I’m On Day 2500 with my Reset!

Just wanted to remind everyone, I created the 8 Reset Challenges to give people a way to make these 13 Core Reset Steps a part of your daily life, permanently.

1 – Try The 8 Reset Challenges out for 7-10 days.
2 – Fall in love with how it makes you feel.
3 – Make it a habit.
4 – Add the next Challenge.

Each day millions of your body’s cells are dying. And each day those cells are replaced by your body…using whatever foods, fluids, drugs, chemicals you put in/on your body, that day. I’m trying to flood your cells with oxygen, and water, and remove waste. We’re rebuilding ourselves from the inside out.

In labs, they can make animal cells live 2.5 times longer than the animal, just by giving it fresh oxygen, pure water, and cleaning it’s waste. Each day that you live by the Reset Challenges, you are helping each and every cell in your body (100 trillion of those little suckers) get stronger and do its job better, and live longer. As it does it’s job better, the body part it’s in does its job better. Each day: stronger heart, stronger pancreas, stronger muscles…

Harness that compound effect my friends. Know that after 10 days, if you feel better, imagine day 100? Imagine day 1000?

I’m around day 2500 on my Reset (I started with a Master Cleanse in spring 2007). I have a new, younger body 2500 days later, than I started with.

Did I cheat sometimes? Yup!
Was it uncomfortable sometimes? For sure!
Did I do everything right? Nope (I trialed and erred for years – still do!)
…but I know I’m on the right track. I can feel it in my joints. I can see it in my skin. I notice it with a stronger hairline, stronger eyesight, fresh body smell, less back pain – hundreds of signs. I BELIEVE that this body is supposed to heal and build itself. I believe that living this lifestyle gets me 1 bite closer to a stronger body every food I eat. I get closer to a stronger body every glass of water I drink. I get closer to a stronger body every cleanse I do.

What do YOU believe?
Are you more afraid of the fear of change? More afraid of the temporary pain of breaking life long habits (beliefs that might not be serving you)? More afraid of being uncomfortable for a while? It’s ok to be afraid – but now what do we do with that fear? Courage is doing the thing IN SPITE of the fear.
Or are you fascinated by the POSSIBILITY of…What if it works?

What if my common sense is right and water is good for my body? And uncooked veggies and fruits help force oxygen and water in my cells? Maybe I do notice something feeling better, but that’s just coincidence, right?
If you have a lot of built up toxins in you, I GUARANTEE you that you will go through a “healing crisis” and you will feel like you have the flu/cold for a little bit, every time your body hits a patch of toxins and starts to loosen them up and get them out. You need to decide NOW if you will quit and say “Reseting made me sick” or if you’ll say “I flushed a ton of toxins yesterday! Thank good they aren’t INSIDE me any longer!”

Tip: You’re allowed to believe anything that you want. Anything!
My dear healthy, motivated, inspiring, friends, please please please, choose to believe things that give you the power to effect them vs believing in things that make you a powerless victim. I may even be fooling myself, but I will approach each meal differently if I think it will make me stronger. I will drink each glass of water differently, if I believe it will clean my body with every sip.

So what do you say, do you believe?

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4 Responses to I’m On Day 2500 with my Reset!

  1. Sheila Lindsay December 3, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    Hi, I just met you today in Cincinnati. I enjoyed our discussion concerning traveling. What a great guy you are! Your website is wonderful and I’m going to start trying your challenges. You’ve inspired me. I’m so excited!

    • Terry Givens December 4, 2014 at 1:06 am

      Hi Sheila! You’re a woman of your word. Thank you for your kind words. Join my free support group and keep me posted with how you progress!

      • Sheila Lindsay December 4, 2014 at 6:56 pm

        Hi Terry, will do! I would love to join the support group and keep you posted. I’m probably not looking in the right place but as soon as I see the spot to join then I will. 🙂

  2. NDiaga February 17, 2016 at 5:30 pm

    Wow I must confess you make some very trhnneact points.

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