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Woman has 18 salads in seven days and never expected THIS to happen!

Meet Maria. She is in the real estate industry and lives in Los Angeles California. Maria heard about the Salad Challenge in 2015. She could keep eating all of the food she normally eats, BUT she had to also eat … Continue reading

These 20(ish) assumptions are LITERALLY killing you and making you fatter…

Are you making some of these assumptions?…   #1. You need to have gastric surgery to lose 100, 200, 300 lbs or more  Gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeves: have people lost weight with those procedures? YES. They are NOT … Continue reading

A day in my mouth

I wake up around 7 a.m. I brush my teeth with a mixture of 40% baking soda & 60% sea salt on my toothbrush. I rinse it out with two capfuls of hydrogen peroxide. Then I chug a tall glass … Continue reading

30 Day Walking Challenge!

  — RULES FOR THE 30 DAY WALKING CHALLENGE! — 1 ADD a 30-45 min Walk to a normal day of walking (That’s 10,000 steps) 2 Do it 5 days a week 3 That’s 25 miles a week and 100 … Continue reading

10 Reasons Your Reset Isn’t Working

(1) Skipping or Omitting Steps   There are 13 Reset Rules. A) You have to do all the Steps and B) You have to do everything the Step entails. – Bad news…just doing the Water Challenge is not a cure … Continue reading

Man stops eating bread for 45 days, this happened to his waist, neck, and belly!

Chris Paul was 51 years old and a Contractor living in Virginia. Like most Americans he ate meals filled with “whites”, breads and pastas and potatoes and white rice. “My diet consisted of anything and everything.” He didn’t notice anything … Continue reading

She started at 200lbs and a size 20, then after 4 months of adding two common foods to her diet, the unexpected happened!

Meet Heather. She lives in South Carolina and is in the construction industry. Heather heard about the Water Challenge and the Salad Challenge in 2014. The rules are she had to drink 100 ounces of water each day (based on … Continue reading

“I lost another whole person!” Down 168lbs and Here’s How

“I lost another whole person!” This is my cousin Alisha when she started her Reset at 393lbs. Since then she’s dropped 168lbs in 1 year and 8 months! How? She LIVES the Water Challenge and the 21 Salad Challenge and … Continue reading

Video – How Eating Fast Food and Sweets IS Helping You Lose Weight!

Terry Givens mixes his brand of humor and motivation and easy to understand information on How Eating Fast Food and Sweets IS Helping You Lose Weight! Sounds out of left field but once we take some time to analyze your … Continue reading

10 Day No Sugar Challenge! [#4]

You will experience far more energy, less chronic pain, and eliminate drowsiness! –RULES FOR THE 10 DAY NO SUGAR CHALLENGE– 1 Do not add sugar to any drinks or foods. No sugar of any kind! (use honey or 100% Maple … Continue reading

Water Challenge! [#1]

You will have more energy and lose pounds of fat! — RULES FOR THE WATER CHALLENGE! — 1 Fill up a single jug or bottle or pitcher with your daily amount of water (SEE BELOW) in the morning. (Buy a … Continue reading

Video – RESET Your Body – The Ultimate Body Clean Out!

Terry Givens explains about colon health and how it effects all the other organs in your body. He tells of his amazing experience with colon therapy and how every American absolutely MUST have a colonic! Web Site: http://www.ResetYourBody.com Facebook Fan … Continue reading

Video – RESET Your Body – New Year Detox

Terry Givens explains more details and detox options and choices for the upcoming annual new year detox event. Juice Cleanse vs Master Cleanse and why. (Sorry about the random dimming/brightening of the background) January 14, 2013 – January 23, 2013 … Continue reading

Lose 3 inches on your belly in a week…from the inside out

(Obviously these kinds of results are for someone with a LOT of belly to start with…a LOT.) Looking for a quick way to deal with an over sized belly? I’m not talking about getting abs and tightening up the muscles. … Continue reading

Video – 8 Steps to Lose Weight Daily (Part 4)

Terry Givens covers tips# 7 and 8 on how to naturally lose weight every day. There are no new trues here. You’ll know some or all of the things to do. Terry has a way of explaining WHY these tips … Continue reading

Terry Givens – RESET Your Body – 8 Steps to Lose Weight Daily (Part 3)

Terry Givens covers tips# 5 and 6 on how to naturally lose weight every day. There are no new trues here. You’ll know some or all of the things to do. Terry has a way of explaining WHY these tips … Continue reading

What if McDonald’s went organic??

This is a fictitious thought provoking possible 1 year account of a future if the world’s largest single corporate provider of food & purchaser of beef and chicken (McDonald’s) flipped a switch and one day started serving only organic food. … Continue reading


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