The Terry Story

Welcome to my Blog. I was raised in Ohio and Mississippi so I had three decades of unhealthy food habits I had built up before I made a change.

How did I end up where I am today?
1. An Anthony Robbins personal development event that introduced me to the fact that HEALTH is not the same as FITNESS.
2. Nagging, sports ending joint injuries.
3. The death of my father, at the age of 63 yrs old. Caused by Obesity and lifestyle.

They came together to change my life mission!

They shifted my entire awareness about what health really is and started my endless consumption of books, information, interviews, and education. I’ve since earned my nutrition certification. Is health bulging muscles? Is health about how high you can jump or how fast you can run? That’s what I thought. But why is it that world class athletes are dying of cancer just like everyone else? Why is it that super in shape people have bad knees, shoulders, and skin issues? What I awakened to that day helped me find a purpose in life that drives me day after day.

My Life Goal: To restructure the United States food subsidy policies

Every year the government spends billions of dollars to make certain foods cheaper, thus they are most used foods in America (corn, wheat, soybeans, etc). Why not use those funds to make healthy foods cheaper? Why not make Organic food cheaper to produce and distribute, for example? Why do people have to choose between eating healthy vs saving money? Why are we wasting time and energy trying to educate 350 million people on how to NOT buy the bad food? Why are we wasting billions on the highest healthy care costs in the world, which is 100% caused by the foods we are eating? I want to removed the bad, unhealthy choices. Imagine this country with minimal obesity and heart disease and cancer and diabetes – imagine how many lives would be different today…Imagine how it would improve the quality of life for millions of people…I already have…

The purpose of this BLOG? To share with anyone that is interested in living a longer, healthier, happier, pain free, energetic life that there are a trillion ways to make that happen (the 100 trillion cells in your body). My mission is to show you how to slowly start integrating habits into your life so that with time and patience you will be able to put each of your 100 trillion cells on track to working as they were designed to work.

Enjoy your journey. Tell others and BE WELL.

Terry Givens
San Diego, California

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Q: “How often do you cleanse?”
A: 10 days each January + 1 day liver cleanses (2 times)

Q: “Do you eat meat?”
A: 2-3 meals per day

Q: “How often do you work out?”
A: 2-3 days in the gym. Volleyball & biking 2 days a week

Q: “Do you eat burgers & fries & cakes & chips?”
A: once (ok, twice) a week

Q: “What’s the most important food you eat in a day?”
A: Water & Salads

Q: “What food do you avoid the most?”
A: Bread

Q: “Do you drink alcohol?”
A: Only if its strong!

Q: “How old are you?”
A: 41 as of 2014 (but I act 15)

Q: “Height. Weight. And goal weight?”
A: 6′ 2″. 190lb. Goal weight = 200

Q: “Favorite color?”
A: Dark red (maroon)

I’m a Capricorn. I like long walks on the beach… Haha


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