Balance for Your Bad Eating Habits

So…You’re trying to eat healthier or lose weight huh? But every time you seem to get on a roll for a day or two or a week or a month even…your bad eating habits slip back on you and BAM! you lose all of your momentum and you’re back to where you started?

I get it! Trust me. Old habits die hard but rest assured…I have the cure gang. REALLY!

Over the past handful of years I’ve had the honor of helping a couple hundred people make some changes in their health lives – attempting 10 day cleanses, committing to cleaner eating, etc… I’ve talked to many that stuck with the commitment and many more that weren’t able to make it a permanent change. Many patterns and similarities began to be very very apparent. These are the things that the successful folks have in common that worked. Yep… the holy grail to making your changes stick!

This blog entry will:

1) help you identify what you’ve been doing wrong that’s kept your changes from lasting
2) give you the super simple formula to join the group that made the changes permanent!


1) Stop being so darn hard on yourself when you mess up!
So you decided to never eat dessert again (Say what??) and you failed so you gave up! Give yourself a break. It’s not easy to break years of habit. I used to eat fast food twice a day…EVERYDAY (no lie) it took a year to break that habit. Understand that you will jack it up for a while but an ice cream cone does not define your long term success. Mess up…Get back on the program…And keep going!
Benefit: Recognize that you can have 1 or 2 cheat meals per week (I certainly do!). That’s normal and it keeps you from going crazy. This is an exercise in progress not torture!

2) Make junk food very inconvenient!
If you have any in your home right now – THROW THEM OUT! If you have any at your office – THROW THEM OUT!
DO NOT: Wait until you eat them so they don’t go to waste – WASTE UM. It’s them or you. Pitch um now and stock up on good stuff! Not now but RIGHT NOW!!
Throw out anything in your house that does not fit into eating clean and healthy. (What’s clean and healthy? watch these 3 posts: Simplified Guide to Eating Healthy, Eating Whole, Eating Organic)
Buy fresh fruits and veggies and keep them in your house. Make them more convenient than junk food. Apples, grapes, bananas, cucumbers, tomatoes, baby carrots, almonds, dried cranberries, oranges…
Benefit: Make it harder to get bored and eat junk. You’ll get lazy and eat yourself healthy if you have nothing else nearby!

3) How serious are you? Get rid of larger plates and use smaller plates only!
Humans tend to eat what is on our plate. So…make your plate smaller so less food fits there. Order smaller items on food menus and you’ll eat less. Buy smaller drinks. Buy smaller sandwiches. If you get hungry later munch on some veggies. Worried about wasting money on new plates? Give them away and drop a whopping $20 on smaller sized plates. (If you’re hungry after you eat, snack on the fruits & veggies around the house!)
Benefit: We are creatures of instinct and habit. Work that in your favor – see less and you’ll eat less.

4) WWTD – What Would Terry Do?
I thought this one was interesting. When you are about to eat the offending food, think to yourself: “What would Terry do right now?” (or insert the name of whomever you hold in high regards for their health and/or fitness). If you were THAT person what would they do or eat? – Incidentally, I think “What would a caveman eat?” when I have a tough decision!
Benefit: Your brain will magically start to think outside of YOUR box and starting thinking in MY box!

5) Don’t sip water – CHUG IT!
I’m famous for pulling up to a stop light in my car, opening a new bottle of water, and drinking the entire bottle before the light changes. I…CHUG…WATER!
Benefit: Water helps your body wash out fat and toxins and keeps nutrients flowing TO your cells and keeps junk flowing OUT of you. (Drink 1/2 oz per lb you weight daily – eg. 150lb person = 75 ozs of water)


6) Promise yourself that every time you eat junk food (chips, cookies, candy, etc…) you will immediately eat a vegetable before or after
…IMMEDIATELY (it doesn’t work if you eat the veggies later). Eat a cookie –> Eat a cucumber. Eat some pie –> Eat a salad. Eat a bag of chips –> Eat a bag of baby carrots. Fruits and vegetables have live enzymes and fiber that a) gives your body energy from another live thing and b) helps to break down the bad food you ate so it doesn’t get stuck in you and c) delivers tons of fiber to speed up the removal of trash from your body.
Benefit: All those live enzymes and live fiber help make up for the Ho Ho’s and Gummy Bears you keep inhaling!

7) Promise yourself that every time you drink a soda or an energy drink you will drink a glass of water.
Right after you pee, chug a full glass of water.
Benefit: The pure H20 also helps offset the sugar laded, chemical packed liquid junk you just filled up with!

8 ) Try to remember a time when you were the weight that you want to be again. What could you do differently? What worked differently on your body?
Try to remember a time when you didn’t have some of the aches and pains you have now. What could you do differently? What worked differently on your body?
Specifically! Make a little list. Now believe me…YOU CAN FEEL THAT WAY AGAIN…that’s your goal…BELIEVE IT
Maybe it’s fitting into a certain dress or shirt. Maybe it’s being able to sit cross legged in no pain. Maybe it’s being able to go up and down the stairs without pain. WHATEVER!
Benefit: Now you have a goal that you can keep in your mind. Let the vision drive your every decision!

9) Decide what you’re going to do BEFORE you have bad options in your face!
Are you eating out? Decide before hand to order a salad to eat before your entree. Decide to try to keep your meal 50%-70% fruits and veggie (order a smaller meat/carb portion). Pre-decide to not eat a carb (bread/pasta) this meal…and stick to it! – you can have all the carbs you want during your cheat meal right?!?
Benefit: You are NOT trying to make decisions at the time of, with a drooling mouth and a grumbling stomach…think ahead!


10) Start to take notice of your body everyday! Start to look for things that are being affected by your new cleaner habits
– Is your skin more or less clear today?
– Is it a good hair day or a bad hair day?
– Are your joints aching more or less today?
– Measure your arms, waist, legs, hips
– Are you feeling more or less bloated?
– How’s the gas today?
– Are you tired at the same time during the day or evening?
– Is it harder or easier to wake up
– etc.

TRACK THAT STUFF…everything! Keep a food journal of what you did differently today and what changes you noticed. (maybe just use the calendar app on your phone or old fashioned write it down!)
Benefit: You will be able to see that what you eating really is effecting your body! It’s important to see some small progresses often.


That’s it ya’ll! There’s nothing that you can’t do in that list right? Read it again… Can you commit to yourself that you’ll try this for a week? A month? Commit now!

You’re already doing some healthy things already: Maybe you’re drinking a few glasses of water per day already…GREAT!
Maybe you already eat a salad once a day…GREAT!
Maybe you have already done a cleanse in the past…GREAT!

You’re already on the path…just add a little more to your list every week, every month…keep gaining more momentum
So you don’t HAVE to drastically give up the bad things you’re eating – you obvious should give them up and you’ll have far faster far better results – but I’d much rather you stick to some sort of regime rather than give up all together.

Print this. Reread this list once a week. Share this on your page and spread to your friends (We know that the more we are surrounded by people making the right choices it will in turn help us make the right choices…Get your friends on board too!)

The line between success and failure is razor thin my friend. Seemingly insignificant decisions stand in between you and the results you want. The day will come when a friend will look at you in wonder and awe and ask how you did it. How you made such a huge change?? All the time you’ll be thinking in your head – you didn’t wake up on day and move the earth…you simply let a million little daily decisions compound into the new you…BE WELL!

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6 Responses to Balance for Your Bad Eating Habits

  1. Andrea Fannin November 25, 2012 at 9:54 pm

    Great read! very motivating! I love your open and honest dialogue! Really hit home! Thanks Molly for sharing!

    • Terry Givens November 29, 2012 at 7:07 am

      Thank you!

  2. Hayley September 23, 2013 at 2:49 am

    Yup i find it difficult especially when I have people saying oh but you should be eating more veges/fruit ;ess this this or this.

    Ive tried in the past to change too quicly and I would just like to focus on drinking more water daily. But because I am doing that i find that little things are changing slowly… I will choose fruit instead of processed snacs more often. I am not drinking as many calories by drinks other than water because i am drinking so much water i dont feel like i need a drink.

    Its awesome

  3. Deborah April 16, 2015 at 3:22 pm

    Finally someone who has so much knowledge about diet, from a realistic point. Terry you have helped me so much, I have lost 13 lbs starting on )4-06-15 my problem other than food was not drinking enough water, but I have made a change, I’m on a mission to improve my health. Now I need help with flab, my body is soft, I need to learn ways to firm it up. Thank you.

    • Terry Givens April 16, 2015 at 6:53 pm

      Hi Deborah. Congratulations to you! And thank you for your kind words.
      Search for my blog about cleansing for cellulite and skin tone.

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