50 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Be More Productive!

1. Uninstall the Facebook App from your phone (use website only)
2. Uninstall the Instagram App from your phone (use website only)
3. Turn off the Facebook Notifications
4. Turn off the Instagram Notifications
5. Go work out NOW (play a sport, etc)
6. Google “How to pay off my debt” and read the articles (replace with your goal)
7. Read 10 pages of a book (not a magazine or web article)
8. Make a list of your current TO Dos (on paper, in your phone, on a computer, not in your head)
9. Sort any unopened postal mail
10. Write down 10 things you want to accomplish by 6 months from now
11. Call your Mom
12. Sign up for a cooking class
13. Google “books about healing high blood pressure naturally” (replace with your illness) Order one
14. Subscribe to a Trade Magazine in your field
15. Google “how to be a better communicator”. Read the articles.
16. Write 5 names of people that helped you when you REALLY needed it. Send them a Thank You!
17. Block off time in your calendar to work on your To Do list
18. YouTube “expanded consciousness documentaries”
19. Cancel your cable service
20. Go online and join a nearby gym, yoga studio, boxing gym, etc… NOW
21. Google “Volunteer in my area”. Pick one and DO IT
22. Drink a tall glass of plain water (Water Challenge)
23. Put your phone on DO NOT DISTURB (no alerts) for 60 minutes
24. Go to the nearest book store. Find a section you like and browse
25. Throw out any bread you have in the kitchen
26. Throw out any candy in the house.
27. Google “Median income for ninja” (replace with your job). See how you rate
28. Take a 30 minute walk.
29. Ride your bike for 60 minutes.
30. Email 3 people and start a Master Mind Group
31. Order any book by Tony Robbins.
32. Set your alarm to wake you up at 6:30am (STOP WASTING TIME OVER SLEEPING!)
33. Create note on your phone called JOURNAL. Note every important thing you learn daily
34. Install the iBooks app on your iPad (or Moon+ Reader for droid tablets). Install free books.
35. Write a Blog post! (Share something valuable or important that you learned recently)
36. Listen to Classical music for the next 30 minutes (Pandora or online radio)
37. Install/activate a pedometer app on your phone and try to walk 10,000 each day (5 miles)
38. Disconnect your home internet router for 60 minutes and work on a side project.
39. Install the iTunesU app and learn something!
40. Subscribe to Ted.com emails
41. Take a 60 minute hike.
42. Go to a local coffee shop for 60 minutes (There’s people out there!)
43. YouTube “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. Watch it!
44. Have a skill that you can charge people for? Apply to be a virtual assistant on www.Odesk.com
45. Overwhelmed with tasks for your business/project? Find an assistant on www.oDesk.com
46. Write out your Bucket List (things you want to do before you die)
47. Read a popular sales books (you’re selling or are being sold every day. Trust me)
48. Think of a historical figure that you admire. Buy their biography book.
49. Google “online personality test”. Take it and learn about yourself
50. Add more to my list of 50 and REPOST!

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