Find Out Who is Paying $8 For a Dozen Eggs, and Why You Might Be Next!

farm eggs

I DO! I talk about my $8 per dozen farmers market, organic, pasture raised chicken eggs all the time.

A wise man once told me: You’ll either pay the grocer, or you’ll pay the doctor, but you’ll always pay!

Look at the difference in the orange, nutrient dense yoke compared to a grocery store egg! Those old eggs really taste like egg WHITES to me now!

But think about it: it’s not just about the color – they are different colors for a reason right?! Color is just what us humans can see.

-More nutrients per serving
-Less calories needed to get the nutrition we need
-Less chemicals that stunt growth and maturity
-TONS more flavor
-A healthy animal/plant makes for healthy food

I’m an organic everything snob for the past year – ha!

Its an investment right? I’m worth the 8 bucks!! What are you worth?
always pay

Please share this and BE WELL!

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One Response to Find Out Who is Paying $8 For a Dozen Eggs, and Why You Might Be Next!

  1. HuynKuy February 17, 2016 at 3:54 pm

    Just reinforcing my cmmneot I wrote on your other post. I did not lose my job at Kaiser over anything to do with security, technology, or whistleblowing. I found Kaiser’s Systems Diagrams on the public Internet over a year and a half after I lost my job. The DMHC determined the site had been on the web for around five years.I lost my job because I had an evil manager. I tried to avoid getting involved in her scheme against a rival manager, and she decided I “wasn’t a good fit”. There were no performance issues – I was a great employee. Kaiser HR had to destroy all email evidence and give me the run around for seven months to cover up what she did. Now I have been wronged three times. First by Kaiser choosing to cover up for managerial misconduct at the expense of my job. Second, by Kaiser’s attempt to frame me after I found their web site (and I can’t begin to count the other wrongs that have stemmed from that), and now here’s a good blog – one that has always had my respect – helping to spread Kaiser’s lie!I regret I caught your post so late. Since there was a link on the Daily Kos, god knows how many people have read the false allegation you’ve helped to spread.

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