The Advanced Reset Tips – Part 1

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASick of hearing about water and salad and bread yet? “Give me the real secrets to Reset my body and grow younger as I age Terry!” you say? Well…let’s get to it then.

It’s important to note that in all honesty, for the 1st year of my Reset, the only things I incorporated into my lifestyle:


1) Drinking tons more water (This video covers that);

2) stopping fast food and eating a salad before every meal (this video covers that); and

3) annual Master Cleanse (this video covers that).

That was it. 7 years ago that was all I had the courage and the motivation to try out.

MORAL: Be patient. Your transformation does not come over night. Babies don’t pop out of the womb walking – but we don’t call them failures for the 1st year of their lives do we?

garlicThe original 13 Steps To Reset are right here.
It’s important to incorporate those 13 steps (every single one of them) as you are moving on to Advanced Reset tips.

Why? Simply put – The average American body is just too damn clogged up and inefficient for the advanced tips to work. The systems are too slow or the healing response is too obstructed. In most cases the energy flow from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet (electricity) loses too much power. Think of your body as a city: With good traffic design and good weather and the right amount of travelers, it’s pretty easy and quick to drive from one side of the city to another. But the average American body that hasn’t been Reset is more like Atlanta traffic on a snowy day…ripping your hair out, cursing and grid lock (sorry my ATL-ien friends!)

I’m going to cover 10 Advanced Reset tips. These first three tips evolved into my regime over a few years – no need to rush it!


1 Garlic clove

1 Garlic clove

1) Eat 2 cloves of organic garlic daily

Why?: Because it tastes great and makes the girls want to kiss you on your mouth! Yeah!..NO 🙁

Garlic is this amazingly super strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral natural super food. Imagine being a super tiny microbe level organism…if garlic gives such a jolt to us big human beings, it just outright destroys the little bad guys!

We are exposed to so much toxic bacterial overload I want to constantly be mounting a preemptive strike on the little guys. I take 1 clove when I wake up (The whole big piece of garlic is called a Bulb. The little pieces that break off are the Cloves). I used to chop it up and eat it with yogurt. Then I progressed to chopping and swallowing with water (like pills) after a few years, now I just pop a whole clove in my mouth and chew it (just chew it 5-6 times so that you can swallow it – don’t treat this stuff like chewing gum!) and wash it down with water. Once again I recommend Organic because the medicinal qualities are 5-10 times stronger with Organic foods.

What to expect?: If your body is still clogged you will smell like garlic for a couple of hours. If you are not clogged then you’ll have garlic breath for 30 minutes (time it accordingly)


You will get sick a lot less and if you do it won’t last for very long. It will also help if you experience cold sores or other viral outbreaks. They will either disappear all together or be very short lived.


Chemical Laden Daily Use Products

Chemical Laden Daily Use Products

2) Replace Chemical Laden Daily Use Products

Take a look at the ingredients on your toothpaste or your mouth wash or your moisturizing lotion. What non food items to your put in your mouth, eyes, ears, on your skin, in your hair, each and everyday? You’ll have to think hard because at this point…you do it by habit. You don’t even think about it anymore.

Why?: Will a few milligrams of fluoride today kill you? Heck no! Will a few milligrams of Benzyl Acetate take you down today? No way!….but combine those few milligrams with the thousands of milligrams of other harmless ingredients in products and foods that we are exposed to 24 hours a day…that stuff adds up.

What if I offered you a pint of cetylpyridinium chloride? Would you just put it to your lips and drink it all? No? After days and weeks and months of all of these harmless milligrams of chemicals…that stuff adds up. Are you going to keel over dead and the coroner’s autopsy shows that mouthwash was your demise? No way! Your body is constantly detoxing and removing waste and chemicals like these 24/7. All day.

All night…to the point where your body is expending so many damn resources filtering out preservatives and chemicals that we are purposefully putting in and on our bodies (don’t be fooled – everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body – how do you think smoking patches work??), millions and millions of tiny toxic exposes, that when a serious ill-intentioned bug comes along (a cold, a flu, athletes foot, staph infection, etc…) your body’s resources are so over taxed and spread thin that we don’t have enough juice left to defend ourselves and…BOOM – now you’re sick.

How do you find healthier alternatives?:

What to expect?: It’s going to take a while to slowly throw out products and fine suitable replacements…like years if you’re like me. They will taste different. They will feel different. They won’t seem to be as effective in the same sized doses. Your friends will laugh at you (Every time I offer someone my organic gum I tell them “You’re going to get about 7 good chews out of this…use um wisely!”)

Don’t be a freak about it, but remember in your head – every milligram of chemical counts and they add up over a life-time. It’s worth it to control what goes into your body.


Herb leaves

Herb leaves

3) Experiment with Herbal Supplements

Most people’s experiences with herbal supplements: Some super weak plant that had no noticeable effect on my body. I had that same reaction – BEFORE I Reset my body and cleared up the clogged systems that were preventing the herbs from doing their job – stimulate and cause my body to do the healing on it’s own.

Each and everyone of you has different unique weaknesses and needs that the proper herbal regime will be perfect for. It will bridge the gap between feeling good and feeling truly GREAT!

Why?: Nature didn’t create us to be reliant on herbs any more than nature created us to be reliant on drugs! So what gives?? You are correct.

The sad truth and reality is that

a) After 20-70 years of damaging your body, you need to do some concentrated techniques to speed up the process. and

b) with all the man made toxic exposures we have on a daily basis – we certainly need to swing the pendulum in the healing direction pretty aggressively to stay ahead of the curve.

Bad joints? – Try different types of fish oils. I went through liquids, then seed/nut oils, then capsules then different brands until I found what I use now.

Prostate Issues? – Try saw palmetto

Allergy issues? – Try turmeric

Heart (or any organ), fertility, aphrodisiacs, skin, whatever! Target whatever parts of your body you are interested in and give your body a boost unique to what you need above and beyond the general steps to Reset your body.

It’s very important to experiment when searching for the right herbs for you. 1) Your body is unique. So what works for your best friend might not work for you. Your body will respond to tinctures (herbs combined with alcohol) differently than to the liquid differently than the capsule form differently than the tablet form. Or maybe you want to go all the way raw and buy the dried herbs (herbs are just plants, you know) and make teas and ointments out of them…EXPERIMENT!

Websites are fine and all but I recommend buying a book on herb supplementation. They tend to be more comprehensive, better researched and less dynamic. You can also simply go to the supplement section at a health food store and ask the expert there what herbal supplements they recommend for your needs.

Take Note

Take Note

This should be enough to keep you busy for a month or two as you experiment and most importantly TAKE NOTE OF EVERYTHING.

Be meticulous with observing any and all changes, alterations, aches, pains, sensations, skin, energy, regularity, etc….Those things are not random. Everything is effected by something else. Keeping a food journal will help you to track the effects of these changes in your diet and lifestyle as you make modifications.

Be sure to stick to the Core 13 Reset Steps to ensure these advanced tips have the full and most powerful effect for you. Stay tuned for the 6 other Advanced Reset Tips. Please comment and share this with others that might benefit. BE WELL…

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