The 4 secrets to cooking healthy





What’s more important than HOW you make it, is WHAT you start with in the first place!


Rule #1

All organic

Less Chemicals

Why? Chemicals turn into fat in your body or they build up to cause disease…PERIOD.
Tip: Buy Organic ingredients this year (That means no chemicals were used to grow, maintain, or store it)







Rule #2

veggiesUse less boxed and canned ingredients
Why? Foods are dissected and altered so they can be canned and boxed. That process makes it harder for your body to process it.
Tip: Find a fresh version if available (Example: use fresh green beans instead canned, squeeze fresh lemons instead of using the fake lemon juice)






Rule #3

5519129659_02be0e5011_oUse spices!
Why? Spices are just chopped up vegetables and roots. They all have healing properties.
Tip: Use sea salt or Himalayan salt instead of regular salt.








Rule #4

overcookDon’t over cook it
Why? The longer you cook food, the more of the live enyzmes are destroyed and health benefits are lowered.
Tip: Instead of pre-cooking veggies, add them to recipes raw.






Every little bit counts. Don’t think that it doesn’t matter…it matters.


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