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She started at 200lbs and a size 20, then after 4 months of adding two common foods to her diet, the unexpected happened!

Meet Heather. She lives in South Carolina and is in the construction industry. Heather heard about the Water Challenge and the Salad Challenge in 2014. The rules are she had to drink 100 ounces of water each day (based on … Continue reading

This is the most backwards substance on Earth…and you have it in you!

If you’re wondering why water is having such odd side effects on your body…   Scientifically speaking, water is weird stuff! #1 – It is the only natural substance found in all three physical states at the temperatures that naturally … Continue reading

Down 70+ lbs and 8 inches on his waist!!

“Dear Terry when you told me about Challenge 1, back in the last week of august 2013. I was an unhealthy 360+lbs. =12/31/2013 I was down to 300lbs. Today Feb 24, 2014 I’m 286lbs my waist from 54 to 46 … Continue reading

How NOT to Drink Water!

Wrong way… – take a quick swig. Wet your mouth. Done How to drink water to drink MORE water: – drink from a larger opening container – chug! The longer, better! – the larger the cup, the better – room … Continue reading

Re-post: Woman Drinks 1 Gallon of Water Everyday, and the Final picture results are shocking

Who’s ready for The Water Challenge after this?? This article tells it all! http://topinfopost.com/2014/11/19/woman-drinks-gallon-of-water-every-day-results-are-shocking What is the Water Challenge? Click here and get started today!

Video – When You Drink More Water, You Need More Of This Too…

Water Challengers – Who else has noticed that after a while of drinking the proper amount of water, that you are always thirsty for more? That’s because when you drink more water, your body needs more sea salt (not the … Continue reading

Water Challenge! [#1]

You will have more energy and lose pounds of fat! — RULES FOR THE WATER CHALLENGE! — 1 Fill up a single jug or bottle or pitcher with your daily amount of water (SEE BELOW) in the morning. (Buy a … Continue reading

Are you working out like crazy but not losing the weight you need?

You might be trying to mop up in a rain storm (figuratively of course!) A change to your diet will make your job SOOOO much easier. I have a buddy here in San Diego that just lost 25 lbs in … Continue reading


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