Please stop giving your doctor a job he didn’t ask for!

– Medical doctors go to medical school to learn how the human body reacts to medications/drugs
– They are here to temporarily stabilize us in the case of a traumatic accident or sudden event
– They are NOT here to keep us dependent on those temporary measures (drugs, surgery, etc), for the rest of our lives
– They are NOT here to advise you on nutrition and how to eat food
– They are NOT here to tell you how to interpret your body’s unique response to millions of things that can happen to your body on any given day.

Let’s stop putting so much pressure on these fine, well intended servants of our society.
1) Take responsibility for what happens to YOUR body.
2) Set a goal to find a natural, more sustainable way to improve your health and wean off of daily drugs and medication
3) Research and educate yourself on people that have successfully healed themselves/improved their health, without relying on medication permanently.

Are you up to the Challenge?? BE WELL

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