Are there REALLY chemicals in American food?


Don’t freak out but Chemicals (toxins) are added to the food to make it grow faster, resist disease, and last longer on the shelf…THAT IS THE KEY TO WHAT IS HEALTHY AND WHAT IS NOT.

Common sense tells me that humans have been eating fine for hundreds of thousands of years. Let’s just keep doing that! But what changed? 3 subtle yet significant things changed during the technology innovations during World War II…


#1 We started processing foods to make them last longer on a shelf


Potatoes are a wonderful source of potassium and live enzymes…but they don’t last long on the shelf. So chop them up and pull the water out, press it, then fry it, and sell it as a potato chip!

#2 We started using more and more chemicals to make food last long on a shelf


Pickles will rot in a few days. So add chemicals to preserve it and to keep it looking a pretty color.

#3 We started using more and more chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers to feed plants and kill pests


Let’s say you plant 100 tomato seeds. Let’s say insects, pests, and disease will kill 25 of those tomatoes. But if you use chemicals to kill the insects, pests, and disease – let’s say only 5 tomatoes will die.

Don’t fool yourself, those aren’t things that you can simply wash off. Can you “wash off” a guy that’s been eating non-stop McDonald’s all his life? You are what you eat…Your food is what it eats too.

As we consume more and more of those chemicals, we don’t immediately get sick and die after eating the food – our bodies are not that weak.

It takes years for children to start developing diabetes. They are years into life before they have child obesity. It takes meal after meal after meal, year after year for those tiny trace chemicals to turn into fat and weakened organs and chronic disease.

We have to get past the flus and ear aches and bronchitis and years of flavor enhanced, boxed snacks and meals and desserts. It takes years of dehydration from drinking sodas and energy drinks and syrupy sugar juices – instead of drinking fresh chemical free water (Fluoride and Chloride in the tap water adds up too…)

No…it’s simple…it hasn’t been like this forever. (only 3 generations really!)


There are many developed countries that have outlawed almost 150 chemicals that are regularly used in American foods – and their obesity, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes rates are exponentially better than ours!

France, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, many more…

In the meanwhile until I fix the Food Policy laws, I have 6 rules that make this SUPER simple
Rule #1 – Eat only plants and animals: as close to their natural state as you can (No chemicals & Not processed)
Rule #2 – Avoid processed carbs
Rule #3 – Avoid boxed & canned foods
Rule #4 – Avoid over cooked foods
Rule #5 – Shop at health food stores and farmers markets ONLY!
Rule #6 – 1 -2 cheat meals every week. (EAT ANYTHING you want!)

Check out my full post describing my Simplified Guide to Eating Healthy

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