The Fix for Cellulite, Stress Damage, More Muscle Tone and Lose Skin!

– Cellulite is a very hard condition to target and remove.
– Chemicals releases by stress (cortisol and norepinephrine etc) build up in the body over the years doing toxic harm.
– The thin layer of fat on top of your muscles covers up the precious muscle tone many athletes seek

Structure of Skin

How do you effectively target those conditions? Working out harder? Eating cleaner? Surgery. No.

Fasting/Cleansing is virtually the only way to eliminate these conditions!

1) After 36 hours of not eating your body switches to consuming internal body foods (endogenous). Cellular cleansing! This is what eats those fat layers and cellulite pockets and deep planted stress and other residual chemicals and toxins.

2) No amount of physical training will come near the body’s ability to clean itself at the cellular level like fasting. Eating ample foods and nutrients prevent the body from needing to switch to clean up mode so those conditions become nearly impossible to be addressed.

3) Training and eating clean now will NOT remove years and years of toxic build up. It’s like covering up rotten food with garnish and dressing to make it look pretty.

4) Most times it take more than just 1 fast to get the job done. The body will know which parts take priority to clean up. Fasting 3-4 times per year is effective for extreme conditions. Fast 1-2 times per year is fine for maintaining normal health. Each time will dig deeper and deeper into your body. Might take a month. Might take years. Don’t give up!

5) Every day past 3 days of consecutive fasting has exponential results on the body. That means that one 10-day fast will be far more effective than two 5-days fasts a month apart.

6) Your body can ABSOLUTELY RESET itself. Get the old bad toxins/chemicals out. Stop putting more in. And let the scales tip back in your favor and your body will naturally gravitate to where it needs to be…HEALTHY

Juice Cleansing or Master Cleansing are 2 ways I recommend. (I Master Cleanse once a year)

Which cleanse is right for you?

Juice ChallengeMaster Challenge
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3 Responses to The Fix for Cellulite, Stress Damage, More Muscle Tone and Lose Skin!

  1. Joe Bauer July 23, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    Hey Terry,

    When you do a cleanse do you continue to workout hard, or do you have to put your workouts on hold?

    • admin July 23, 2012 at 2:42 pm

      It’s a personal choice. I choose to never workout when I’m cleansing.
      I take those 10 days to divert 100% of my body energy to internal clean up -vs- muscle development.
      I don’t want to make myself unnecessarily hungry
      I hit it again after cleansing and my body is more efficient anyway.
      Great question!

  2. Adrienne August 1, 2012 at 7:07 am

    I am so glad you’ve posted this! I’ve been asking so many of my fitness friends how to get rid of cellulite! Nobody had advice I could receive! They had no good advice! I forgot about fasting. I had gotten away from my fasting routine…folks always act like you’re killing yourself once they know you’re fasting…so my suggestion to those who are thinking about adding this to their lifestyle-keep it to yourself!

    I am coming up on completing my third day of my fast…I feel awesome…in control…soooo much better- and my sleep last night was so deep/sound/full of complete rest! I did copious amounts of water and fresh squeezed lemon juice on day one, and copious amounts of water with unprocessed cranberry juice for days 2 & 3. I feel like I need to keep going, but I tend to over do it. Hence, I get burned out and quit. So, I will just repeat the 3-day fast next week and eat fresh fruits & veggies all other days! Yay!!

    I’m going to definitely reacquaint this practice back into my life!…..THANK YOU!!!!

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