Why I Don’t Like Protein Powders


Protein powder…

-Do you take it every day?
-Do you add it to your smoothies?


Saw it in a recipe? Heard it from a guy at the gym?

Legit reasons for protein powder:
1) A vegetarian trying to increase protein intake.
2) You are trying to gain weight. PERIOD

How far would you guess that protein powders are from their original natural state? Do you even know by looking at it, what protein powder is? Have you ever seen a pack of…proteins running in the wild? No, no, no!

Pasteurizing, dehydrating, filtering, evaporating, fat isolating… Nature did not intend for protein to be isolated

Healthy Protein Powder Alternatives
– Gelatin
– hard boiled eggs
– raw milk
– hemp protein

Think about what’s going in your mouth friends. BE WELL…

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2 Responses to Why I Don’t Like Protein Powders

  1. Madun February 17, 2016 at 5:22 pm

    I think your info is bro-science believable as well? as the eaeisst to comprehend. You never say anything that disagrees with what you’ve already mentioned. Protein tastes much better than it did in the past I think once even twice a day is good either in the morning after a workout or before bed. No weight gainers though protein in moderation 20g if your smaller up to 60g if your in the 200lbs plus range.

  2. Lea May 17, 2016 at 3:56 pm

    So Ive been working like crazy to fix my weight issues. My dr did a food sensitivity test twice in 2 years & both times I was extremely sensitive to chicken & eggs. That was 80% of my meat intake. So i laid off chicken but moved to Natural eggs & seldom do I eat them. Then she suggested protein shakes.
    A- they don’t fill me up for long
    B- most taste nasty- especially the one she recommended which is a straight pea protein shake.
    I never mix with anything but water. any suggestions.
    Should I just try the eggs & ignore the stupid sensitivity test?

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