I’ve been back in America for 2 weeks and I’m pissed!


 I’m pissed because I’ve been living in places that are NOT plagued with obesity and cancer and heart disease and diabetes.

  I’m pissed because I’ve been living in places where the government is outlawing dangerous substances and oddly, PROTECTING the citizens’ interests over the profit of corporations.


Are these people more worthy than us?

Have these people suffered more than us?

Do these people deserve better than us?

Do they have better doctors?

Do they have more money?

Are they special?

  I lived in Stockholm, Sweden for the 4 months. Travelling to Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, Greece, and the Czech Republic over the past year. Prior to that I have been able to visit Brazil, Columbia, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. What have I witnessed relating to health on my travels?

1)      The countries with the healthiest populations (in my opinion) have very little over weight citizens (I’m not talking about people running around with 6 pack abs or gym rats. I’m talking about regularly built people with no excess fat on their bodies and no outwardly visible signs of extra ordinary poor health)

2)      They eat just like us – they eat what is around them and most available. They are not running around desperately seeking low calorie, “healthy”, super foods. They eat out of convenience too.

3)      They are no more gym fanatics than your average big city American. “But they walk so much more Terry!”. Anyone live in New York City? Or Chicago? That’s how much they walk too.


What gives? What’s the deal??

More than 3,000 food additives — preservatives, flavorings, colors and other ingredients — are added to U.S. foods. In English, 3000 chemicals are added to US food. About 150 of those chemicals are banned in many of the countries that I’ve visited with the healthiest populations. Including banning genetically modified foods. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/02/27/us-food-products.aspx

And furthermore, the Food Babe published a spectacular article (http://foodbabe.com/tag/ingredients-banned-in-other-countries/) on how many US Food Corporations reformulate foreign versions of the same foods we eat here, but “leaving out almost all of the questionable ingredients in the non US versions.”

The Fact of the Matter is – If you feed humans chemicals, it makes them fatter and sicker…PERIOD.


“But what about all the testing and studies that don’t prove that conclusively?”

I imagine some old European official that had ancestral roots in his country for a thousand years, being asked to approve the torrent of chemical additives for his country He looks at the corporate representative and says “You’re asking me to allow you to experiment on my family’s traditions and food supply in exchange for a very large sum of money. I would like you to leave my office, my country and never return. I have to look these people in the eyes”

But for some reason we said OK to the chemical storm. To make for better crop yields. To make for prettier fruits and vegetables. To make for livestock that can survive through their disease ridden upbringing. To make for longer shelf life at the grocery store. To make for a better marketing angle to beat out the competition…How’s that little experiment been working out for the past 30 years?

People should NOT have to be busting their ass at the gym 7 days a week, just to maintain!

2 of every 3 Americans are overweight (look to your left, now look to your right. 2 of you are, on average about 32lbs over weight)

1 out of every 3 Americans are obese. That means 78 MILLION Americans are 61lbs or more over weight. Or 100lbs over weight. Or 200lbs over weight.




“European portion sizes are so much smaller than American portions”

Well of course they are! Think of it this way – You have a:

       Scooter (it takes scooter fuel – Weak)


       Automobile (it takes automobile fuel – Stronger)                                                                                  car

       Jet Plane (it takes jet fuel – Strongest)       


       You are the Jet Plane. But you’re being given Scooter fuel…You need more fuel – Larger portions (and calories) needs. PERIOD

We have it in our grasp to fix it. It’s not magic.

It breaks my heart to go to the gym and see so many hard work people slaving to lose 50, 100, 150 lbs. I honor them. I admire their tenacity. What I see when I look at them are soldiers, in the battle field. But what these soldiers don’t know is that their commander sent them into battle armed with rifles shooting blanks. But that isn’t stopping them from fighting for what they believe. They are close enough to the enemy now that they are using their rifles to club their foe. They are fighting with their fists, tooth and nail. These stubborn, unstoppable soldiers are fighting their uphill battle in spite of the handicap given them by their superiors. That’s courage. That’s bravery. Those are my kind of people.




“But corporations will lose too much money”

Listen – we use millions to subsidize crap food, crap chemicals, counterproductive farming, etc. We have the money. We can even entertain the idea of subsiding these large companies for a couple of years for them to re-tool and remove the chemicals and genetic modification.




“But it will take forever to change the system”

BULL CRAP! If we got wind that there was a major poisoning of a certain food coming out of a factory and it was causing deaths, we would shut that factory down – OVER NIGHT – and remove any suspected tainted food from shelves – OVER NIGHT.

NEWSFLASH! There IS poison making it into our food supply and it IS causing deaths…the deaths just aren’t happening right away. We are not a weak, frail species, us humans. It’s taking YEARS for kids to come down with Child Onset Diabetes. It’s taking years for teens to graduate to the obesity category.


The American 20

Start asking around, you’ll hear tale after tale of Americans that visited certain countries, maintained their lifestyle and eating habits and lost significant amounts of weight. Or even had lifelong diseases fade away. ASK!

You’ll also hear tales of foreigners that visited America only to have the American 20 hit them square in the gut. That 20lbs you gain just by living off of the most prevalent food around you.


“The answer is education and teaching people what to eat”


Ridiculous waste of time and resources.

“Dear American Citizens, you have all been given access to some very complicated and varying, non-exact information that, if you choose to ignore it (as we all know 80% of people pay zero attention to optional educational resources) will result in your being bombarded with cheaper, more available, sweeter food options that you already are biologically addicted to. Soon your heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes rates will sky rocket and we will spend billions in health care to manage those. If only you had read the book we gave you. Good luck” – Unc Sam

Why not just give a toddler a full color schematic of street traffic patterns and leave him on the side of a busy intersection? “Good luck tiger, be sure you read that before you chase this ball I’m throwing out there”

It should be a responsibility of our elected government to create an environment that doesn’t require constant second guessing and higher nutrition level education on the predominate food choices in a nation. We have enough life drama to contend with – primary education, higher education, employment, family building, and pursuit of happiness – that we don’t need to be playing food roulette 3 times a day for the sake of corporate irresponsibility and laziness.


It worked with cigarettes: Make the bad stuff harder to get and tax the hell out of it!

I believe in freedom of market and freedom of choice. If someone wants to find re-released Twinkies…let um. If someone needs a High Fructose Corn Syrup fix…let um. But make it a more expensive product

Give subsidies to products with no chemical additives.

Set age restrictions on products that contain too many of the more questionable chemical additives.


How will I know that we’ve made it? When I’m walking past a corner store and I over hear a kid asking an adult “Hey mister, can I give you $10 and you buy me a bag of Honey BBQ Cheetos Puffs?”


I’m pissed that my father has to sit in a hospital and fight for his health when all he did wrong is eat food.

(He has since passed at age 63)

I’m pissed that my mother has to fight so hard to silence the temptation song of a quart of ice cream.

I’m pissed that my grand mother is fighting Alzheimer’s but her symptoms improve when I’m there to correct her diet.

I’m pissed that my best friend’s mother died because of cancer.

I’m pissed that friend had heart surgery in his 30s.

I’m pissed that my friend had to fight to survive breast cancer in her 30s.

       Can you tell that I’m pissed?

Do you disagree? Great. Do you REALLY DISAGREE? Even better! Leave a comment below. Make some noise. The more attention the better!


Do you agree with what I’m saying? Does it FEEL right in your gut? Then:

1) Start buying Organic when you can

2) Avoid tap water with Chlorine and Fluoride

3) Join my mailing list

4) Visit the Food Policy site http://www.foodpolicyaction.org/ (contact your legislators, etc)

5) Share this post with 5 people


       Get off the fence and do something! We have enough people sitting around, nodding their heads and agreeing.


 I need some more soldiers. They may have given us rifles shooting blanks, but with the right army we can win this battle. Up close. We see the whites of their eyes. We feel the heat of their breath. Come with me…

       With passion and numbers, a revolution can be born

#3 American Food


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  1. Muriel August 30, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    I agree 400% Terry!!!

    There’s no way I’m letting them poison my body!

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