Juice Cleanse! [#7]

Years of damage reversed by super saturating your cells with live, easy to assimilate nutrients!


What is the purpose?

Five to ten days of not eating solid food and only drinking fresh made vegetable and fruit juices has saved the lives of sick and diseased people worldwide for decades! When not using massive amounts of energy breaking down and digesting solid food, your body redirects all that energy to healing your body of ailments, imbalances, and disease. Your cells will be super saturated with live, easy to assimilate nutrients. Many have reported lifelong ailments disappearing, stellar digestion, mental clarity, and loss of 20, 50, 100 pounds of fat!
This Juice Cleanse is a safe, controlled, hyper effective method to remove years of toxic residue and impacted fecal matter and bombard your cells with concentrated nutrients from juice, directly into your blood stream. And we do all of these while not eating any solid food…yup, it’s a fast! (DUN DUN DUN!)

“This doesn’t seem very natural Terry. Cavemen never juiced vegetables! What gives here?” Well smarty pants, you’re absolutely right. It’s not natural for cavemen to do juice fasts…nor is it natural to be exposed to the extreme levels of toxic load that we are exposed to today with food additives and air pollutants and water treatment, etc. And also remember…Reseting is about undoing years and years of toxic damage to the body. We’re in major CLEAN up mode here! We’re trying to undo years of damage in a few months’ time here. With all of that unnaturally high exposure all these years, it’s ok to swing the pendulum all the way to the extreme opposite, TEMPORARILY, to clean things out…Got it? Get it? GOOD!


How does it work? Summary of a day

– Salt flush to clean out slow moving or stalled food in your 30ft of intestines
Chug water like a mad man all day to flush out toxins
– Drink 3-4 glasses fresh vegetable juice throughout the day
– No solid food
– Laxative Tea before bed
– Replenish any lost beneficial bacteria
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(Remember to download & print the step by step !)


In general, the ONLY event that should prevent you from cleansing is if you are traveling or out of town (salt flushes on the road are tricky, as well as being familiar enough with whatever area you are in to find the right type of foods)

“But I have a party to attend!” – This ain’t your 1st party and it won’t be your last. A) skip the damn party or b) show up and don’t drink or eat anything. You’ll get some peer pressure from your friends to eat and drink. Here’s my suggestion: Look at them closely and ask yourself “Do I want to trust health advise from this person?”. Stick to your guns and you’ll be fine with your extremely temporary sacrifice.

Cleanse to REMOVE 'RATS'!

Cleanse to REMOVE ‘RATS’!

Want to make it even better? Recruit some others to cleanse with you!
– The accountability will be priceless – the times when you are weak, they will help you out, and you’ll help them when they slip too.
– You’ll have someone to complain to
– You’ll have more fun
– You can even have everyone in your office at work participate!
– Join my Reset Cleanse Support Group Online for tons of support.

What should I expect?

Healing Crisis
Prepare yourself for how your body will react as it starts flushing out and eliminating years of built up toxins. Some of you will do this Juice Cleanse and it won’t phase you one bit. Maybe you’ve been eating clean for years or you have cleansed most of your toxins out already, so these days will fly by and you won’t even notice much. Then there are the other 95% of your out there…

Herxheimer Image

You folks who, by no fault of your own, have been eating a normal Standard American Diet. Why wouldn’t you? So are 95% of everyone else, Americans eat American food obviously. As you progress through this simple cleanse and trigger your body’s natural internal clean up mechanism , you may feel some unpleasantness as your body finally gets an opportunity to get the garbage out!

Signs that you are detoxifying:
– Sluggishness
– Hunger and cravings
– Sensitive skin
– Cold and flu like symptoms
– Temporary skin rashes or discolorations
– Slight fever

“What the hell?!” you say? Why on God’s green Earth would someone put up with all that, on purpose?!?! I’ll tell you why – because you’re full of 20, 30, 40, 50+ years of every chemical used to grow and preserve food you’ve eaten; you have impacted fecal matter in your intestines that have been cooking at 98 degrees for years, you have drugs and medication that are literally part of you at a cellular level (what goes into your mouth is used as the building blocks to create your body, every day)

It doesn’t mean that you’re dying, or that you’re making yourself sick if you feel these symptoms during a cleanse. Think about it, all you’re doing is removing solid food from your diet (after chew normal food, it turns into liquid anyway, right?). Why on Earth would that simple, natural change make you sick? It’s just veggie juice, right? It’s not like you injected yourself with a poison or a strain of germ. That’s the kind of thing that will make you sick…or the act of purging your body of poisons and germs will too.


The Magic of concentrated vegetable juice

So we’re all agreed that eating more vegetables and fruits is better for your overall health. So why not just eat tons of vegetables and fruits instead of taking all of the juice out, and discarding the very valuable fiber? I’ll tell you why.

Over the years, it’s a pretty well-known fact, that due to poor crop rotation and an over use of chemical and artificial fertilizers, our soil has grown progressively more and more depleted of nutrients. Since that is the food that plants eat, thus the plants that we grow to eat, have become less nutritious as well. There are those that say we would need to eat 5 apples, today, to equal the nutritional value of 1 apple that our grandparents ate. So now the question…who has time to eat 5 damn apples?

So juicing is a great way to increase our nutritional intake from vegetables and fruits, without having to eat our body weight in plants all day long!

Can I use a blender?

Let’s say you’re like 90% of Americans and you don’t have a juicer in your kitchen. The next question is, “Can I use a blender or a Ninja or a NutriBullet or a Vitamix and have the same result on the Juice Cleanse?” The super strong ones can turn those vegetables into liquid. That’s good enough right?


Remember all that fiber and pulp that is removed when juicing? The removal of that excess material is what allows the juice to bypass the normal digestion process. Juice is mainlined straight into your blood stream. Let’s say after years of damage your body doesn’t digest and pull enough nutrients from food that you eat. Well the last thing that you want to do is hinge your healing on your less than perfect digestion. We need something that is going to bypass that damaged system all together AND get the cure into your body’s cells where it’s needed.

That’s not to say that blending vegetables is a waste of time. It’s SUPER beneficial…but not for a juice cleanse. Use that Ninja or Bullet along with your normal diet to super supplement your body with energy giving liquefied veggies. BUT – during the cleanse stop by a juice bar 3-4 times a day and pay $5 for someone else to juice it up for you – GOT IT?

What about the sugar in fruits and fruit juice?

Let’s touch a bit on fruits and sugars. Sugar, itself, is not the devil (contrary to popular belief!) Sugar is a naturally occurring substance. It’s just a type of carbohydrate. Sugar is found in the tissue of most plants. Sugar has been around, literally for billions of years. So sugar is part of most plants, right? Do we see plant eating animals running around with diabetes and rampant obesity? Nope. The issue that we, as humans have with sugar is that we isolate and concentrate sugar with a 12 step process that just gives us too much of a good thing in a super charged form and, now a days, it’s in almost all boxed/canned/processed food…TOO MUCH! So – naturally occurring sugars that are in the fruit juice that we consume while juicing isn’t anywhere near the concentrations as when we consume granulated, processed sugar…BUT depending on your body and years and years of sugar abuse (like most American have been exposed to) we do want to be mindful how much we take in when we’re juicing.

Steps to create table sugar

Steps to create table sugar

Generally speaking, green leafy vegetables will provide you the most beneficial nutrients, for your Juice Cleanse. With that said, all types of vegetables and fruits will provide different levels and types of unique healing, nourishing benefits – so shoot for diversity in your juicing but lean towards green leafy veggies also.

Juice recipes and mixing tips

So what should you put in your juice? Here are my 3 simple juice recipe rules:
1) It should be roughly 80% vegetables and 20% fruits
2) Include a green leafy vegetable
3) Start with a base of carrots or celery

That’s it! I’m a simple guy, I have simple rules

[Base] Carrots
[Green] Spinach
[Fruit] 1 Green apple & Squeezed lemon


[Base] Celery
[Green] Kale
[Other] Beet
[Fruit] 1 Green apple & Squeezed lemon

How much to drink?

Three 15oz to 20oz glasses of fresh juice per day will be enough for the vast majority of people…REALLY! It doesn’t sound like much, but you’ll be very surprised how little of this highly potent juice you need, to keep up with your normal activities. I’m 6’ 2”, and 200lbs and I eat a good amount of food normally. But I can make it just fine on 3 or 4 glasses of juice per day, during a Juice Cleanse. (drink an ADDITIONAL gallon or so of water each day)

Laxative Tea
The laxative tea helps to accelerate the removal old fecal matter from your body. You take the tea at night, and it’s job is to loosen up years of impacted food – like Drano down a clogged sink (some of that food has been in there so long, and it’s so dried out, it is literally as hard as a rock, and it will take continuous attempts to loosen it up and break it free (be patient!). Then in the mornings you do the salt flush and it pushes out anything that was loosened up. And you repeat the cycle each day during the cleanse. Depending on how much you had in you, you’ll notice some pretty darn significant slimming of your waist.

Salt flush to clean out slow moving or stalled food in the 30ft of intestines
The salt solution has the same specific gravity as your blood, so your kidneys don’t need to process it, and it’s not absorbed into your blood. The solution simply moves through your GI tract causing a “tidal wave” effect, pushing everything along until it comes out the other end.
What you can expect: several bowel movements within 1-2 hours – STAY AT HOME!

Easing off Day

So before you go running off and eat a tub of fried chicken and a hot fudge brown sundae as your first after cleanse meal, let’s talk about the all essential Ease Off Day. Why do you need it? Well if you don’t ease off the cleanse right, you run the risk of having stomach aches or diarrhea once you start eating again!
What the heck is all that about? Well for the past few days your body hasn’t needed to digest any solid, dense foods, so it has slowed down its production of digestive enzymes. Without those enzymes, your body won’t be able to properly digest that bacon cheese burger and apple pie just yet.

One of two things will happen: 1) Food will sit in your belly, like a log. Major stomach ache since there aren’t enough enzymes to break it down yet. Or 2) it will make it past your stomach ok (yay!) but it won’t be broken down by your out of practice digestive tract – then starts the diarrhea or the hemorrhoids – NASTY HUH?

Since we obviously, don’t want that, we take a day to help build up those digestive enzymes. A half a day of raw fruit followed by a half a day of raw vegetables will do just the trick to let your body ramp up that enzyme production.

Example Ease Off Day:
Breakfast – fruit salad or other fruits
Lunch – Vegetable Salad with avocado
Dinner – Vegetable Salad
Snacks – baby carrots, cucumbers, grapes, apple

Replenish any lost beneficial gut bacteria
One side effect of the salt flush (power washing your insides) is not only does it flush out old food, toxins, wastes – but it also washes out billions of the good bacteria too. A healthy person has billions of bacteria in their intestines that aid in digestion and break down and assimilation of foods and nutrients. If we aren’t careful, after a few salt flushes, once we go back to eating, you can have digestive issues for a while: stomach pains after eating, diarrhea, general stomach discomfort.

The way around that is to accelerate the replacement of the good guys.
1) Eating fermented and cultured foods (yogurts, sauerkraut, pickles, kefir, etc)
2) Taking powerful probiotic supplements (1 billion plus live organisms – I know it sounds like you putting a gaggle of alien monsters in your mouth, don’t freak out!)

You want to be sure to focus on increasing these in your diet for 1-2 days right at the completion of your Juice Cleanse.


***Remember to download & print the step by step instructions ***
This is #7 of the 8 Challenges to Reset Your Body. Just decide that you are NOT going to eat, no matter what, and jump in!

And remember, after you complete this Challenge, wait a month, then start Challenge #8…keep your momentum. BE WELL…


“Even though I only did 5 days on the juice fast I feel like I have really improved my digestion! Great experience for me!” – W.B.

“I am the guy that lost 40 lbs last year juicing(it took just 90 days). Don’t worry I had real food during the 90 days. I started off with a 5 day juice cleanse followed by 90 days of juicing/eating healthy . I have had 2 back surgeries in 2 years so I was not able to exercise AT All! So keep up the hard work and realize that the nutrition alone is enough to help you lose all the weight you want!” – S.B.

“I went down swinging twice last year when I tried to do a juice cleanse and half way through day one, I got a fat headache, said screw this and ate a handful of girl scout cookies, coffee, M&Ms and blacked out from the joy of sugar.
A few (6) weeks ago, a five day juice cleanse was completed by me – My ego was stoked. So was my body, my mind and my spirit. We were all stoked, but mostly my body. I can still feel it when I rise in the morning, I want to do a warrior cry like a spartan in 300.
This year, I had the help of Terry Givens. Terry’s knowledge of the cleanse process is unreal. He is one of those people I just don’t want to fail around.”
– C.S.


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