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Blood Pressure from 169/127 to 135/89 in seven days – The all natural protocol!

Davies High Blood Pressure Relief Protocol (These are posts from my support group. Click here) Cort Davies In one week my blood pressure went from 150/105 to 138/85!!!! I mean holy shit!!! I went 90-100% raw for two weeks. Cut … Continue reading

How a daily multivitamin might change everything for you!

So there I was – eating healthy, drinking tons of water, working out daily, playing beach volleyball, and cleansing each year…then I got an auto-immune thyroid disease! What a jip right?! How could that possibly happen? Does that mean that … Continue reading

Same-day food-poisoning cure!

You ate some bad food. Your stomach is starting to do THAT THING. What do you do now??? Do this and you’ll be back to normal by the end of the day. It’s worked for me and for countless others. … Continue reading

My personal battle with Graves disease…and how I won!

(This is my personal story…yes ME – Terry Givens!) Here is the long and the short of it … I’m writing this in October 2016. Since spring 2015, I was gradually becoming more and more fatigued (3 hour daily naps, … Continue reading

My plan to RESET how America eats!

It’s no secret that I have a pretty big life goal … To restructure the United States’ food subsidy policies!   …but what does that mean and how will it help anything?   Every year the government spends billions of … Continue reading

6 charts to remind Americans what NORMAL healthy bodies look like!

IMPORTANT: This is not meant to make overweight or obese people feel bad or guilty. It is to REMIND us what healthy looks like OUTSIDE of America. We can’t get used to thinking that our size and health is NORMAL … Continue reading

These 20(ish) assumptions are LITERALLY killing you and making you fatter…

Are you making some of these assumptions?…   #1. You need to have gastric surgery to lose 100, 200, 300 lbs or more  Gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeves: have people lost weight with those procedures? YES. They are NOT … Continue reading

Your definition of “healthy” is probably all wrong!

NEWSFLASH: “Healthy Food” has a different meaning for EVERYONE!   To one person, “healthy” means – Low fat – Low calories – Wheat bread vs white bread – low sodium To another person, “healthy” means – Chicken vs red meat … Continue reading

The secret to staying commited to Resetting for life!

What will give you the energy to keep going with these Challenges day after day, week after week, month after month?…results. Thousands and thousands of little tiny daily, weekly, monthly results. Each one will fuel you to make it another … Continue reading

I’ve been back in America for 2 weeks and I’m pissed!

   I’m pissed because I’ve been living in places that are NOT plagued with obesity and cancer and heart disease and diabetes.   I’m pissed because I’ve been living in places where the government is outlawing dangerous substances and oddly, … Continue reading

WARNING: If you are finishing your Master Cleanse – DO NOT START EATING RIGHT AWAY!

SUPER IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are finishing your Master Cleanse – DO NOT START EATING RIGHT AWAY! (Read the cleanse instruction document!!) Why?: Your stomach no longer has the digestive enzymes to break down food. You need 2-3 days to … Continue reading

Lost 60lbs in 4 Months. The 3 Things She Did…

My old high school buddy, Erica in Ohio Lost 60lbs in 4 months! Basically 4 Months straight of: Water Challenge No Bread Challenge and Eliminating Soda! Next goal: Master Cleanse Challenge Your turn!

Use Junk Food to Your Advantage. Let’s Make a Deal…

Yum! You want it?…EARN IT! Start making yourself some “Health Deals”!… – You can have a soda/coffee for every 2 glasses of pure water you drink FIRST – You can have 1 sweet/dessert for every salad that you have FIRST … Continue reading

Warning! Hold strong to your health beliefs

Everyday your health beliefs will be challenged! Everyday you will read a study or article or blog that will tell you, out-right, that drinking more water is bad for you, or that there is no benefit to eating raw vegetables … Continue reading

10 Day No Sugar Challenge! [#4]

You will experience far more energy, less chronic pain, and eliminate drowsiness! –RULES FOR THE 10 DAY NO SUGAR CHALLENGE– 1 Do not add sugar to any drinks or foods. No sugar of any kind! (use honey or 100% Maple … Continue reading

No-Bread Challenge! [#3]

Without those fluffy, filling, clogging foods you’ll experience faster digestion, less bloating, and a far slimmer waist line! “But why Terry? Why would you deprive us so?? Have we wronged you??” HA! No people. Calm down. I will explain. And … Continue reading

The Advanced Reset Tips – Part 1

Sick of hearing about water and salad and bread yet? “Give me the real secrets to Reset my body and grow younger as I age Terry!” you say? Well…let’s get to it then. It’s important to note that in all … Continue reading


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