7 Things To Tell Your Friends That Attack You During Your Cleanse!

Invariably, some well-meaning friend will try to “save your life” and berate or belittle you about falling for the “unproven folly” of cleansing and detoxifying your body. They don’t say it to be mean, they ONLY say it because they care about you and they BELIEVE what they are saying is true…

Do you BELIEVE what you are doing more than they BELIEVE what they heard?

1. Do NOT start a fight with them and try to tell them they need to do it, too!

DO tell them WHY YOU decided to do it and what YOU want to gain from it. This is about YOU.

2. Do NOT try to explain to them the theory of cell detoxification and how ketosis waste consumption works!

DO direct them to www.ResetYourBody.com and whatever other resources you found that helped you make your decision.

3. Do NOT tell them that you are trying to lose weight.

DO tell them that you are removing internal waste and excess fat and toxins from your body.

4. Do NOT read every article that they forward you about the “dangers and waste of detoxing” (if you Google ANYTHING, you will find articles about it… ANYTHING!)

DO thank them kindly and say that you’ll look into it (Don’t let random viewpoints sway your resolve, especially mid-cleanse)

5.Do NOT spend time with people that will tempt you, mock you, and bring you down

DO surround yourself with supporters. And watch health documentaries and read health books. (Focus on all the great things that COULD happen!)

6. Do NOT assume that just because they have a horror story about some failed cleanse attempt that it has ANYTHING to do with you!

DO remind yourself that there are TWO ways to do anything – a RIGHT way and a WRONG way. Assume they did something wrong (most people do when they wing it!)

7. Do NOT blindly listen to me. Do NOT blindly listen to some doctor or other “expert”.

DO enough research to form your OWN belief (like an adult!). DO stick to your belief and avoid being swayed by every person that walks past you with an opinion

What about you? What do you tell your friends that give you are hard time about your health beliefs? Leave a comment below…BE WELL

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