How the Master Cleanse Literally Saved Her Life After She Was Poisoned…Amazing!

Leah testimonial

This is Leah’s story on how the Master Cleanse Challenge literally saved her life after she was poisoned…amazing!

In my early twenties I purchased a house that had termite damage. After treating the house for the termites I started getting sick. I Lost 20 lbs in a month, could no longer eat, could not see, had black areas in my lungs show up on x-rays with resultant asthma attacks (I later found out the pesticide was banned). Being trained in surgery and emergency medicine I tried all the conventional approaches. Unfortunately nothing worked and I was basically sent home to die. I went from a very active college athlete to gaunt and nonfunctional. I searched for other options and found out about the master cleanse. I used it for 6 days. After that I was able to start eating and started regaining my health. Because of that experience I pursued and received my N.D. (Doctorate in Natural Medicine) and wellness coach certification. While studying, I used the things I learned (some of which you taught) to bring myself back to health. Without the master cleanse I would not be here today! Thank you for promoting health & wellness. We need more people like you!
Thanks again, Leah Coleman N.D., PH.D

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