I just spent 40 minutes driving around to find a place to eat!

I just spent the past 40 minutes, driving around in rush hour traffic, trying to find a quick place to eat!
“Say what??” “How is that possible??” “Are you in the desert??”

I’m in a different part of town I’m not super familiar with. But don’t get me wrong, I passed about 7 Subways, 15 burger joints, a Sonic (with literally 2 blocks worth of cars waiting!), dozens of noodle shops, endless FroYos, Boston Markets, WeinnerSnitzles, BBQ joints…

But I kept patiently driving. What was I looking for?
Meat & Vegetables.
Not buns, or noodles, or rices.

Was I fighting killer temptation? Nope.

Trust me, 8 yrs ago I would have a) hit the 1st Taco Bell I saw or b) if a clown like me would have held me hostage on that ride, I would have screamed bloody murder to stop at any and all of them. “It’s just food!!”
But after weaning my body off those addictive chemicals and processed foods (it took time. It will for you too) I almost don’t even see those places as viable food options. It’s like they aren’t even there.

Where did I end up?: Chipotle. Eating a killer Barbacoa Salad as I post this. (No chemicals, no bread, lots of veggies with my meat)

Do I think that I would ruin my health eating somewhere else tonight? No way. WHAT I ate tonight will not make or break me…..

But HOW I chose this meal tonight, is why I earn my cheat meal this week. (The day will come when you’ll have a drive, JUST like mine…and you’ll smile)

Now…I need a gas station!

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