Self Reflexology

One of two things just went through your mind:

A) What that really is reflexology
B) There’s no way that works.

Well I’m here to tell you that I swear by it. I’m not big into voodoo, nor am I into magic. But I’m a strong believer that our body is a energy factory and all of it’s parts and pieces are interconnected somehow. (You know how you can FEEL when a TV turns on or off in a room? Or how you can FEEL when someone is looking at you? — THAT’S ENERGY!)

What is Reflexology?
It’s a centuries old practice of alternative healing. According to reflexologists, the feet and the hands are a mirror of the body, and pressure placed on specific reflex points on them can be used to affect the corresponding areas of the body in order to stimulate energy flow.

I think that every human body is created uniquely and differently. What works for some may not work for all. The ONLY way to know is to try for yourself so that you aren’t borrowing someone else’s experience…get your own 😉

My first exposure to reflexology
It was about 4 years ago. A chiropractor used different alternative treatments to fix a 2 year knee problem I was having (he succeeded!) Foot and ear reflexology were two techniques he used and I noted a pattern with his treatments and my body’s response.

So I bought a book and I’ve been practicing ever since.

– Back Pain
– Neck Pain
– Headache

These are things I’ve used reflexology for. But you can use it for ANY situation going on with your body that you want to improve.

I’m writing this entry because over the weekend I had a major stiff neck. I couldn’t turn my neck to the left or right (I was doing the super cool full upper body turn…HOT). That is something that would normally last days…

Here is what I did that got my neck back to normal.
1) located the trouble area (my neck) that corresponded to that area on my foot. In my case that was the base of my big toes.






2) Applied pressure to different spots around the base of my toe searching for tender spots.

3) Once I found a tender spot I applied medium pressure to the spot for 5-10 seconds while taking deep breathes. (It hurt so I knew I was on target)

4) I did that a few times each hour during my morning errands (barbershop, breakfast, reading…)

5) By noon I was able to turn my neck so I could play volleyball. By 3 o’clock I was about at 100%

Try this out for yourself:
1) Take the underside of your foot and apply medium pressure with the tip of your thumb to different areas looking for a tender area.

2) Look up on the chart what body part that corresponds to. (It’s probably somewhere you are having a problem with)

3) Apply medium pressure with the tip of your thumb to the spot for 5-10 seconds while taking deep breathes. Release pressure then repeat. Do that for about a minute or two.

4) Give it time. It’s not magic or voodoo. Repeat it a few times per hour. Drink water. Breathe the energy out (Your body needs a way to remove blockage. Help it out…)

Use it for:
Headaches – Big toe
Back pain – along the foot arch
or 60 other areas

Or go see a licensed experienced Reflexologist

Don’t knock it until you try it. Centuries of experience must have some merit right?


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  5. guruofreflexology March 24, 2012 at 10:36 pm

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