The Simplified Guide to Eating Healthy

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I don’t know about you but I find it amazingly mind boggling how complicated it is to “eat healthy”! Every month it seems that some new food is now good. Or it’s now bad. Cooking this way is bad now. Combining this food with that is better than combining this food with that food. This color of the same vegetable is way better than this color of the same vegetable.

And then how about all the darn nutrients on the labels!? Sodium levels. Sugar ratios. Calories per serving (how big is a serving anyway???). Saturated fat vs mono saturated fats vs poly saturated fats??? Chicken vs beef vs pork, etc.

Then what time of day to eat? How many meals per day? Drink water when you eat or not? Is it grain fed or cage free? Should you stand up when you eat? Sit down.?!?!?

Ugh!!!!! This is just darn ridiculous right?

At what point in human history did you need to a) have a legitimate degree in nutrition or b) be told by experts how to eat…food?

It doesn’t seem to make sense right? I mean how do you think previous generations made it without the Internet and Dr. Oz?? Those poor people must have been just overwhelmed by the countless options right?


Short answer:
Human beings eat two things 1) Plants and 2) Animals. That’s it. If its not a plant or an animal your body has not evolved over the past 200,000 years to properly digest and assimilate it. Chemicals, preservatives, coloring, artificial flavor, etc – Those. Things. Are. Not. Only Plants or animals. GOT IT?

(These examples are not all inclusive. Just a start – and my personal favorites)

—Breakfast food examples–-
Eggs (whole egg. Not just egg whites)
Bacon, sausage (no additives)
Oatmeal (not flavored/ not pre-mixed packets)
Fruits (not cans or cups)
Yogurt (healthy bacteria!)
Herbal teas
Black coffee

—Breakfast NO-NOs—
NO Breads (toast, bagels, muffins)
NO Baked goods (waffles, pancakes…)
NO Cereals
NO Milk (unless it’s raw AND you want to GAIN WEIGHT)
NO Flavored coffees

—Lunch & Dinner food examples—
Meat (chicken, steak, Fish…)
Vegetable salad (raw)
Vegetables (steamed, sauteed, etc)
Brown rice (not every day)
Wraps (tortilla)
Vinegar based salad dressings

—Lunch & Dinner NO-NOs—
NO Breads (buns, sandwiches, biscuits, etc)
NO Pastas
NO Creamy salad dressings (ranch, ceasar, thousand island)
NO French fries (the potato part is fine – is the deep fried oil part that’s bad)
NO Pastries (cakes, pies, cookies, etc)
NO Processed frozen meals with more than 10 ingredients and added chemicals (ESPECIALLY diet meals)

—Snack food examples—
Fruits (apples, grapes, bananas, avocados, etc)
Vegetables (carrots, cucumber, broccoli, etc)
Nuts and seeds
Whole snack bars (contains the full entire nut/fruit)

—Snack NO-NOs—
NO Candies
NO Processed snack bars

—Drink examples—
Coconut water
Herbal Teas
Non daily milks (almond, rice, etc)
Fruit and vegetable juices (no sweeteners or chemicals added)

—Drink NO-NOs—
NO Soda
NO Energy drinks
NO Flavored coffees
NO Milk (unless it’s raw and you intend to gain weight)
NO Powdered drink mixes (kool-aid, crystal light, protein powders, Whey, etc)

So many rules right? Great-Grandma didn’t have all these rules right? Darn right she didn’t! Great grandma didn’t just jump in a car and drive thru to eat every night – she had to make it herself. You know how long it takes to fry chicken? Bake a cake from scratch? And most of the above drinks didn’t even exist! DID. NOT. EXIST.

***Obviously on your cheat meal (once or twice a week) EAT WHATEVER YOU LIKE!! Break the rules. It’s ok!

That’s the short answer to how to eat. Now get out of here and start one change at a time! Don’t try to revamp your diet overnight.

Keep a food journal of what you eat every day. Take a picture of each meal BEFORE you eat it.


Now here’s the long answer (only for those that want to know WHY?):

Rule #1 – Eat only plants and animals: as close to their natural state as you can (not processed)
Why? That’s what your human body has evolved to consume.

Apple vs canned apple sauce. [Apple wins]
Eggs vs egg beaters. [Eggs win]
Pork chop vs hot dog. [Pork chop wins]
Are there bad fruits or vegetables? NOT IN MY OPINION

Rule #2 – Avoid processed carbs
Why? they swell up in your digestive tract and slow down digestion and they cause bulging in your intestines resulting in protruding belly. They are also very far from the grain that they started as (what plant does it look like to you? – right!)

NO Breads (white, wheat, muffins, buns, french toast, pancakes, etc)
NO Pastas
NO Pastries (cakes, cookies, pies, etc)

Rule #3 – Avoid boxed & canned foods
Why? To prolong the shelf life of this products they stuffed with chemical preservatives and lots of the natural fiber is removed from the food (and anything that will rot) . Not so natural anymore!



Rule #4 – Avoid over cooked foods
Why?Raw (uncooked) is always better if possible. The more we heat and cook plants and animals, the more live enzymes we kill off.

Steamed broccoli (4mins) vs baked broccoli casserole [steamed wins]
Raw almonds vs Smoked almonds [raw wins]

Rule #5 – Shop at health food stores and farmers markets ONLY!
Why? Lower your chances of buying bad food. Put some trust in the store you’re in. They aren’t perfect but it’s better than your standard grocery store!



Rule #6 – 1 -2 cheat meals every week. (ANY ANY anything you want!)

Why? Because otherwise you’ll quit! Plus 1 or 2 meals out of 21 meals in a week is nothing in the grand scheme of things. EAT UP!


Are you going to die if you break any of these rules? – NO! But it’s not going to help you get any healthier either 😉

Believe it or not this food confusion has not been a dilemma on the planet Earth forever. As a matter of fact this has only been an issue for the last 50 or 60 years or so. Yep only the past 2-3 generations of us have had so many new food options. REALLY! We simply didn’t have the technology or the motivation to use human ingenuity to create
these amazing food processing options that allow us to make food last longer, stay “fresher”, be so portable, and be so convenient!

What changed?
Well there was this little skirmish called World War II in the 40s. Necessity was the mother of invention. We found out a way to feed those few million troops over seas and the resultant food technology explored from there. Make more food from less. Make it last longer. Make it cheaper. Check…check & check!

So the solution to eating healthy most lie somewhere in the generations BEFORE WWII right? But what? They ate meat and burgers and butter and pasta and ate candy just like use. What’s the deal? There must be something super subtle going on.


What else is in today’s food?
Human beings eat two things 1) Plants, 2) Animals. That’s it. If its not a plant or an animal your body has not evolved over the past 200,00 to properly digest and assimilate it. News flash time: read the ingredients label on a box or can of something in your kitchen – I guarantee you that there are more than just plants and animals on that
label my friend (A box of cereal for instance). But the ingredient in question was derived from a plant/animal originally (See the label to the left) but through physical or chemical processes so much has been removed from the original source for reasons of texture or shelf life or coloring, etc. it’s final proportions of nutrients or no longer recognized by your body has a plant or animal any longer – if I took at $100 bill and ran it through a shredder and tried to use those shreds to buy something (event $1 item) I’d have a rude awakening at the check out counter. That’s the same exact scenario going on in your body when eating processed foods. Worry less about “Nutritional Facts” Label and more about the “Ingredients” Label.

Now What?

It’s going to be inconvenient to eat a real, natural healthy diet – YES. Accept it and get used to it! Stop waiting for some magical force to do it all for you. Why? It just so happens America’s current food landscape is more leaning towards convenience and storage than natural and healthy.

So you’ll probably need to drive a little further to the health food store. You’ll need to circle around the block a few times to find a restaurant that gives you the options you need. You’ll need to trash a lot of the items already in your fridge and replace them better alternatives (“I’ll finish what I already have so that I don’t waste it” – BULL CRAP you will. That stuff is fake food. Waste the hell out of it! It’s wasting you from the inside out every time you eat it. Clean out your kitchen)

Your friends will make fun or you and tell you that you are crazy and that you are wasting your time – TIP: Be careful who you accept advice from – If you take their advice, you take their lifestyle.

Stick to your guns. BELIEVE that you are making the right decision and watch your body start to improve as you do. A few minutes of inconvenience will gain you years of energy and happiness beyond your dreams!

Please comment and share this information…BE WELL

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21 Responses to The Simplified Guide to Eating Healthy

  1. Patrick January 21, 2013 at 5:23 pm

    Great stuff Terry! Very clear and well thought out “Do’s & Don’t”.

    The only thing i would humbly add as an option/alternative is the following link from Charles Poliquin about his “meat & nut” breakfast. I know it sounds very strange at first but once you get used to eating meat leftovers in the morning it ends up being a very convenient, healthy, and filling way to start your day.

    • Terry Givens January 22, 2013 at 2:22 pm

      Interesting. Maybe i’ll give it a go. Thanks Patrick!

  2. Marcela April 14, 2013 at 11:25 pm

    So I usually have a cup of almond milk in my smoothie for breakfast. What’s wrong with having that in the morning? I don’t want to gain weight… Maybe that’s the reason why I can’t lose weight? I thought it was the cookies I eat every day… Seriously, why can I have almond milk during the day but not for breakfast?

    • Terry Givens April 16, 2013 at 2:21 pm

      Milk is from a cow. Almond milk is not milk from a cow. It’s just mashed up almonds

  3. Teresa Buskirk July 22, 2013 at 10:30 pm

    Thanks! Great advice.

  4. Sarah July 28, 2013 at 2:01 am

    Terry: Is there a definitive list of the other items i.e. butter, oil based salad dressings, etc that you recommend?

    • Terry Givens August 1, 2013 at 9:13 pm

      Hi Sarah. That’s a great idea for a post! Thank you

  5. askhin karacam November 19, 2014 at 6:06 pm

    doctor says…ıf you are ill.every substances is poison-harmfull for body-

  6. askhin karacam November 19, 2014 at 6:10 pm

    hakikat for happiness downloud free.every lenguage is free …thanks for your knowledgess

  7. Ashley November 1, 2015 at 12:09 pm

    So can a tortilla wrap be eaten with lunch and dinner everyday? Or no? TIA

    • Terry Givens November 2, 2015 at 10:01 pm

      Hi Ashley, yes you can eat them ask often as you like to avoid those nasty fluffy breads!

  8. Amy November 19, 2015 at 1:34 am

    What’s wrong with protein powders? I drink a protein shake mixed with water every morning for breakfast since I’m not a breakfast person. Not to say it’s right but most workout junkies encourage protein shakes. (I’m trying to lose weight)

  9. Denise December 2, 2016 at 12:52 pm

    If I cannot drink skim milk, how can I get my calcium and vitamin D?

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