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These 20(ish) assumptions are LITERALLY killing you and making you fatter…

Are you making some of these assumptions?…   #1. You need to have gastric surgery to lose 100, 200, 300 lbs or more  Gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeves: have people lost weight with those procedures? YES. They are NOT … Continue reading

The 10 Day Cooking Challenge!

— RULES FOR THE COOKING CHALLENGE —   1 Cook at least 1 meal EACH day, 5 days each week 2 Do it for 2 weeks (at least 10 meals) 3 Round up some friends and get them in on … Continue reading

A day in my mouth

I wake up around 7 a.m. I brush my teeth with a mixture of 40% baking soda & 60% sea salt on my toothbrush. I rinse it out with two capfuls of hydrogen peroxide. Then I chug a tall glass … Continue reading

The 4 secrets to cooking healthy

  …YOU START WITH HEALTHY INGREDIENTS!   What’s more important than HOW you make it, is WHAT you start with in the first place!   Rule #1 Less Chemicals Why? Chemicals turn into fat in your body or they build … Continue reading

Are there REALLY chemicals in American food?

Don’t freak out but Chemicals (toxins) are added to the food to make it grow faster, resist disease, and last longer on the shelf…THAT IS THE KEY TO WHAT IS HEALTHY AND WHAT IS NOT. Common sense tells me that … Continue reading

Your definition of “healthy” is probably all wrong!

NEWSFLASH: “Healthy Food” has a different meaning for EVERYONE!   To one person, “healthy” means – Low fat – Low calories – Wheat bread vs white bread – low sodium To another person, “healthy” means – Chicken vs red meat … Continue reading

WARNING: If you are finishing your Master Cleanse – DO NOT START EATING RIGHT AWAY!

SUPER IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are finishing your Master Cleanse – DO NOT START EATING RIGHT AWAY! (Read the cleanse instruction document!!) Why?: Your stomach no longer has the digestive enzymes to break down food. You need 2-3 days to … Continue reading

I just spent 40 minutes driving around to find a place to eat!

I just spent the past 40 minutes, driving around in rush hour traffic, trying to find a quick place to eat! “Say what??” “How is that possible??” “Are you in the desert??” I’m in a different part of town I’m … Continue reading

What to take on your flight so you don’t fall victim airport food!

Jumping on a 15hr flight to Stockholm, Sweden. What do I bring to snack on so I don’t fall victim to not so good airport food? BOOM! – Raw almonds – baby carrots – dried cranberries – apples It’s not … Continue reading

Find Out Who is Paying $8 For a Dozen Eggs, and Why You Might Be Next!

I DO! I talk about my $8 per dozen farmers market, organic, pasture raised chicken eggs all the time. A wise man once told me: You’ll either pay the grocer, or you’ll pay the doctor, but you’ll always pay! Look … Continue reading

4 Reasons Why “eating a salad” Beats “eating more fiber”!

1) bran muffins & bran cereal are cooked at high temperature that kills and weakens the power of the live enzymes from the original plant 2) Uncooked vegetables provide MILLIONS of live enzymes that act like DRANO to eat away … Continue reading

Use Junk Food to Your Advantage. Let’s Make a Deal…

Yum! You want it?…EARN IT! Start making yourself some “Health Deals”!… – You can have a soda/coffee for every 2 glasses of pure water you drink FIRST – You can have 1 sweet/dessert for every salad that you have FIRST … Continue reading

Re-post: How American Food Makes Us Fat and Sick

After traveling to a handful of countries, I can attest to this! – 65% of Americans are over weight That’s 2 out of every 3 people! But it’s fixable! Have you eaten food in another country? Do you agree? Read … Continue reading

Video – How Eating Fast Food and Sweets IS Helping You Lose Weight!

Terry Givens mixes his brand of humor and motivation and easy to understand information on How Eating Fast Food and Sweets IS Helping You Lose Weight! Sounds out of left field but once we take some time to analyze your … Continue reading

Reset Recipes

      Ginger Root Tea   Ingredients   – fresh ginger root – honey and or Agave Nectar – water Use 1 inch of ginger root for each serving of tea. Cut the root into small slices Low boil … Continue reading

10 Day No Sugar Challenge! [#4]

You will experience far more energy, less chronic pain, and eliminate drowsiness! –RULES FOR THE 10 DAY NO SUGAR CHALLENGE– 1 Do not add sugar to any drinks or foods. No sugar of any kind! (use honey or 100% Maple … Continue reading

The Simplified Guide to Eating Healthy

I don’t know about you but I find it amazingly mind boggling how complicated it is to “eat healthy”! Every month it seems that some new food is now good. Or it’s now bad. Cooking this way is bad now. … Continue reading

1 Salad Will Change Your Life!

Dun dun dun! How’s that for a cocky title? “What is this super, wondrous salad” you’re thinking? Does it involve heavenly lettuce, garnished with chopped unicorn horn from the future? Not exactly. Let me ask you this: What if I … Continue reading

Balance for Your Bad Eating Habits

So…You’re trying to eat healthier or lose weight huh? But every time you seem to get on a roll for a day or two or a week or a month even…your bad eating habits slip back on you and BAM! … Continue reading

Video – 1 Easy Way to Cut Your Toxic Load in Half

Terry’s explains what organic is in simple human terms and talks about whether it’s worth it. “You are what you eat” applies to what our food eats too. Continue reading

Video – Why Boxed and Canned Food are Making You Age Prematurely

Terry’s entire RESET Your Body lifestyle is based on this super simple concept. Terry doesn’t believe in calorie counting or low fat consumption or food combining or all of the other complicated diets out there. In this video Terry Givens … Continue reading

Video – 8 Steps to Lose Weight Daily (Part 2)

Terry Givens covers tips# 3 and 4 on how to naturally lose weight every day. There are no new trues here. You’ll know some or all of the things to do. Terry has a way of explaining WHY these tips … Continue reading

Terry Givens – RESET Your Body – Intro

Terry Givens explains how these blogs and videos all got started.
Continue reading

The Vegetarian’s Big Mistake!

So at some point in your life you decided to make a huge life changing decision “I’m not going to eat meat ever again!” Bravo! That’s a brave and noble decision that can lead to tremendous health benefits and a … Continue reading

Are disease fund raising organizations helping to prevent anything?

I had an interesting thought today as I was in the checkout line: “No I don’t want to donate $1 to the American Heart Association. I’m not interested in funding some drug or research company. How about I donate one … Continue reading

Great video explaining sugar data

I’ve read a lot of articles and seen many videos about sugar and how it’s the devil. (I may dress up as sugar for Halloween!) We all know that sugar is bad for us. But of course sugar isn’t sugar … Continue reading

What if McDonald’s went organic??

This is a fictitious thought provoking possible 1 year account of a future if the world’s largest single corporate provider of food & purchaser of beef and chicken (McDonald’s) flipped a switch and one day started serving only organic food. … Continue reading

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants…

It’s that simple =) “There’s more money in re engineering food then just selling food. Eg. Selling oats doesn’t make you as much money as selling oatmeal bars with milk-like filler Eat Foods, Not Nutrients” As a culture we eat … Continue reading

How do we tell food from edible food like substances?

Michael Pollan wrote “In Defense of Food” Here are his rules: – Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food. – Don’t eat anything with more than five ingredients, or ingredients you can’t pronounce. – Stay out of … Continue reading

All the cool kids are gluten intolerant!

There has been tons of news about the seemingly sudden rise (at least in awareness) of gluten and it’s very very negative effects on people. I’ve been asked a lot lately about my stance on it. I will NEVER pass … Continue reading

Why McDonald’s Happy Meal hamburgers won’t decompose – the real story behind the story

The truth is many processed foods don’t decompose and won’t be eaten by molds, insects or even rodents. Try leaving a tub of margarine outside in your yard and see if anything bothers to eat it. You’ll find that the … Continue reading

How I accidently lost 13 pounds in 30 days last month

EVERYONE keeps asking me to explain this one. So here goes . . . So my goal was to pack on 10 lbs and get to my magical weight of 205lbs (ladies don’t ask. Sometimes it’s just a guy thing)… … Continue reading

Less is More: Hunt’s Ketchup Removes High Fructose Corn Syrup From Entire Retail

BRAVO HUNTS! Soon there will be announcements like this daily from corporations nationwide… http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/less-is-more-hunts-ketchup-removes-high-fructose-corn-syrup-from-entire-retail-line-93920479.html “Less is More: Hunt’s Ketchup Removes High Fructose Corn Syrup From Entire Retail Line. New Hunt’s 100% Natural Ketchup Features Five Simple Ingredients…” BE WELL

Are you working out like crazy but not losing the weight you need?

You might be trying to mop up in a rain storm (figuratively of course!) A change to your diet will make your job SOOOO much easier. I have a buddy here in San Diego that just lost 25 lbs in … Continue reading

10 Ways to Forage in a Fast Food Nation

I love this website! http://www.marksdailyapple.com/10-ways-forage-fast-food-nation/ “Over the past few weeks, we’ve really ripped into fast food joints and junk food manufacturers for trying to pull the wool over our eyes and pass off junk…” BE WELL…


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