Lose 3 inches on your belly in a week…from the inside out

(Obviously these kinds of results are for someone with a LOT of belly to start with…a LOT.)

Looking for a quick way to deal with an over sized belly?
I’m not talking about getting abs and tightening up the muscles. I’m talking about a flatter belly!

Who needs this?
1) You have less that 2-3 bowel movements each and every day
2) You have big ball of a belly and it won’t go away
3) You have a pooch and all the sit ups and ab work don’t make it go away
4) You don’t eat fruits and vegetables daily and you have a feeling everything isn’t moving along
5) You’ve tried to drink the salt wash but it doesn’t work for you (salt wash is a far faster solution btw)

Clean out your pipe super fast and super easily!

Oxygen-Based Colon Cleansers
Oxygen-Based Colon Cleansers basically melt away the compacted matter (yum) in the colon through an oxidation reduction effect reaction – sound technical? Imagine how Drano works to loosen up clogged sink pipes…same thing! But it’s regular ole oxygen so it’s safe.

This build-up is responsible for many health problems such as constipation, weight gain, and skin blemishes.

It’s a controlled painless safe release. You don’t run around all day leaking poo! As it disintegrates and loosens last year’s thanksgiving left overs, you just have more full and regular bowel movements (3 a day is the goal). — Now that’s just good!

You’ll notice within a day or 2 that your waist begins to shrink…that gunk was taking up space of course. Right?

Why do you need it?
Over the past 20, 30, 40, 50+ years you’ve been eating food and most of it came out…but some hasn’t. Imagine leaving some left overs in the your refrigerator for a week and the power goes out. What will that food smell like? Well imagine leaving that food in a 98.6 degree container for 30 years – WHOA! That’s what’s going on in there – and it comes out in the form of odors and gas and unhealthy organs (are you tired of hearing about this yet? – well so are the people around you!)

The Flat belly
You CAN NOT have a flat belly by sit ups alone! You have to maintain a diet of LIVE/RAW fruits and veggies (in addition to your other food) to constantly be delivering live enzymes and live fiber to digest and burn up food so it doesn’t slowly start to build up, thus expanding your flexible pipe (a.k.a.30ft of intestines) which thus pushes your belly out! (like blowing up a balloon in your belly – it get’s bigger and bigger)

1) Drink 1/2 oz per pound you weigh daily to wash out the bad stuff that will be dissolved (eg. 150lb person = 75 ozs of water). NOTE: Skip this step and get ready for headaches and flu like symptoms!

2) Some of you may notice cold/flu like symptoms in the beginning…GOOD! that means your body is loosening and stirring toxins that have been buried in your unintentional waste dump yard. Little coughing, sneezing, runny nose – these are the way your body REMOVES toxins. Drink water and sweat to speed the process along (run, sauna, etc…)

3) Measure your waist now and see how you do over the next few weeks once you start.

4) Notice changes in your body. No matter how small. (bad hair days and skin out breaks and energy levels and tart breathe, etc are not just random – your diet is doing that!)

5) Want to speed the process up? Cut out bread and pasta for a week too! (No Bread Week Challenge)

Now what?
**Follow the instructions on the bottle**
You typically will take 3-6 pills at bedtime (start low and add pills as your body reacts)

There are many brands. You can buy at your local health store or Vitamin Shoppe or online. My favs are:

Mag O7 brand

Oxy Powder brand

This is super easy to do and integrate into your normal life. Just take the 1st step and order the pills now.
Please pass this on and…BE WELL!

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    How to you naturally deal with high blood pressure?

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