Here’s why you got sick as a dog doing your cleanse!

Herxheimer Image

This cleansing process is like painting… As you live life and you get sick or take antibiotics or have an illness, your body builds layers on top of the residual toxins year after year. like layers of paint colors (blue paint, then red paint, then green).

Then as you cleanse it’s like scraping the paint off in reverse order thus temporarily re-releasing the toxins into your system (green paint, then red paint, then blue) it’s like reliving the illnesses again. That’s why the water and salt flushes etc are critical to wash the toxins out faster! Magic!

The more consecutive days build at a compounding level. ie 10 days in a row is better than 5 days, then a week break, then 5 more days. It’s like priming a water pump, each day builds on the previous day.

Most people will binge for a few days after the cleanse and some say that negates the entire benefit of the cleanse…not true at all! That’s like saying it’s a waste of time washing your car because it will get rained on and dirty again afterwards. Cleaning that debris prevents rust damage, clear coat damage, etc….the same thing goes for your body as well. Your system will work better, be more clear and you will have removed potentially life threatening toxins.

Just stick to the proper ways to eat healthy afterwards ( and each cleanse will keep you growing younger as you age…BE WELL

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