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Target The Healing Power Of Your Cleanse

GREAT NEWS! During your cleanse (especially a FASTING cleanse, i.e. “no food”) your body is working super over-time in healing/clean-up mode. With vastly more energy freed up from not digesting solid foods, the testimonials of almost miraculous healing seem to … Continue reading

WARNING: If you are finishing your Master Cleanse – DO NOT START EATING RIGHT AWAY!

SUPER IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are finishing your Master Cleanse – DO NOT START EATING RIGHT AWAY! (Read the cleanse instruction document!!) Why?: Your stomach no longer has the digestive enzymes to break down food. You need 2-3 days to … Continue reading

Here’s why you got sick as a dog doing your cleanse!

This cleansing process is like painting… As you live life and you get sick or take antibiotics or have an illness, your body builds layers on top of the residual toxins year after year. like layers of paint colors (blue … Continue reading

What To Expect During a 5-10 Day Cleanse!

4 Ways to Guarantee You’re Ready for a Cleanse!

IMPORTANT READ!!! Four Ways To Get Your Mind Ready for the Cleanse 1 – Block off the time on your calendar I’ll say again, there is NEVER a good time to do a cleanse. Unless you’re a social derelict, you … Continue reading

Breast cancer survivor goes from 13 medications to 1 and cures her asthma with this Reset Challenge!

Terry Givens interview Pam Hill in California Pam was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then she was diagnosed with asthma. She tells her amazing experience with a 10 day Master Cleanse that changed her life. She went from taking 13 daily … Continue reading

How the Master Cleanse Literally Saved Her Life After She Was Poisoned…Amazing!

This is Leah’s story on how the Master Cleanse Challenge literally saved her life after she was poisoned…amazing! “In my early twenties I purchased a house that had termite damage. After treating the house for the termites I started getting … Continue reading

Water Challenge! [#1]

You will have more energy and lose pounds of fat! — RULES FOR THE WATER CHALLENGE! — 1 Fill up a single jug or bottle or pitcher with your daily amount of water (SEE BELOW) in the morning. (Buy a … Continue reading

Video – 8 Tricks to RESET Your Body to Grow Younger as You Age

This past weekend I was given the opportunity to do a full 1 hour presentation to a group of 300 real estate investors here in La Jolla California about improving health and thus increasing their income. This presentation is the … Continue reading

Video – RESET Your Body – The Ultimate Body Clean Out!

Terry Givens explains about colon health and how it effects all the other organs in your body. He tells of his amazing experience with colon therapy and how every American absolutely MUST have a colonic! Web Site: http://www.ResetYourBody.com Facebook Fan … Continue reading

Video – RESET Your Body – New Year Detox

Terry Givens explains more details and detox options and choices for the upcoming annual new year detox event. Juice Cleanse vs Master Cleanse and why. (Sorry about the random dimming/brightening of the background) January 14, 2013 – January 23, 2013 … Continue reading

Lose 3 inches on your belly in a week…from the inside out

(Obviously these kinds of results are for someone with a LOT of belly to start with…a LOT.) Looking for a quick way to deal with an over sized belly? I’m not talking about getting abs and tightening up the muscles. … Continue reading

The Fix for Cellulite, Stress Damage, More Muscle Tone and Lose Skin!

– Cellulite is a very hard condition to target and remove. – Chemicals releases by stress (cortisol and norepinephrine etc) build up in the body over the years doing toxic harm. – The thin layer of fat on top of … Continue reading

Video – RESET Your Body – Why Would I Do a Cleanse?

(Don’t like videos? Read a text version of this video!) A cleanse may make sense for you…it may be ridiculous – take the time and watch so that you can make your own decision – then you’ll at least know … Continue reading

Why would someone do a cleanse??

First let me be clear. All detoxes are NOT the same. There are many different types of detoxes that have many different purposes. Some you only eat/drink a certain thing. Some you exclude a certain thing. There are some that … Continue reading

Know someone with cancer, chronic long time illness, big pot belly? Send them this video

I’ve read the entire 500 page book. This short lecture video was eye opening for me. Ed McCabe best selling author interviewed thousands. He explains the REAL cause of most all disease, and how Nature’s energetic forms of natural oxygen … Continue reading

1 day liver cleanse/flush

http://curezone.com/cleanse/liver/huldas_recipe.asp Green Stones! I’ve done this three times in the past couple years. It’s AMAZING what comes out of your freakin liver and how you’re a new person after! (20-60 stones each time…YUM!) BE WELL…


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