Bronchial issues, hacking cough, and sinus infections GONE, in a day!

Got an annoying hack cough that won’t got away? Need to get rid of chest congestion? Got sinus pressure or you feel they are infected? The problem is the bacteria in your lungs and your sinus passages. Get the CURE in your lungs and sinus passages!

a) Make your bathroom a steam room – super hot shower and shut the door. Then spray Eucalyptus Oil and tea tree oil in the air and breathe deeply. Stay for 10 minutes. (buy at any health store)

b) Bring water to a boil. Then lower heat. Chop fresh garlic and add to water. Also add apple cider vinegar if you have it (2 teaspoons). Bow your head down, close your eyes and inhale the vapors (slowly). Do this for 5-10 minutes with 30 second breaks every minute.

c) Essential oils on your chest. Spray or drop Eucalyptus Oil and/or tea tree oil on your chest (or spray on your shirt if you like). You are trying to constantly BREATH in the oils. Getting them into your lungs and breathing passages.

d) Cayenne pepper or crushed spicy peppers. You know how you eat some spicy foods and your nose starts running? DO THAT! Consume spicy foods. A few shakes of cayenne pepper in a glass of water (squeeze fresh lemon juice in to improve the taste). Those spices loosen the phlegm that you are trying to cough out, so that it can move and leave your lungs!

— Do these a couple of times per day. This is not a one time MAGICAL thing. Each time you do it, it shifts the battle in your favor!



A couple of hundred years ago, if someone got a lung disease, like pneumonia – THAT IS A DEATH SENTENCE! Why?

1. Pneumonia means there is bacteria in your lungs.
2. Your body uses phlegm to cover the bacteria and protect your body.
3. Then the phlegm falls to the bottom of your lungs and then more bacteria gets in your lungs, and more phlegm is secreted by your body, and it too falls to the bottom of your lungs…higher, and higher, and higher.
4. Eventually LITERALLY drown on your own phlegm as it fills your lungs!! WHOA!

But this fixes that problem all together!

1. The essential oils/garlic drift DIRECTLY into your lungs on the vapor you breathe.
2. They kill the bacteria IN your lungs.
3. Then you sneeze and cough out the phlegm.
4. To speed things up you can add black pepper & cayenne pepper to thin the phlegm even more to expedite removal!

Get these natural antibacterial herbs in your lungs where the bacteria is. Drugs just suppress the cough but the bacteria stay around.

If you are taking antibiotics this is GREAT to help expedite the removal of the phlegm and kill the bacteria. 1-2-PUNCH!

As usual drink lots of water throughout the day to help your body remove the bacteria.

Expect the following:
Some sneezing (your body ejecting toxins)
Some gnarly coughing that loosens the phlegm
Coughing up some solid phlegm (yuck!)

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8 Responses to Bronchial issues, hacking cough, and sinus infections GONE, in a day!

  1. Benny Aussie Eastman March 23, 2012 at 9:21 am

    Eucalyptus Oil is the Bomb! Thanks for the advice as always T

    • admin March 23, 2012 at 11:10 am

      Thanks for your feedback unknown Australian follower of my world famous international BLOG. Make Kristi read this. She just came in with a sinus infection.

  2. Terri December 19, 2012 at 11:06 am

    But what to do when it’s a baby coughing??? UGH. Can’t find anything that I can get him to do other than the steamy bathroom.
    I’ve found is a teaspoon of honey before bed helps quell the night time coughs a bit, but can’t get the little one to take it. My 3 year old loves it.
    When I have a big bad sinus infection I also take “shots” of the apple cider vinegar throughout the day – it’s said to help thin the mucus. (Can’t get a baby to do that either!)
    For the vapor – I’ve been doing 1/2 water/ACV mix. I’ll have to add the garlic, great tip. I put a towel over my head to really catch all the vapors!
    I know you don’t remember being 1 1/2 years old, but if you come across any tips for babies let me know.

    • Terry Givens December 19, 2012 at 11:59 am

      I think the steam with the eucalyptus and tea tree oil might be your best bet. He’ll start coughing as his body tries to hock up the bad stuff so don’t be surprised!

    • Tara September 5, 2014 at 4:27 am

      Terry’s right about the steam… good stuff. As a mommy, it’s SO hard when your babe is sick / coughing / hacking / blech… and you can’t just FIX it. For an 18 month old, you might be able to heat a teaspoon of LOCAL (always best, in case the coughing is allergy-related) honey and slip into a bottle or sippy with warm (non-dairy is my preference – like coconut) milk.

      Since they’re not very experienced in hocking up the “stuff”, gently patting their back will help loosen the mucus so the coughs become more productive… especially when you’re IN the steam room.

      This may be a moot point, but, if it is a dry cough… you might consider a humidifier / diffuser for naps and nights with a drop of eucalyptus, tea tree oil in … and a little rub of each on their chest or back won’t hurt either.

      (Realizing this question is from almost 2 years ago, just adding my “Mommy” two cents since this is a question any parent can have at any time… and this is what helped / worked for us!)

      • Terry Givens September 5, 2014 at 4:28 am

        Beautiful. Great input Tara. Love your support!

  3. September 24, 2014 at 2:31 am

    I do these method when I do have bronchial or dry cough and phlegm needed to be expelled. I also use Vicks’ vaporub as a steam and it also helps soothe my lung passages. Great tips. – Howard

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