How a daily multivitamin might change everything for you!

So there I was – eating healthy, drinking tons of water, working out daily, playing beach volleyball, and cleansing each year…then I got an auto-immune thyroid disease! What a jip right?!

How could that possibly happen? Does that mean that no matter what you do, some disease will still get you? Should I just have been macking down on McDonald’s, crushing Mountain Dew, and capping off each meal with decadent desserts??

We’ve all had a super fit uncle or aunt that ate awesomely, avoided meat even, ran every day…and still was stricken with cancer or some other disease…what gives???

I’ll tell you what’s going on: our food is shit. It has horribly low nutritional value. We are taking medications that interfere with the body. We are taking supplements that interfere with the body. We have genetic weak spots and predispositions in our bodies.

… and ALL of those lead to mineral deficiencies over time … and that is like water incessantly dripping over rock. Eventually, it will take its toll.

Signs of mineral deficiency

  •       ◊ Grey hair
  •        ◊ Odd changes in weight over the years
  •        ◊ Odd mood changes over the years
  •        ◊ Brain fog
  •        ◊ Loss of energy

Your body is a cake

Easter cake ingredient. Set of vector elements: milk, flour, eggs, sugar, butter, yeast. Cartoon illustration

Imagine your body is a cake (stick with me here). And every day we are baking this body “cake” with the ingredients you need for any normal cake: flour, oil, butter, sugar, eggs, milk, baking powder, i.e. minerals.

When the cake has all the correct ingredients in the correct amounts: You have lots of energy. You feel strong. Your brain works great. All of your organs work great!

untitled-design-3But imagine that your diet starts to slip. Or your diet just isn’t diverse enough. And you start baking this “cake” of yours with less and less butter each day. Wouldn’t that cake taste funny, huh?

untitled-design-4Or your medication interferes with your body functions. And you start baking this “cake” with fewer and fewer eggs each day. Not a tasty cake at all, huh?

Without the proper “ingredients” each day, the proper minerals, your body’s organs are slowly being impacted by this fouled up recipe. Each day compounding more and more until one day: BAM – you take notice!

What causes deficiencies

I gave myself an auto-immune thyroid disease that I mentioned before. How? Irresponsible mineral supplementing. I was taking massive doses of iodine for 18 months, like 13,000% of the normal daily dose!

(Why? Because I’m always experimenting to help folks lose weight. Iodine can speed up the thyroid and help weight loss … but I was lazy and didn’t take the companion minerals and vitamins – Vitamin C, selenium, magnesium, Vitamin K, etc – to balance the minerals out. I learned quite the lesson!)

What happens when you take too much of ONE mineral into your body each day? It causes deficiencies in other minerals in your body. Minerals are used in combinations by your body. So basically, I kept overloading my body with “butter” for my “cake”.  My body kept making as many “cakes” as it could until it ran out of all of the other ingredients … then I literally ran my body out of the figurative flour, and oil, and eggs … and THAT caused my disease … WHO KNEW! (Click here to read a post I wrote about how I reversed and corrected that, by the way!)

My case was extreme, but it ended up the same. I just did to my body, in 18 months, what most people do over a few decades.

Anything that causes an imbalance of mineral input or mineral absorption by your body WILL cause mineral imbalances.

Five things that cause mineral deficiencies

1. Single mineral supplementing (eg. Just taking iron each day. Or JUST taking calcium each day. etc …)
2. Daily medication use
(medication works because it manipulates mineral use by the body. Click and see if your medication is on this list)
3. Long-term consumption of processed foods
4. A non-diverse diet
5. Genetic predisposition

minerals-missingIt’s also said that due to depleted soil nutrients, chemical fertilizers, etc – we would need to eat five apples today to equal the nutritional value of one apple that our grandparents ate. So now the question is, who has time to eat five damn apples?

Daily Multivitamin

One thing that helped me to reverse my mineral deficiency that I caused myself was taking a daily multivitamin.

For years, I thought that I didn’t need to take a multivitamin. As I mentioned above: I eat healthily, drink tons of water, work out daily, play beach volleyball, and cleanse each year … then I found out the hard way that there are forces, other than my diet, that are even STRONGER than my diet! NOTE: You must take your multivitamin with food for best absorbtion.

How to select a good Multivitamin

Now it gets fun! This is where you get to experiment.

Click here for a great article on why artificial multivitamins like Centrum are bad.

Click here for a great article on designing your best multivitamin!

These are my rules for selecting a daily multivitamin for myself:
1. Trust the manufacturer
2. Contains at least 10 minerals
3. 50%-100% of Recommended Daily Intake (RDI)
4. More natural ingredients the better
5. For Men – No iron
6. Reviews
7. How do I feel

I like these multis personally.  (FYI There are women’s formulas of these, as well.)

Common Misconceptions

1. You pee it all out.
WRONG: Take them with food so your body knows it’s “digest time!”.

2. It doesn’t help.
WRONG: I explained why they work above … believe it!

How to reverse and correct mineral deficiencies FAST

There is another thing I did that reversed my auto-immune thyroid disease and the mineral deficiency that caused it. I had a professional assess my mineral deficiencies in my body and give me a specifically targeted supplementation program to correct it.

After two months on my mineral balancing program I went from:

* 2-3 hour naps each day Waking up at 5:30 am every morning FIRED up and ready to go!
* a low of 171 lbs 194 lbs
* constant muscle soreness and too much pain to work out crushing the gym each day and playing beach volleyball again!
* feeling slow mentally & forgetful being smart (self-proclaimed) and witty again!
* zero motivation, a constant feeling of being overwhelmed, never leaving home feeling like a limitless dynamo of energy and motivation again!


I’ve heard of the most amazing stories of people reversing life-long diabetes, gray hair, depression, and so much more!

Click here to read more examples!

Two Steps

nutritional-balancing-supplements1. You send a hair sample to a professional near you from this site.

2. Within 3 weeks, they will start you on a targeted supplement program designed for you. These are the pills that get me back to normal.

What if correcting mineral deficiencies in your body could give you more energy? Improve your muscle tone? Prevent future illness? Help you lose weight? Improve your quality of life? What’s the harm in trying a daily multivitamin?

Now you know. You can never say that you had no idea. So you get to choose. Are you willing to try a few of these suggestions to see if you can change your future? What if I had come to you when I was deciding on whether I should start taking a multivitamin or when I was deciding to send in my hair sample to start balancing my deficiencies? Would you have told me to give it a try?

Then you should too. I wish you the best. BE WELL…

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