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Health is the #1 topic people want to hear about!

Terry is an author, a public speaker, a certified nutritionist and he has a passion for wellness – the perfect guest speaker for your business event or conference!


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Previous Keynotes

Reset Your Body to Explode Your Business

Feel Better to Earn Bigger

More Energy Means More Money

Help More When You're Healthier

Terry is perfect for:

  • Sales training event.
  • Or a companywide meeting.
  • Or an industry conference.
  • Maybe you're having a trade industry gathering.
  • Maybe it's a full day event.
  • Or maybe it's a multiday event.

For example: FortuneBuilders (a real estate education company) as 200-1000 attendee events. 3-4 days long. Terry will present in a general session to all of the attendees.

Topic: Reset Your Body to explode your energy and boost your self-confidence to be a more effective and dynamic real estate investing figure!

Terry speaks at various business events to offer value and address the topic of health in ways attendees can

  • Improve their business performance
  • Explode their energy levels
  • Sky rocket their productivity
  • Increase their self confidence

By sprinkling in Terry's proven, simple, DOABLE Reset Challenge nutrition bio hacks into their current busy life styles, your employees can experience:

1. How a simple system to increase daily water intake can explode your productivity.

2. How adding more of this food to your diet will slim your waist: You'll look better and perform better!

3. How cutting this over used food from your meals will improve your digestion so much you'll feel like a whole new person in 7 days!)

What People Are Saying

"Terry, [enhanced my experience the most] very informative and great communicator, NB, loved the wellness decision"

Rehabbing Bootcamp, Washington D.C.

"Terry Givens. He knocked me on the head to do fundamentals, to lose weight and check the body so the body can take care."

Ignite Event, Las Vegas, NV

"Am a little surprised but Terry's [presentation] probably made the most impact as I am interested in trying his challenges."

"Terry was extremely energetic and informational. We appreciate the personal examples."

"This was a life changing event. Terry's seminar / speech spoke to me and I am forever thankful."

Marketing and Wholesaling Conference, Chicago, IL

Terry's Professional Bio

Terry is an author, a public speaker, a certified nutritionist and has a passion for wellness. His book, his website and his keynotes spend time teaching people how to rewire how their cells live and die in their body. His proven system on how to eat and how to drink leave his audiences hopeful, enthusiastic and empowered. His methods are not counting calories and voracious gym work outs. He teaches about a step by step system that anyone can master. Any age and any body type.

We will be in contact soon to discuss a speaking engagement at your event


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