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These 20(ish) assumptions are LITERALLY killing you and making you fatter…

Are you making some of these assumptions?…   #1. You need to have gastric surgery to lose 100, 200, 300 lbs or more  Gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeves: have people lost weight with those procedures? YES. They are NOT … Continue reading

A day in my mouth

I wake up around 7 a.m. I brush my teeth with a mixture of 40% baking soda & 60% sea salt on my toothbrush. I rinse it out with two capfuls of hydrogen peroxide. Then I chug a tall glass … Continue reading

How to Get Fat Without Trying!

10 easy steps! Step #1 – drink as little water as possible (drink soda, juice, energy drinks instead) Step #2 – avoid eating uncooked vegetables and fruits (boil them, bake them, fry them) Step #3 – eat bread and pasta … Continue reading

Let the air out of the tires America!

Have you heard the story about a truck that got stuck under a bridge? It is said that a box truck was attempting to pass under a large bridge. As the truck driver approached the structure he felt there was … Continue reading

10 Reasons Your Reset Isn’t Working

(1) Skipping or Omitting Steps   There are 13 Reset Rules. A) You have to do all the Steps and B) You have to do everything the Step entails. – Bad news…just doing the Water Challenge is not a cure … Continue reading


I could go outside today! The weather is breathtaking. The skies are clear. I see a gentle breeze in the trees. But this nagging pain in my knee. Ugh. I don’t want to aggravate it today. What if it throws … Continue reading

I just spent 40 minutes driving around to find a place to eat!

I just spent the past 40 minutes, driving around in rush hour traffic, trying to find a quick place to eat! “Say what??” “How is that possible??” “Are you in the desert??” I’m in a different part of town I’m … Continue reading

4 Ways to Guarantee You’re Ready for a Cleanse!

IMPORTANT READ!!! Four Ways To Get Your Mind Ready for the Cleanse 1 – Block off the time on your calendar I’ll say again, there is NEVER a good time to do a cleanse. Unless you’re a social derelict, you … Continue reading

I’m On Day 2500 with my Reset!

Just wanted to remind everyone, I created the 8 Reset Challenges to give people a way to make these 13 Core Reset Steps a part of your daily life, permanently. Goal: 1 – Try The 8 Reset Challenges out for … Continue reading

NEWS FLASH: This belief lead directly to you being healthy…

Your BELIEFS lead directly to your ACTIONS! Example: If you BELIEVE that all bathrooms have a light switch, you will fumble and search and look all over until you find that switch, won’t you? On the other hand, if you … Continue reading

Only 5% of You Will Make It!

Statistically speaking, only 5% of people get what they really want out of life. 5% of people have the career they want; the family life they want; the spouse they want; have the freedom they want; drive the car they … Continue reading

Use Junk Food to Your Advantage. Let’s Make a Deal…

Yum! You want it?…EARN IT! Start making yourself some “Health Deals”!… – You can have a soda/coffee for every 2 glasses of pure water you drink FIRST – You can have 1 sweet/dessert for every salad that you have FIRST … Continue reading

Video – The 8 Reset Challenges – How to Grow Younger as You Age

Terry gives a full 1 hour presentation to a group of 300 real estate investors in Chicago about 8 health Reset Challenges to undo years of damage to their bodies. You will hear: 5:18 The old me 9:02 Why we … Continue reading

Warning! Hold strong to your health beliefs

Everyday your health beliefs will be challenged! Everyday you will read a study or article or blog that will tell you, out-right, that drinking more water is bad for you, or that there is no benefit to eating raw vegetables … Continue reading

Video – How Eating Fast Food and Sweets IS Helping You Lose Weight!

Terry Givens mixes his brand of humor and motivation and easy to understand information on How Eating Fast Food and Sweets IS Helping You Lose Weight! Sounds out of left field but once we take some time to analyze your … Continue reading


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