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11996968-person-icon-with-speech-bubbleQuotes from some recent Body Resetters…

“My wife has been doing zero grains for the last month and has lost 12 pounds without any exercise. If any grain is in the ingredients then she will stay away from it” – R.M.

“Finished the veggie cleanse yesterday..lost 8lbs and feel great. More importantly than the weight loss is that I realized that eating a piece of fruit, almond or veggie was not as bad as I thought. I also realized that when I think I am “starving” just grab a glass of water and it will pass” – M.S.

“I did a 10 days cleanse and worked 8 of those in a restaurant, talk about tough! You can do it”- N.S.

“So I think my body has way more healing to do. I plan on juicing for another 10 days and hopefully even longer. Wish me strength, and will power to keep doing what I know my body needs everybody!” – G.L.

“Thanks Gurus, for all your amazing advice and info. Has been a great two weeks, am very happy to be eating again though. Thank you everyone for your wonderful support and I love the community spirit of this group.” – S.R.

“Finishing up day 10 on the Master cleanse. I’ve lost 10lbs and my energy is way up. Thank you everyone on this support group for pushing me to keep going, when I wanted to quit on day 5.” – K.F.

“I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!10 DAY MASTER CLEANSE DONE!!!!!! never been so proud of my will power to not eat junk food and i feeeel amazing!! ” – J.M.

“my energy has been really good the last few days & definitely notice a difference in sinus congestion/pressure as well. I’d had sinus issues for years, to the point my doc recommended surgery, but the cleanse has helped. It’s not 100% better, but there has been an improvement” – A.H.

“Even though I only did 5 days on the juice fast I feel like I have really improved my digestion! Great experience for me!” – W.B.

“Finished! 7 days of MC+ 3 days of juice detox. Lost 16 lbs of bear fat and 40 years of sludge. I feel fantastic. Physically clean, mentally clear. Like I just returned from a satisfying vacation: Reset! Thank you all the rest whose posts kept me on track. Will def do it again” – S.Z.

“After two pregnancies I always had that belly pooch that stuck out. I was never overweight but just 10 pounds over my target weight no matter how hard I worked out. It was really frustrating! I noticed right away during the cleanse that my belly really flattened up. I realized that I was really addicted to carbs and sugar and that what was holding me up. After the cleanse, I didn’t crave carbs at all and I remember trying ice cream and it was so sugary and disgusting. I think it’s a great way to reset your body to healthier cravings and feel better overall. I love it!” – B.L.

“Day 9, I just weighed myself and I’m down 13 lbs since starting this! I plan to continue juicing for 30 days and just allow myself one raw meal a day. I want to be the healthiest me I can be” – G.L.

“it has been an amazing 5 days of doing the Master Cleanse, lost 10lbs & 2 inches on my waist, my acne cleared up and joints feel better! I look forward to the next time, thank you for everyones support. Each one of you have inspired me!” – J.P.

“I am the guy that lost 40 lbs last year juicing(it took just 90 days). Don’t worry I had real food during the 90 days. I started off with a 5 day juice cleanse followed by 90 days of juicing/eating healthy . I have had 2 back surgeries in 2 years so I was not able to exercise AT All! So keep up the hard work and realize that the nutrition alone is enough to help you lose all the weight you want!’ – S.B.

“Day 4: down 8lbs so far! Blood pressure: 147/113. Blood sugars were a little higher than day 3, but still not too shabby. I had blood tests done before this cleanse to test a lot of different stuff but mostly to see what my kidney function was before and after and also my A1C (blood sugar average for 3 months) my kidney function starting was 30% (yikes) & A1C was 12.7 (giving my average blood sugar for 3 months in the 300’s) really bad!” – G.L.

“I was actually sick the weekend before the juice cleanse began so I was VERy apprehensive to move forward because I already felt horrible! But I did! And honestly…I felt like absolute CRRAAPPP for 3 days straight…every horrible symptom we were told we might experience…I DID! Then finally, this morning, I woke up with no headache, no stomach ache, my body no longer feels like its been hit by a truck and actually feeling somewhat normal, with alot more energy!!! Whoo Hoo! ” – M.P.

“What a day 3 for me yesterday. Borderline Migraine all day with nausea late in the day culminating with a pull over on the drive home to throw up twice on some poor guys building. Then epsom salt bath when I got home followed by more water and a few projectile vomits (luckily I was close to the bathroom, I only missed a little), then a two hour nap. I felt a bit better after that with no migraines, however I think I sprained my tongue in the process…, yes, you heard that right… I was a bit concerned because it looked like I might have had some blood come up. (Wow, what am I eliminating…) Whatever it is, I’m glad I don’t have it anymore. Woke up this morning on Day 4 for me and I feel a thousand times better and starting to pass some really strange colors (I’ll leave it at that)” – C.Y.

“After reflecting on my overall health the last 8mths since I have met Mr. Givens, I realized that I have not taken any over-the-counter or prescribed medication aside from a 2-3 allergy pills. For someone who is extremely active and in the mix at all times I am impressed the no aches or pains, hangovers, or colds have been severe enough to “need” these types of intervention. Stay natural, stay healthy!” – J.B.

“I know my cleanse is working because yesterday I was EXTREMELY SORE ALL OVER. My damn triceps were even sore! From what I read, that’s totally normal and expected. The soreness is from all the toxins loosening up in your body. I do my salt wash at night so most of those painful/achy toxins were gone by this morning” – H.J.

“Before Master Cleanse and nutrition coaching I always craved horrible junk food and had trouble with regular bowel movements with constant stomach pains. After cleaning myself out I started craving healthy fresh food and felt so much better with no more stomach problems. Felt lighter, had more energy and weight just kept coming off. Its amazing how just changing your diet can make you feel like a new person” – J.M.

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