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Woman has 18 salads in seven days and never expected THIS to happen!

Meet Maria. She is in the real estate industry and lives in Los Angeles California. Maria heard about the Salad Challenge in 2015. She could keep eating all of the food she normally eats, BUT she had to also eat … Continue reading

[Video] My Graves Disease Story – Part 2 – How it feels to be sick…it’s not the real you!

My personal battle with Graves disease…and how I won! – I got sick last year – I figured it out and got better by the end of the year – Then I got sick again this year – I figured … Continue reading

Turns out my chronic back pain was really my kidneys!

Do you have chronic lower back pain? Have you tried everything to figure it out? There is a chance that it’s NOT your back…it could be your kidneys! So here’s my story For the past couple of weeks my lower … Continue reading

[Video] My Graves Disease Story – Part 1 – What Happened!

My personal battle with Graves disease…and how I won! – I got sick last year – I figured it out and got better by the end of the year – Then I got sick again this year – I figured … Continue reading

A care package that could LITERALLY save your family’s life!

This is the care package I sent to my aunt & cousin. So my aunt in Ohio and my cousin in Atlanta are having MAJOR health issues! My aunt: – Late 60s – yrs of blood pressure medication – Recently … Continue reading

Blood Pressure from 169/127 to 135/89 in seven days – The all natural protocol!

Davies High Blood Pressure Relief Protocol (These are posts from my support group. Click here) Cort Davies In one week my blood pressure went from 150/105 to 138/85!!!! I mean holy shit!!! I went 90-100% raw for two weeks. Cut … Continue reading

How a daily multivitamin might change everything for you!

So there I was – eating healthy, drinking tons of water, working out daily, playing beach volleyball, and cleansing each year…then I got an auto-immune thyroid disease! What a jip right?! How could that possibly happen? Does that mean that … Continue reading

Same-day food-poisoning cure!

You ate some bad food. Your stomach is starting to do THAT THING. What do you do now??? Do this and you’ll be back to normal by the end of the day. It’s worked for me and for countless others. … Continue reading

My personal battle with Graves disease…and how I won!

(This is my personal story…yes ME – Terry Givens!) Here is the long and the short of it … I’m writing this in October 2016. Since spring 2015, I was gradually becoming more and more fatigued (3 hour daily naps, … Continue reading

My plan to RESET how America eats!

It’s no secret that I have a pretty big life goal … To restructure the United States’ food subsidy policies!   …but what does that mean and how will it help anything?   Every year the government spends billions of … Continue reading

6 charts to remind Americans what NORMAL healthy bodies look like!

IMPORTANT: This is not meant to make overweight or obese people feel bad or guilty. It is to REMIND us what healthy looks like OUTSIDE of America. We can’t get used to thinking that our size and health is NORMAL … Continue reading

These 20(ish) assumptions are LITERALLY killing you and making you fatter…

Are you making some of these assumptions?…   #1. You need to have gastric surgery to lose 100, 200, 300 lbs or more  Gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeves: have people lost weight with those procedures? YES. They are NOT … Continue reading

The 10 Day Cooking Challenge!

— RULES FOR THE COOKING CHALLENGE —   1 Cook at least 1 meal EACH day, 5 days each week 2 Do it for 2 weeks (at least 10 meals) 3 Round up some friends and get them in on … Continue reading

Stress and anxiety hormones stay in your body…Here’s how to get them out!

In America, we, as a society tend to downplay the physical impacts of stress and anxiety. THEY ARE REAL! And they manifest into physical ailments just as easily as bacteria and viruses do manifest into ailments. Believe it. HOW? Your … Continue reading

50 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Be More Productive!

1. Uninstall the Facebook App from your phone (use website only) 2. Uninstall the Instagram App from your phone (use website only) 3. Turn off the Facebook Notifications 4. Turn off the Instagram Notifications 5. Go work out NOW (play … Continue reading

A day in my mouth

I wake up around 7 a.m. I brush my teeth with a mixture of 40% baking soda & 60% sea salt on my toothbrush. I rinse it out with two capfuls of hydrogen peroxide. Then I chug a tall glass … Continue reading

The 4 secrets to cooking healthy

  …YOU START WITH HEALTHY INGREDIENTS!   What’s more important than HOW you make it, is WHAT you start with in the first place!   Rule #1 Less Chemicals Why? Chemicals turn into fat in your body or they build … Continue reading

Are there REALLY chemicals in American food?

Don’t freak out but Chemicals (toxins) are added to the food to make it grow faster, resist disease, and last longer on the shelf…THAT IS THE KEY TO WHAT IS HEALTHY AND WHAT IS NOT. Common sense tells me that … Continue reading

30 Day Walking Challenge!

  — RULES FOR THE 30 DAY WALKING CHALLENGE! — 1 ADD a 30-45 min Walk to a normal day of walking (That’s 10,000 steps) 2 Do it 5 days a week 3 That’s 25 miles a week and 100 … Continue reading

How to Get Fat Without Trying!

10 easy steps! Step #1 – drink as little water as possible (drink soda, juice, energy drinks instead) Step #2 – avoid eating uncooked vegetables and fruits (boil them, bake them, fry them) Step #3 – eat bread and pasta … Continue reading

Your definition of “healthy” is probably all wrong!

NEWSFLASH: “Healthy Food” has a different meaning for EVERYONE!   To one person, “healthy” means – Low fat – Low calories – Wheat bread vs white bread – low sodium To another person, “healthy” means – Chicken vs red meat … Continue reading

The secret to staying commited to Resetting for life!

What will give you the energy to keep going with these Challenges day after day, week after week, month after month?…results. Thousands and thousands of little tiny daily, weekly, monthly results. Each one will fuel you to make it another … Continue reading

Let the air out of the tires America!

Have you heard the story about a truck that got stuck under a bridge? It is said that a box truck was attempting to pass under a large bridge. As the truck driver approached the structure he felt there was … Continue reading

10 Reasons Your Reset Isn’t Working

(1) Skipping or Omitting Steps   There are 13 Reset Rules. A) You have to do all the Steps and B) You have to do everything the Step entails. – Bad news…just doing the Water Challenge is not a cure … Continue reading


I could go outside today! The weather is breathtaking. The skies are clear. I see a gentle breeze in the trees. But this nagging pain in my knee. Ugh. I don’t want to aggravate it today. What if it throws … Continue reading

Man stops eating bread for 45 days, this happened to his waist, neck, and belly!

Chris Paul was 51 years old and a Contractor living in Virginia. Like most Americans he ate meals filled with “whites”, breads and pastas and potatoes and white rice. “My diet consisted of anything and everything.” He didn’t notice anything … Continue reading

I’ve been back in America for 2 weeks and I’m pissed!

   I’m pissed because I’ve been living in places that are NOT plagued with obesity and cancer and heart disease and diabetes.   I’m pissed because I’ve been living in places where the government is outlawing dangerous substances and oddly, … Continue reading

Re-post: Her Family Stopped Eating Sugar for A Year, and This is What Happened

Who’s ready to try the No Sugar Challenge after this?? “Her Family Stopped Eating Sugar for A Year, and This is What Happened”

She started at 200lbs and a size 20, then after 4 months of adding two common foods to her diet, the unexpected happened!

Meet Heather. She lives in South Carolina and is in the construction industry. Heather heard about the Water Challenge and the Salad Challenge in 2014. The rules are she had to drink 100 ounces of water each day (based on … Continue reading

WARNING: If you are finishing your Master Cleanse – DO NOT START EATING RIGHT AWAY!

SUPER IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are finishing your Master Cleanse – DO NOT START EATING RIGHT AWAY! (Read the cleanse instruction document!!) Why?: Your stomach no longer has the digestive enzymes to break down food. You need 2-3 days to … Continue reading

Here’s why you got sick as a dog doing your cleanse!

This cleansing process is like painting… As you live life and you get sick or take antibiotics or have an illness, your body builds layers on top of the residual toxins year after year. like layers of paint colors (blue … Continue reading

I just spent 40 minutes driving around to find a place to eat!

I just spent the past 40 minutes, driving around in rush hour traffic, trying to find a quick place to eat! “Say what??” “How is that possible??” “Are you in the desert??” I’m in a different part of town I’m … Continue reading

I just signed my book Publishing Agreement!! It just got REAL!

Great news everyone. I just signed my book Publishing Agreement!! It just got REAL! I’ve been working for 4 yrs to bring this to a reality! “Reset Your Body: The handbook to Naturally grow younger as you age“ Start to … Continue reading

What to take on your flight so you don’t fall victim airport food!

Jumping on a 15hr flight to Stockholm, Sweden. What do I bring to snack on so I don’t fall victim to not so good airport food? BOOM! – Raw almonds – baby carrots – dried cranberries – apples It’s not … Continue reading

This is the most backwards substance on Earth…and you have it in you!

If you’re wondering why water is having such odd side effects on your body…   Scientifically speaking, water is weird stuff! #1 – It is the only natural substance found in all three physical states at the temperatures that naturally … Continue reading

What To Expect During a 5-10 Day Cleanse!

4 Ways to Guarantee You’re Ready for a Cleanse!

IMPORTANT READ!!! Four Ways To Get Your Mind Ready for the Cleanse 1 – Block off the time on your calendar I’ll say again, there is NEVER a good time to do a cleanse. Unless you’re a social derelict, you … Continue reading

I’m On Day 2500 with my Reset!

Just wanted to remind everyone, I created the 8 Reset Challenges to give people a way to make these 13 Core Reset Steps a part of your daily life, permanently. Goal: 1 – Try The 8 Reset Challenges out for … Continue reading

NEWS FLASH: This belief lead directly to you being healthy…

Your BELIEFS lead directly to your ACTIONS! Example: If you BELIEVE that all bathrooms have a light switch, you will fumble and search and look all over until you find that switch, won’t you? On the other hand, if you … Continue reading

Make these 13 steps your guide to turn back the hands of time in your body!

Your goal… Make these 13 steps your guide to turn back the hands of time in your body…and grow younger as you age! Click here to read the details of each of the 13 Core Reset Steps. Which step will … Continue reading

All Sugar Isn’t Bad…But This Type is The Same As Poison!

Soooo. How many of you started the No Sugar Challenge? Table sugar – “It’s shredded, boiled, evaporated, strained, separated, vaporized, drained, pressed, chemicals added, etc. The resulting crystals that we call sugar, are no longer recognizable to your body in … Continue reading

Why I Don’t Like Protein Powders

Protein powder… -Do you take it every day? -Do you add it to your smoothies? WHY? Saw it in a recipe? Heard it from a guy at the gym? Legit reasons for protein powder: 1) A vegetarian trying to increase … Continue reading


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