A care package that could LITERALLY save your family’s life!

This is the care package I sent to my aunt & cousin.

So my aunt in Ohio and my cousin in Atlanta are having MAJOR health issues!

My aunt:
– Late 60s
– yrs of blood pressure medication
– Recently diagnosed with diabetes (taking medication)
– Zero energy (in the bed most of the day)
– Hormonal/emotional swings
– Depression
– Memory loss
– Digestive issues (vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, etc)
and more
– “Acting crazy!” (calling and leaving dozens of messages)
My cousin:
– late 40s
– Yrs of blood pressure medication
– Loss all of her teeth
– Hair falling out
– Hysterectomy last year (tumor)
– Frequent seizures
– Debilitating back spasms
– And more

Wow huh!?

We all have some family that we want to help. They haven’t committed to Resetting, or Challenges, or cleansing.

But we still want to help. I love my family 🙂


So I called them up last week and explained the following:

“After years of eating sugars and sweets their bodies are probably filled with yeast and fungus; called candida
This candida is causing ______ (list their symptoms)
Other proof is: white tongue; yellow nail fungus; bad breath…
Follow the recipe below and you’ll feel like a new woman in a week!

As the candida dies you may feel like you have a cold for a couple days…DON’T STOP! It will pass. Then life is good!”


Super green powder
WHY?: Since it’s too expensive for them to juice daily this is a way to get all of the minerals & vitamins & nutrients they need to heal up. They are undernourished!
IMPORTANT:Any brand is fine. I chose chocolate so it taste better to them 😉
ALTERNATIVE:I also like Dr. Schulze’s Superfood
Coconut oil
WHY?:This kills candida and fungus. Plus it is a perfect fat to improve mental function & brain fog. Also rub in skin, hair, hands, feet.
IMPORTANT:Any brand is fine. Make sure it’s “EXTRA VIRGIN” for maximum effect.
Grapefruit seed extract
WHY?:This is the candida atomic bomb!
IMPORTANT: Any brand is fine. Grapefruit products effect blood pressure medication.
Talk to your doctor.
ALTERNATIVE:Oregano oil capsules are super effective if you can’t do GSE.


– Glass of water or almond milk
– 1 scoop Super Greens
– 1 tablespoon coconut oil
– 5 drops of grapefruit seed extract

Combine together and drink at least ONE daily. Or add ice and blend to make a smoothie.

1. Drink LOTS of water (2-3 liters daily)
2. Take a HOT bath (epsom salts if you have it) for 20 minutes every day or two. Speeds up flushing toxins out and reduces temporary headaches, temporary skin eruptions, temporary discomfort.


These are the words of my cousin…

“I had so much energy I took a 3 hour walk the first day!”….
“Your mindset changes. I didn’t want to sit at home”…
“No pain. My pain is getting better!”…
“I’d recommend it. I felt it even in the same day”…
“I wake up better…I was pooping soooo much!”…
“I went to church to volunteer today!”
“The coconut oil really helps my memory FAST!”
My aunt is no longer “acting crazy” and calling family members and leaving dozens of messages in a row
My aunt can sleep through the night now
My aunt is “regular” again (bowel movements)
These people were spending 15-20hrs a day in bed!…and now they are taking multi-hour walks and volunteering. WOW WOW WOW!


Super Greens ($23) + Coconut Oil ($7) + Grapefruit seed extract ($11) = $41 for a month supply
(Less than $2 per day)

Who can YOU help and send this care package to? (I used Amazon)
Maybe yourself?!

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