NEWS FLASH: This belief lead directly to you being healthy…

Scanning of a human brain by X-rays

Your BELIEFS lead directly to your ACTIONS!

If you BELIEVE that all bathrooms have a light switch, you will fumble and search and look all over until you find that switch, won’t you?
On the other hand, if you BELIEVE that only SOME bathrooms have a light switch, you may look for it once, then give up. “This must be a no light bathroom”
Think how that plays out in your health…

Belief –> Actions
“The older I get, i’ll be weaker and have less energy” –> Actions?
“Everyone in my family eventually gets this disease” –> Actions?
“I’ve tried ‘dieting’ and weight loss fads. They don’t work” –> Actions?
“I know people that are “healthy’. That life style is boring and sucks!” –> Actions?
“The older you get, you eventually get cancer” –> Actions?

Take much care with your beliefs dear friends. They become your reality

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