The secret to staying commited to Resetting for life!

What will give you the energy to keep going with these Challenges day after day, week after week, month after month?…results. Thousands and thousands of little tiny daily, weekly, monthly results.

Each one will fuel you to make it another day, or week, or month. BUT…you have to #1 look for them and #2 understand that they are a result of your Reset lifestyle.

A non-all inclusive list of things that you should look for and track to keep you celebrating ALL WINS as you Reset Your Body.

More Energy
Weight loss
Weight gain
New Belt notch
Less chronic pain
Looser fitting clothing
Looser fitting shoes
Looser fitting hats/caps
stronger sex drive
more pleasurable sexual function
less anxiety
less stress
increased mental clarity
less heartburn
less body order
better smelling breath
less ear wax
less gas
less digestive pain
less foot odor
Less snoring
Less sweating while resting
Jewelry fits differently
Temporary reemergence of skin rashes, warts
Clearing of skin blemishes/acne
Whitening of eye whites
More flexibility
less dramatic hunger pangs
Better sleep patterns
Faster bruise healing
denser, harder muscle
less sneezing
less coughing
Stronger hair line
Thicker, stronger, shinier hair
Multiple daily bowel movements
More full & well formed bowel movements
clearer urine color
Less sinus pressure
Less headaches frequency
…And thousands more things unique to YOU…

Do your best to find something every day or week that you can use to fuel your progress and your belief. Write them in a daily journal so you don’t forget!


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