All Sugar Isn’t Bad…But This Type is The Same As Poison!

sugar processing

Soooo. How many of you started the No Sugar Challenge?

Table sugar – “It’s shredded, boiled, evaporated, strained, separated, vaporized, drained, pressed, chemicals added, etc. The resulting crystals that we call sugar, are no longer recognizable to your body in the normal ratio as it was in the sugar cane plant. It’s literally a chemical at this point…and your body treats it as such.”

WHAT ABOUT THE SUGAR IN FRUITS? Is it out to kill me too???
– NO

– It’s not processed and concentrated into unnatural proportions. (except in fruit juices. That is more concentrated and the fiber is removed – that normally helps to slow the assimilation of the sugar)

– Nature didn’t put fruit on the planet to trick humans into eating it, only to die of Diabetes!


Challenge Rules:
No Sugar Challenge (Custom)

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