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Find Out Who is Paying $8 For a Dozen Eggs, and Why You Might Be Next!

I DO! I talk about my $8 per dozen farmers market, organic, pasture raised chicken eggs all the time. A wise man once told me: You’ll either pay the grocer, or you’ll pay the doctor, but you’ll always pay! Look … Continue reading

Video – 1 Easy Way to Cut Your Toxic Load in Half

Terry’s explains what organic is in simple human terms and talks about whether it’s worth it. “You are what you eat” applies to what our food eats too. Continue reading

What if McDonald’s went organic??

This is a fictitious thought provoking possible 1 year account of a future if the world’s largest single corporate provider of food & purchaser of beef and chicken (McDonald’s) flipped a switch and one day started serving only organic food. … Continue reading


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