) in her gut. That forces her intestines to swell, thus crushing her lungs. Now she has asthma. It’s all connected, my friend.

THINK ABOUT THIS: I have hundreds of people that, after one Reset Challenge or one cleanse or one simple lifestyle change, their lifelong illnesses simply…faded away. What if that happened to you?…




Lonely student being bullied by her peers at the university#21 My family and friends will make fun of me and think I’m crazy

They will test you once you start. They will feel like you are different than them. They will take offense that you don’t want to look like them any longer…

THINK ABOUT THIS: … Then you will inspire them. You will encourage them. You will lead them. Then, they too will be forever changed.



Girl feeling bad about herself because of negative self image il#22 If I try to lose weight that means that I’m not happy with myself as is


Trying to lose weight doesn’t mean that you’re telling the world “I am flawed and I will not be a beautiful person until I lose fat!!” You are NOT proclaiming imperfection if you decide to slim down. You can be beautiful and happy with yourself at 120 lbs, 220 lbs, 420 lbs. It’s not about that. It’s about being even MORE happy with yourself. It’s about being even MORE beautiful to yourself.

THINK ABOUT THIS: I started these Reset Challenges and this lifestyle at age 32 NOT because I hated how I looked and not because I thought I was inadequate. I started them because I wanted to be even better than I was. I knew that as I aged, either time and old age could sap my strength and energy (as I have seen it do to others) OR time and old age could keep getting better and better.



1 - Grow younger v2 (1)#23 There is a product or something to buy with my Reset Challenges

NOPE. I only deal in knowledge. The 8 Reset Challenges are all just temporary 7-10 day long mini experiments on yourself to change some eating and drinking habits. All based on foods or supplements that you buy at your local grocer or online. I simply give you systems.

THINK ABOUT THIS: My systems are so simple, you wont believe they will work for you. That’s why you don’t have anything to lose by trying them. Push yourself. Be open. Thousands of others have. You never know, 10 days from now, you could be on your path to growing younger as you age and your life will be forever changed. I wish that for you…


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5 Responses to These 20(ish) assumptions are LITERALLY killing you and making you fatter…

  1. Deborah September 10, 2015 at 9:49 pm

    Terry this is so important, some people do take the easy way out by having the gastric bypass, I was about to have the surgery, then they said first you must loose 30 lbs., a light bulb went off in my head, I know I am capable of losing weight, but why would I do this before surgery to lose weight, the the doctor told me I can only have 2 oz of food and water, and all the other risk that come with it like death. So I choose to make my life better by a lifestyle change. And I must say you are right this food is killing us if we don’t make some changes, right I am on the salad challenge to reset my body, Thank you for such good information.

    • Terry Givens November 22, 2015 at 5:39 pm

      Thank you Deborah! GOOD FOR YOU. You’re my kind of lady. Join my support group and keep us posted on your salad Challenge progress! (i think i’m seeing this 2 months late. I’m sorry)

  2. Connie November 21, 2015 at 1:14 pm

    Can I have diet soda on my one weekly cheat meal? Do I want to do that–I don’t crave one everyday, but some days I do…will it be hard all over again if I drink one?

    • Terry Givens November 22, 2015 at 5:37 pm

      Hi Connie. Believe me when I say this…your cheat meal is ANY, and I mean ANYTHING, that you want (including diet soda)! Cheat guilt free

  3. Gwent Morey January 1, 2016 at 3:05 pm

    I would be interested in information vital for helping dementia,alzheimer folks as my mother is struggling with that.

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