Video – The 8 Reset Challenges – How to Grow Younger as You Age

Terry gives a full 1 hour presentation to a group of 300 real estate investors in Chicago about 8 health Reset Challenges to undo years of damage to their bodies.

You will hear:

5:18 The old me
9:02 Why we need to Reset
12:23 how to get out of your own way!
19:20 Whole new body every 3-7 years
25:40 The 1 tip that changed everything
30:09 Changing your body’s oil
34:27 Why your body REALLY makes a fat cell
40:29 The 8 simple health Reset Challenges
54:59 This 1 tip will slim your waist in 1 week

This presentation answers questions like:
“What is this Reset your body thing all about?”,

“What’s the back story behind how you started this?”,

“How do I lose weight?”,

“Why do you incorporate cleanses to Reset?”,

“What can I do to get my butt back in gear?”,

“How do you eat?”,

“What do you do?”,

“I’ve plateaued in my work out/weight loss. Now what?”

Please comment and share this video. It’s our responsibility to make sure those that need to hear this, hear it…BE WELL

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3 Responses to Video – The 8 Reset Challenges – How to Grow Younger as You Age

  1. Chris Paul August 27, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    Good morning Terry, we met in Tysons Corner at a Fortune ulcer event. At 6-05 and 20 lbs I could stand to lose 50 lbs. I did lose 45 lbs in about 45 days, but I put it right back on. I cut out everything white, bread, rice, pasta, etc. I am starting with the water challenge, Monday morning I got started and have done it. It is Wednesday, you asked me to email you when I got home, but business matters have kept me extremely busy. I will take the measurements tonight along with photos. I can easily commit to all of your challenges and document the results. Thank for a very informative presentation.

    Chris Paul

    • Terry Givens August 27, 2014 at 3:12 pm

      I received your email Chris. Thank you. Kick butt and own these Challenges man!

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