Keep going strong on game day. To all of the athletes…

As we all know when we play sports and sweat ourselves out we need to replenish ourselves or we get light headed and then it’s muscle crap time or we lose the edge in performance. Everyone has their replenish method of choice:

Gatorade (power ade, etc…)
exotic powder drink mixes.
on and on

I’m sure they all work to some extent and get the job done. I’m here to offer an extremely simple and natural option because 1) I stopped drinking gatorade and other sport drinks some time ago due to all of the sugar in them. After the energy spike from the sugar my energy level dropped off to lower than before the drink.

I play a lot of beach volleyball. In my 20s I’d play all day for 6 hours and I only drank something when I became light headed. And even after eating bananas I always knew that i would have major muscle craps in my legs for the entire evening (sometimes while I was swimming too). They would wake me up in the middle of the night all of the time. It’s very clear to me now…I was not drinking nearly enough water. Major dehydration.

I now drink water all day long during sports but the interesting thing about that is with major water consumption comes a washing out of your vital minerals as well (not to mention sweating out a lot of minerals).
In comes sea salt! (not to me confused with bleached, stripped table salt which is really only Sodium Chloride by that time)

I keep a vial of sea salt with me and I put a dash on my tongue throughout the day to keep replenishing my body. It’s amazing how well your body performs when you give it what it needs. That salt also opens up your cells to accept more water thus give them more fuel which turns into more energy.

No more cramps. No more light headedness. No more losing energy during long intense game days.
My body works better at 37 than it did at 23. Don’t fall for the “I’m getting old” line folks!

This site has some awesome info about sea salt (i’m sure some of you are freaking out about the word SALT)
Sea Salt is good guys!!


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  1. Aggy September 18, 2011 at 11:45 am

    Super jazzed about gettnig that know-how.

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