What is RESETTING Your Body?

“Your approach was very appealing to someone with chronic pain, who had exhausted the medical industries ideas. I’ve spent literally thousands of dollars on meds. Living the challenges and cleansing is way more pleasant to do, a lot cheaper, and it actually makes things better.” – Leonard

“I’ve worked my way through the Challenges. I’ve lost 50lbs in 10 weeks. Lost 8 inches on my waist. I’m off my arthritis and blood pressure pills” – Damon C

“I hit my 10 lbs mark…With the Water Challenge. I’m 10 lbs lighter!” – Jill. G.

“Day 7 of the 21 Salad Challenge and I have 3 salads to go. The best part is I have already shed 8 lbs and over 13 inches of body fat just his week.” – Maria H.

“I lost in the two – three pound range and while getting rid of the constant bloating feeling and feeling more focused. I haven’t taken my heartburn medicine since starting the No-Bread Week. It hasn’t bothered me at all.” – Tyler R

“My husband and I did no sugar no bread. My husband lost 50 lbs. sugars got in control. Blood pressure went down. I lost 10 lbs.” – Denise A


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The 13 Reset Rules


To Grow Younger as You Age


11.10 day fasting detox

22. Drink 1/2 body weight in oz of water daily

33. Eat 3 salads per day

4. No bread or pasta

55. Shoot for 70% veggie diet

6. No fast food6

77. Sweat for 15 mins weekly    88. Work out 4 days a week

9. No Drugs and no medication
10 10. Find the proper daily herbal supplements for you 

1111. Cleanse liver twice per year

12 12. 10 Day fasting detox yearly and a mid year veggie detox

1313. 1 Cheat meal once a week


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