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Quotes from some recent Body Resetters…

“Just finished Challenge #1. I have more energy, my skin is softer, and I lost about 6 pounds. I’m moving on to Challenge #2” – S.O.


quoteleft“No bread for one week….. Can already see definition changes! I eat a very clean and healthy diet, with exercise/weights 6 days a week! Have been drinking a gallon of water a day!! My energy is awesome…. Can’t wait for more healthy results!” – B.N. [Athlete]


quoteright“[Water Challenge] I hit my 10 lbs mark…With all the water (WITHOUT Crystal light) and poultry I feel like a water logged chicken. But I’m not complaining I’m a 10 lb lighter water logged chicken. Thanks for all the support!” – B.G.


quoteleft“Took the first two challenges, and felt great. I’m pretty sure I lost some weight and inches everywhere! We don’t have a scale, I don’t measure myself that way, more on how I fit my clothes and feel, so I don’t know exactly how much, but was amazing and great. More energy in the end as well. Onto the next challenge.. no sugar. Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it!” – S.T.


quoteright“The hardest part of my cleanse is working in a restaurant. Seeing food & smelling it all day is the greatest test of my will power. But getting rid of my love handles makes it all worth it! Feeling great!” – M.E.


quoteleft“My wife and I finished the Salad Challenge last night. Really wasn’t too bad. We would have a salad for lunch, a salad before dinner, and a salad for snack. Saw some good results this week. Starting waist size 37.5″ / ending waist size 36″. Starting weight 189.6lbs/ ending weight 187.4lbs. My wife dropped 2 lbs and a waist size!” – A.M.


quoteright“Finished the veggie cleanse yesterday..lost 8lbs and feel great. More importantly than the weight loss is that I realized that eating a piece of fruit, almond or veggie was not as bad as I thought. I also realized that when I think I am “starving” just grab a glass of water and it will pass” – M.S.


quoteleft“After treating the house for the termites I started getting sick. I Lost 20 lbs in a month, could no longer eat, could not see, had black areas in my lungs show up on x-rays with resultant asthma attacks. I used the master cleanse for 6 days. After that I was able to start eating and started regaining my health.”


quoteright“Blood Pressure has been normal for the past couple of months..completely off my medication now!  I have been living the Water, Salad, No Bread, and the No Sugar Challenges for 2 months. Which means I have more energy and exercising more and longer” – Daisy B, TX


quoteleft“I finished the water and salad challenges and lost 4 pounds. I was not perfect but I did not give up and I did not beat myself up when I wasn’t perfect – which is a big deal for me” – S.R.


quoteright“Last year was my first Master Cleanse and since then I have not had allergies like I have in the past!”- N.S.



quoteleft“So I think my body has way more healing to do. I plan on juicing for another 10 days and hopefully even longer. Wish me strength, and will power to keep doing what I know my body needs everybody!” – G.L.


quoteright“I finished the 10th day of the water challenge yesterday. Starting weight 189.8/ Ending weight 189.6 (not as much as I would like to have seen). Starting waist size 39/ Ending size 37.5 (great feeling to lose almost 2 inches on the waist in 10 days!)” – A.M.


quoteleft“I just wanted to reach out to you and share with you the amazing transformation that has happened to my mindset and body after your presentation. I have been drinking 125 ounces of water a day if not more since the wholesaling bootcamp in California. I have
actively removed all sugar and carbohydrates from my diet.I can image that heroin addicts go through something similar in terms of withdraw because it was the single hardest experience of my life. I was sweating toxic chemicals out of my body at night. I had to actively say no it’s not worth it and change my entire perception about food and my well being. Once I found the value in my body functioning like a well oiled machine I started making sacrifices in my diet. What truly is a miracle is I have floating cartilage in my knee that has prevented me from ever running without pain. After changing my diet I am now free of pain and can run twice a day without even getting sore. I have taken back control of my life, my health and my future thanks to this system. I now love the taste of healthy whole fruits and vegetables and I no longer care for the addictive sugar that ruined my health for so long. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you’ve truly given me the tools I needed to change my life.” – Steven D., Utah


quoteright“Thanks Gurus, for all your amazing advice and info. Has been a great two weeks, am very happy to be eating again though. Thank you everyone for your wonderful support and I love the community spirit of this group.” – S.R.


quoteleft“Finishing up day 10 on the Master cleanse. I’ve lost 10lbs and my energy is way up. Thank you everyone on this support group for pushing me to keep going, when I wanted to quit on day 5.” – K.F.


quoteright“I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!10 DAY MASTER CLEANSE DONE!!!!!! never been so proud of my will power to not eat junk food and i feeeel amazing!! ” – J.M.


quoteleft“After I was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, I developed asthma. Those conditions had me on 13 different medications. I felt very unhealthy. I was open to something different. I did the Master Cleanse for 10 days. During it I coughed up tons of mucus, had pain in my sinuses, kidney pain, and a cracking in my lungs…apparently that was a healing because my asthmas was gone by the end!”

quoteright“My energy has been really good the last few days & definitely notice a difference in sinus congestion/pressure as well. I’d had sinus issues for years, to the point my doc recommended surgery, but the cleanse has helped. It’s not 100% better, but there has been an improvement” – A.H.


quoteleft“Even though I only did 5 days on the juice fast I feel like I have really improved my digestion! Great experience for me!” – W.B.


quoteright“Day 4 of the Water Challenge
– I was bloated and blah.

By day 8
– I feel so darn good! I’ve noticed that I crave more healthy things so I started the Salad Challenge! My clothes are getting looser and I feel more alive if that makes sense ♡
I’m so glad I’ve finally joined in instead of watching from the side lines!” – Marisa W., CA, Mom

quoteleft“Finished! 7 days of Master Cleanse + 3 days of juice detox. Lost 16 lbs of bear fat and 40 years of sludge. I feel fantastic. Physically clean, mentally clear. Like I just returned from a satisfying vacation: Reset! Thank you all the rest whose posts kept me on track. Will def do it again” – S.Z.


quoteright“After two pregnancies I always had that belly pooch that stuck out. I was never overweight but just 10 pounds over my target weight no matter how hard I worked out. It was really frustrating! I noticed right away during the cleanse that my belly really flattened up. I realized that I was really addicted to carbs and sugar and that what was holding me up. After the cleanse, I didn’t crave carbs at all and I remember trying ice cream and it was so sugary and disgusting. I think it’s a great way to reset your body to healthier cravings and feel better overall. I love it!” – B.L.

quoteleft“Day 9, I just weighed myself and I’m down 13 lbs since starting this! I plan to continue juicing for 30 days and just allow myself one raw meal a day. I want to be the healthiest me I can be” – G.L.


quoteright“It has been an amazing 5 days of doing the Master Cleanse, lost 10lbs & 2 inches on my waist, my acne cleared up and joints feel better! I look forward to the next time, thank you for every ones support. Each one of you have inspired me!” – J.P.


quoteleft“I am the guy that lost 40 lbs last year juicing(it took just 90 days). Don’t worry I had real food during the 90 days. I started off with a 5 day juice cleanse followed by 90 days of juicing/eating healthy . I have had 2 back surgeries in 2 years so I was not able to exercise AT All! So keep up the hard work and realize that the nutrition alone is enough to help you lose all the weight you want!’ – S.B.


quoteright“Day 4: down 8lbs so far! Blood pressure: 147/113. Blood sugars were a little higher than day 3, but still not too shabby. I had blood tests done before this cleanse to test a lot of different stuff but mostly to see what my kidney function was before and after and also my A1C (blood sugar average for 3 months) my kidney function starting was 30% (yikes) & A1C was 12.7 (giving my average blood sugar for 3 months in the 300’s) really bad!” – G.L.


quoteleft“I was actually sick the weekend before the juice cleanse began so I was VERy apprehensive to move forward because I already felt horrible! But I did! And honestly…I felt like absolute CRRAAPPP for 3 days straight…every horrible symptom we were told we might experience…I DID! Then finally, this morning, I woke up with no headache, no stomach ache, my body no longer feels like its been hit by a truck and actually feeling somewhat normal, with alot more energy!!! Whoo Hoo! ” – M.P.

quoteright“What a day 3 for me yesterday. Borderline Migraine all day with nausea late in the day culminating with a pull over on the drive home to throw up twice on some poor guys building. Then epsom salt bath when I got home followed by more water and a few projectile vomits (luckily I was close to the bathroom, I only missed a little), then a two hour nap. I felt a bit better after that with no migraines, however I think I sprained my tongue in the process…, yes, you heard that right… I was a bit concerned because it looked like I might have had some blood come up. (Wow, what am I eliminating…) Whatever it is, I’m glad I don’t have it anymore. Woke up this morning on Day 4 for me and I feel a thousand times better and starting to pass some really strange colors (I’ll leave it at that)” – C.Y.

quoteleft“This year I hit a new high…. Well let’s just say I managed to make it over 250 lbs. Now I am not one for exercise, but I could sure do something about my diet. I decided to try the Reset Your Body challenges, a whole series, that is not dieting, but more refocusing the way one eats. It all made sense, so I started and I will say it is working. One challenge after another, I have been improving my eating habits. So after some 40 days of doing these challenges I have dropped 24 pounds. I am down to 230 lbs, have more energy, sleep better, and feel great. Yippeee. Thanks Terry…. I have several other people that have started and seen results also!” – Bernard L., Canada

quoteright“After reflecting on my overall health the last 8mths since I have met Mr. Givens, I realized that I have not taken any over-the-counter or prescribed medication aside from a 2-3 allergy pills. For someone who is extremely active and in the mix at all times I am impressed the no aches or pains, hangovers, or colds have been severe enough to “need” these types of intervention. Stay natural, stay healthy!” – J.B.


quoteleft“I know my cleanse is working because yesterday I was EXTREMELY SORE ALL OVER. My damn triceps were even sore! From what I read, that’s totally normal and expected. The soreness is from all the toxins loosening up in your body. I do my salt wash at night so most of those painful/achy toxins were gone by this morning” – H.J.


quoteright“The Master Cleanse changed my life. After 10 days of drinking only lemonade without any solid food I now have more energy, feel healthier, and can eat vegetables for the first time in over 20 years” – J.O.


quoteleft“I’m on day 17 of the No Bread Challenge, my psoriasis has disappeared. Amazing” – Geoff C, CA, IT


quoteright“4 days into the 21 Salad Challenge – 12 salads down. leaner and flatter stomach! That is exactly what I was trying to accomplish. Thanks Terry Givens for all the awesome information to keep our bodies young & healthy” – Diane Y, CA, Sales


quoteleft“I took this No Bread challenge. I started on Feb. 1st and didn’t even know this was happening. It works for me, I am now OFF of Insulin and I will eat this way the rest of my life!!!!! God Bless You!!! My sugars are now perfect and my Dr. approves!!!” – Barbara B.


quoteright“I took your water challenge and have now successfully implemented it into my everyday routine. I started Jan. 11, 2015 and to date (Feb. 20, 2015) I have lost 45+ pounds. Thank you for the motivation!” – Tabitha A, Indiana, Student


quoteleft“Since our Reset I went from arthritis pills and years of IMMOBILIZING pain to ZERO pain AND I lost 20lbs!!  Here’s how…I hope this post isn’t too long. I just want to share with everyone a little bit about my story with hopes that this will offer some encouragement to those not fully committed. About 6 months ago I was diagnosed with Arthritis in both of my feet (the toes) and both my hips.. This diagnosis came after 1.5 years of IMMOBILIZING pain. I’d spend and hour trying to fall asleep at night and 2 hours getting past the aching in the morning. I was depressed and had stopped exercising. I would drive to places that I had normally walked. Stopped doing anything that required long periods of either sitting, standing, walking or laying down…. lol. I was afraid to do just about anything because EVERYTHING would hurt! Without fail… On top of all that, I had gained over 30 pounds and eventually began to have daily migraines (cluster migraines) that would force me to stop anything I was doing… I had spent well over $5,000.00 on various specialist from foot doctors to back doctors, had MRI’s, X-rays, cortisone shots etc… Still no relief. My Rheumatologist diagnosed arthritis and prescribed me 4 pills a day to keep the pain away. Today I am a 100% different person. It sounds crazy but all I did was the water challenge. I don’t take ANY pills and I don’t have any pain! I take yoga classes, go hiking with friends and just got back from an all day trip to Six Flags! I’ve started jogging again and I don’t have any pain in the mornings. It’s amazing. Though I’ve stopped drinking coffee and redbull, I have more energy than ever.. I’ve lost 20lbs and I couldn’t feel better. Thank you, Terry! With your support and commitment to your practice, I’ve got my life back smile emoticon” – Derrick B, California, Sales

quoteright“January 12th I committed 100%. I was 6’2″” and 280lbs, 46 years old and taking arthritis and blood pressure pills. Size 44 pants.
Today I’m still 6’2″” (haha), 236lbs, no pills, my blood pressure is 106/60, I’m wearing a size 36 pants. I am on track to weigh 229 by my April 12th goal and 219 by summer a sixty lb loss. Why is that significant, you ask? At thirty years old, I was 219 and wore size 32″ pants. I keep a picture of myself at thirty on the fridge to remind myself of my goal to “resetmybody” to age thirty. I will be 30 at age 50, it’s my promise to myself. Thanks for the plan Terry and all you do to help people. I don’t think I will ever look at health the same way again. It’s been a transformational journey, and I take it everyday in one of the hardest places on earth to eat healthy, the Mississippi Delta.” – Damon C, Mississippi

quoteleft“My husband and I did no sugar no bread. It was great. My husband lost 50 lbs. sugars got in control. Blood pressure went down. I lost 10 lbs. joints stopped hurting. Felt great. Someone suggested my husband Google wheat belly which he did. It talked about how bad wheat is for you. And of course how bad sugar is goes without saying. So we cut out eating both. No bread of any kind and no sweets. He went about 5 months. We went on a cruise and he lost sticking to this “diet”. He has a stint in his heart so weight control is very important. He has struggled losing weight until now. I have psoriatic arthritis and haven’t felt so good. It’s one of the best things we have
done.” – Denise A, Georgia, Educator

quoteright“Hi Terry!
I want to thank you so very much.
I did the water challenge almost a month ago, but didn’t quit.
I have lost a total of 7 pounds, which is super awesome. But that’s not the only reason I write to you.
I used to drink coffee, strong, strong coffee to give me energy…EVERY DAY.
I’m talking at least 4 extra shots.
3 days after beginning the water challenge, I noticed I wasn’t drinking as much coffee.
In fact, I left more than half of the cup behind.
5 days in, I think I took 2 sips of my coffee, and there it stayed.
2 weeks later, I didn’t even feel the need to buy coffee anymore.
It’s now been almost a month and I am almost coffee free. (I won’t lie, I drink it once in a while)
Needless to say, I’m saving a ton. Starbucks is expensive man! It was costing me $30+ a week! lol
I find that I have MORE ENERGY NOW than I ever did with any amount of coffee I ever drank.
Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!” – Vanessa O


“I have lost two dress sizes, 18 pounds, & inches.

I have gained my self confidence, part of my sanity lol, and balanced perspective on eating and nutrition, and the joy of meeting and becoming friends with other resetters.

Reset works no matter how many diet plans you have tried, how many crazy health claims you bought into that left you disappointed, or how defeated and hopeless you feel. I’m not a paid spokesperson (lol), but I am just so overwhelmingly happy about my results that I wanted to share it with everyone.

In the beginning of reset, I follow these steps exactly, and I got very discouraged because I
did not see the scale or the tape measure moving very much. I reasoned that because I have thyroid, hormone, and several chronic health conditions I would be unable to experience the results I have seen other speak about. Challenge after challenge I remain faithful and saw no results at all.

I wanted to give up and console myself with some comfort food. But that little voice of reason in my head told me that this plan is healthy and sensible and even if I don’t lose weight it is good for me. I can still control my risk of diabetes and heart disease and maybe help some of my chronic health conditions even if I never lose one ounce of weight. I decided to stick with it. An 11 and a half weeks later I’m happy to say I am down two dress sizes and feeling great regardless of what the scale or the tape measure indicate. It’s a mystery to me how that happens but it’s happening!

If you’re a cynical and skeptical as I was, 18 pounds in 11 weeks does not seem that impressive to me. I want more and I want it fast. However someone reminded me that if I don’t think 18 pounds is a lot, and magic carrying around a set of twins one in each arm all day! And believe it or not, it’s not about the scale or the tape measure. It’s hard to explain how my mindset has changed, but there is great freedom in knowing my success doesn’t hinge on the scale.

Terry, I can’t thank you enough for creating this program, sharing this program, and doing it for FREE! Health-wise, I was in the deepest depths of despair when I began this challenge on July 20th. But today on October 8th, I have a brand new outlook and it’s all thanks to you! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you not only compiled this research and formulated the program,but you gave it away for FREE. Not many people would do that, and it is a true testament to the kind of man you are. Reset has been the answer to my prayers, and I just wanted you to know how thankful I am!!”

Wendy P., Florida




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