Master Cleanse! [#8]

This will leave you feeling years younger, far stronger, exponentially more energetic, and cleaner than ever before!

What is the purpose?

Welcome to the final Reset Challenge…You have arrived! This is the ultimate of all Reset Challenges, and the most difficult and rewarding of the cleanses that I recommend.
The Master Cleanse is a safe, controlled, hyper effect method to remove years of toxic residue and impacted fecal matter and switch your body into an almost magical mode where your trillions and trillions of cells combine, at a microscopic level, to attack, devour, and eject foreign matter, fat, toxins and garbage accumulated during your life time. This cleanse, in my opinion is the one that turns back the hands of time to reverse aging in your body and prolong your body’s youth. (pretty dramatic build up huh?)

Cleanse to REMOVE 'RATS'!

Cleanse to REMOVE ‘RATS’!

A Little history

Stanley Burroughs published the Master Cleanse back in the 1940s (Buy it here). I highly encourage you to read his short 62 page “The Master Cleanser”. It describes in full detail how and why this is such a powerful health promoting and almost eerily effective disease eliminating method. Literally hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from this cleanse in the past 70 years, thanks to his book.


Chances are, you’ve probably either, heard of someone or know someone that has tried the Master Cleanse and they either only made it a day or two OR they “got sick” from doing it. Well in that case, “Why in the heck would I be fool enough to try this thing?? It’s taking people out!” Well, hold on there, young buck!

As a matter of fact, I looked up Stanley Burroughs and the Master Cleanse on Wikipedia and most of the article was about criticisms of the Master Cleanse:

“Nutritionist Jane Clark points to a lack of essential nutrients in this program, citing a deficiency of protein, vitamins, and minerals. As a result of these deficiencies, including far fewer calories than the recommended amount for health and optimum functioning, individuals on the diet may experience headaches and a variety of other symptoms in the short term and the diet is potentially harmful over the long term.[4] The program has been described as an extreme fad or crash diet, and any weight lost during the fast can be expected to be regained once the diet is stopped. Dietician Keri Glassman has said those following the diet are ‘guaranteed’ to gain weight after stopping”

Tip – When you search online for alternative/natural/or non-medical based health information, BE PREPARED FOR NEGATIVE INFORMATION. It’s not the mainstream solution. So, OF COURSE, that means the masses do NOT believe in or subscribe to it (the definition of not being mainstream, right?). So there should be ZERO surprise that MOST of the information about it will be negative. This is where you get to exercise your freedom of choice. No one article or book or speech is EVER allowed to form your entire opinion about something (health or any other topic). As a responsible adult, you must: investigate multiple sources of information; consider the source; and most importantly, use your common sense!

What’s the point? Someone is going to try to talk you out of this. Someone that cares about you and someone that you trust. They don’t mean you any harm. I promise you, in the beginning, someone has tried to talk every successful person out of what made them success (business, health…). Why? Because you are becoming an Outlier, and those close to you don’t want you to be different – they think they are protecting you. You just need to know where you stand BEFORE they come for you.

How does it work? Summary of a day

Salt flush to clean out slow moving or stalled food in your 30ft of intestines
Chug water like a mad all day to flush out toxins
Drink, up to, 1 gallon of lemonade drink
No solid food
Laxative Tea before bed
(***Click the DOWNLOAD links for full instructions and recipes)

Let your cells do all the work!

The entire purpose of the fasting and Master Cleanses and even Water Fasting (that’s water ONLY and nothing else – even I’m too scared to try that one!) is to put your body in a controlled state of hunger so that your cells begin to scavenge your body to remove the garbage. That’s pretty much it. Your body knows where it needs to focus on 1st. Your body knows how to do it. We just need to flip the switch that starts the whole process. “And how, pray tell, do we do that?” We stop stuffing our faces, non-stop, all damn day long!

So what does a human body do when it’s not expending energy performing the number 1 energy consuming task of digesting food? It uses all of that energy, and all of those resources to heal itself and to repair itself. As we all know, doing a little bit of anything, every day prevents build up and it prevents from having to do a LOT of something, someday (ask any bachelor how this philosophy applies to cleaning his flat). Fortunately, our caveman ancestors’ bodies had ample opportunity most days, and certainly most weeks, to take advantage of the body’s clean up mode to remove toxins, fat, garbage load. But us 21st Century cave men, with our constant supply of food (very taxing on the energy scale) and our super heavy toxic load, we can literally go an entire life time and NEVER have our body switch into clean up mode. AMAZING if you think about it. Something that happened to our ancestors, almost daily, may NEVER happen to us for our entire lives. (of course on the flip side, you get to play with an iPhone every day, but cousin Grog has never had the pleasure of asking Siri to “Find me Chinese food near me”. That cave dude missed out!)

In general, the ONLY event that should prevent you from cleansing is if you are traveling or out of town (salt flushes on the road are tricky, as well as being familiar enough with whatever area you are in to find the right type of foods)

“But I have a party to attend!” – This ain’t your 1st party and it won’t be your last. A) skip the damn party or b) show up and don’t drink or eat anything. You’ll get some peer pressure from your friends to eat and drink. Here’s my suggestion: Look at them closely and ask yourself “Do I want to trust health advise from this person?”. Stick to your guns and you’ll be fine with your extremely temporary sacrifice.

Want to make it even better? Recruit some others to cleanse with you!
– The accountability will be priceless – the times when you are weak, they will help you out, and you’ll help them when they slip too.
– You’ll have someone to complain to
– You’ll have more fun
– You can even have everyone in your office at work participate!
– Join my Reset Cleanse Support Group Online for tons of support.

What should I expect?

Healing Crisis
Herxheimer ImagePrepare yourself for how your body will react as it starts flushing out and eliminating years of built up toxins. Some of you will do this Master Cleanse and it won’t phase you one bit. Maybe you’ve been eating clean for years or you have cleansed most of your toxins out already, so these days will fly by and you won’t even notice much. Then there are the other 95% of you out there…


You folks who, by no fault of your own, have been eating a normal Standard American Diet. Why wouldn’t you? So are 95% of everyone else, Americans eat American food obviously. You may feel some unpleasantness as your body finally gets an opportunity to get the garbage out!

Signs that you are detoxifying:
– Sluggishness
– Hunger and cravings
– Sensitive skin
– Cold and flu like symptoms
– Temporary skin rashes or discolorations
– Slight fever

“What the hell?!” you say? Why on God’s green Earth would someone put up with all that, on purpose?!?! I’ll tell you why – because you’re full of 20, 30, 40, 50+ years of every chemical used to grow and preserve food you’ve eaten; you have impacted fecal matter in your intestines that has been cooking at 98 degrees for years, you have drugs and medication that are literally part of you at a cellular level (what goes into your mouth is used as the building blocks to create your body, every day)

It doesn’t mean that you’re dying, or that you’re making yourself sick if you feel these symptoms during a cleanse. Think about it, all you’re doing is removing solid food from your diet (after chew normal food, it turns into liquid anyway, right?). Why on Earth would that simple, natural change make you sick? It’s just food, right? It’s not like you injected yourself with a poison or a strain of germ. That’s the kind of thing that will make you sick…or the act of PURGING your body of poisons and germs will too.

Laxative Tea
The laxative tea helps to accelerate the removal old fecal matter from your body. You take the tea at night, and it’s job is to loosen up years of impacted food – like Drano down a clogged sink (some of that food has been in there so long, and it’s so dried out, it is literally has hard as a rock, and it will take continuous attempts to loosen it up and break it free (be patient!). Then in the mornings you do the salt flush and it pushes out anything that was loosened up. And your repeat the cycle each day during the cleanse. Depending on how much you had in you, you’ll notice some pretty darn significant slimming of your waist.

Salt flush to clean out slow moving or stalled food in the 30ft of intestines
The salt solution has the same specific gravity as your blood, so your kidneys don’t need to process it, and it’s not absorbed into your blood. The solution simply moves through your GI tract causing a “tidal wave” effect, pushing everything along until it comes out the other end.
What you can expect: several bowel movements with 1-2 hours – STAY AT HOME!

The Ingredients

So what’s doing what here?

Maple Syrup – Maple syrup, (Over the years Grade B maple syrup has been relabeled to Grade A dark). It provides your body with the calories and energy needed to keep you active and alert all day long. Do not use honey or any other substitutes for Grade B maple syrup…UNLESS you have lower blood sugar or you are Diabetic. In that case you need something with more sugar content. Black Strap Molasses is your substitute. (you may add less syrup if you are overweight, or you may add more syrup if you are underweight)

Lemon – Ancient Egyptians believed that eating lemons was an effective protection against poisons! Lemons are a strong antibacterial, antiviral, and immune buster. And even though lemons are an acid fruit, it becomes alkaline as it’s digested and assimilated. “What the heck does that mean?” When your body is sick, it becomes acidic, so consuming alkaline substances, helps to counteract that acidity to bring you back to a healthy state – Think of it like using Tums or an antacid to neutralize heartburn (stomach acid).

Cayenne Pepper – Cayenne pepper breaks up mucus in your body. Mucus is used by your body to trap and hold toxins so they don’t flow freely around your body causing damage – It’s like fly paper. You know how your nose starts to run when you eat some super spicy food? That’s what we’re trying to do here: get the mucus, that’s holding all those toxins, flowing so that your body can sneeze, cough, and drip it out of you. Let it flow!

master vs juice

Master Cleanse vs Juice Cleanse

One question that I get quite often is “What’s better? The Juice Cleanse or the Master Cleanse?”. Well it’s not really about which is “better” because they are very different process all together.

The Juice Cleanse is designed to super saturate your 100 trillion cells with a nutrient overload – feed the under nourished cells. Make up for years and years of an inefficient diet and poor eating choices. Super charge cancerous and dying organs and body parts (effectively “watering brown grass in a lawn”) Juicing is doing just that. It’s like sprinkling the best fertilizer and watering your dead and dying lawn. Give it all the food that it needs deep, deep down.

The Master Cleanse is kind of the opposite. It’s designed to put the body into that controlled start of hunger (temporarily) so that your cells begin to scavenge itself for nutrients. It dissolves and devours those years excess fat cells and crystal deposits and cysts and tumors and toxic deposits and scar tissue and cellulite – ANYTHING that isn’t essential to your body’s functioning. Think of it like setting loose a few billion Pacmen in your body. All hell-bent on eating garbage! This is why I choose to do the Master Cleanse every year – I want the clean up! (Obviously when you Juice, your body will do some scavenging and clean up at the cellular level as well. Just not to the extent and depth as the Master Cleanse)

How Often?
Your goal will really dictate how often you Master Cleanse. If you have a deep, persistent, chronic disease or illness, or you are obese and you have an excess of fat, you may decide to do 10 days or more (up to 40 days according to Stanley Burrough) three to four times per year. With at least 30 days between each to give your body time to rebuild and repair. As always, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

Easing off Day
So before you go running off and eat a tub of fried chicken and a hot fudge brown sundae as your first after cleanse meal, let’s talk about the all essential Ease Off Day. Why do you need it? Well if you don’t ease off the cleanse right, you run the risk of having stomach aches or diarrhea once you start eating again!
What the heck is all that about? Well for the past few days your body hasn’t needed to digest any solid, dense foods, so it has slowed down its production of digestive enzymes. Without those enzymes, your body won’t be able to properly digest that bacon cheese burger and apple pie just yet.

One of two things will happen: 1) Food will sit in your belly, like a log. Major stomach ache since there aren’t enough enzymes to break it down yet. Or 2) it will make it past your stomach ok (yay!) but it won’t be broken down by your out of practice digestive tract – then starts the diarrhea or the hemorrhoids – NASTY HUH?

Since we obviously, don’t want that, we take 2-3 days to help build up those digestive enzymes.

Replenish any lost beneficial gut bacteria
One side effect of the salt flush (power washing your insides) is not only does it flush out old food, toxins, wastes – but it also washes out billions of the good bacteria too. A healthy person has billions of bacteria in their intestines that aid in digestion and break down and assimilation of foods and nutrients. If we aren’t careful, after a few salt flushes, once we go back to eating, you can have digestive issues for a while: stomach pains after eating, diarrhea, general stomach discomfort.

The way around that is to accelerate the replacement of the good guys.
1) Eating fermented and cultured foods (yogurts, sauerkraut, pickles, kefir, etc)
2) Taking powerful probiotic supplements (1 billion plus live organisms – I know it sounds like your putting a gaggle of alien monsters in your mouth, don’t freak out!)

You want to be sure to focus on increasing these in your diet for 1-2 days right at the completion of your Master Clanse.


***As a group, we start this cleanse on EVERY JANUARY. Join in!***
CONGRATULATIONS if you have made it through all 8 of the Reset Challenges!! If you haven’t yet mastered all of the 8 Reset Challenges and permanently adopted them to your lifestyle, then start at Challenge #1 and ensure that your health Reset stays permanent and ongoing. BE WELL…



“189 lbs… I weighed 204 lbs prior to my first Master Cleanse a few months ago. I’ve been trying to live true to the Water Challenge, I am making better eating decisions daily, and am on Day #4 of No Bread Challenge directly after 4 days of my second Master Cleanse. I reset to undo years of damage. Weight loss side effects are welcomed, however. My next goal is to get muscularly fit again and do the Juice Cleanse in the upcoming months.”
– G.E.

“The master cleanse changed my life. After ten days of honoring a commitment I made myself, I realized I can do anything I give myself the opportunity to. Not only was the cleanse physically cleansing, but also mentally cleansing. After I completed, I noticed a new sense of empowerment and pride. Pride for taking care of myself. Pride for giving myself a chance to succeed! You can do this”

“Last year was my first Master Cleanse and since then I have not had allergies like I have in the past!”- N.S.

“I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!10 DAY MASTER CLEANSE DONE!!!!!! Never been so proud of my will power to not eat junk food and i feeeel amazing!! ” – J.M.

“After I was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, I developed asthma. Those conditions had me on 13 different medications. I felt very unhealthy. I was open to something different. I did the Master Cleanse for 10 days. During it I coughed up tons of mucus, had pain in my sinuses, kidney pain, and a cracking in my lungs…apparently that was a healing because my asthmas was gone by the end!”

“Finished! 7 days of Master Cleanse + 3 days of juice detox. Lost 16 lbs of bear fat and 40 years of sludge. I feel fantastic. Physically clean, mentally clear. Like I just returned from a satisfying vacation: Reset! Thank you all the rest whose posts kept me on track. Will def do it again” – S.Z.

“The Master Cleanse changed my life. After 10 days of drinking only lemonade without any solid food I now have more energy, feel healthier, and can eat vegetables for the first time in over 20 years” – J.O.



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